In What Way Can Scents Improve Teamwork?

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Since recent global events have undermined business continuity and put employees at risk of COVID-19, many organizations have adopted remote work. On the other hand, several people have complained that working from home deprives them of the necessary social interaction to do their jobs properly. Kudos to team-building exercises; teams are more likely to collaborate effectively via video conferences using tools like Zoom and Slack. However, the goal of such gatherings is sometimes defeated when the traditional games and activities fail to capture everyone’s interest and get them committed to actively participating. 

So, how could you liven up those online get-togethers with the team? Enhance the atmosphere with scents that have proven to improve productivity! Even though our sense of smell is mainly subconscious, it can influence how we feel physically and mentally. For example, aromatherapy is used by some, if not most, individuals at home to relieve stress, foster a warm and inviting atmosphere, or simply unwind.

Discover how the art of perfume-making can add a new dimension of fun to your virtual team-building exercises.

This unusual activity gets everyone involved

How many people in your workplace have experimented with creating their unique fragrances? It’s safe to assume there are none or very few. Expert perfumers may conduct a team building activity where workers discover about and connect over smells in a safe and welcoming setting, where they can get to know each other and embrace their diversity. The introduction of perfume-making materials and a related event is, therefore, sure to peak everyone’s interest in this one-of-a-kind and fun activity.

With the resources which you can get visiting our perfume workshop,  you can help your team members develop essential soft skills such as communication and loyalty. In the workplace, a scent is an indispensable tool for fostering connections and lively conversations. In addition, managers and workers alike can benefit from our virtual team-building activities. Not only will they feel better with scents that improve concentration, but they may better grasp how to motivate their employees to reach their goals if they have a deeper understanding of each individual’s character traits.

A great alternative to making memories with coworkers

Due to the constraints on gatherings, team vacations are not feasible for some firms. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean there is no alternative option to create moments with your coworkers from home. By just engaging in this perfume-making team event, workers already have a terrific chance to generate experiences, despite being in a virtual setting. 

How so? Scents that improve focus can imprint vivid pictures and memories onto our thoughts. They will have a lot of fun crafting signature perfumes, playing games, and witnessing virtual tours with their coworkers, and they will have a lot of fond memories to reflect on when they return to the workplace.

Relax and safely connect with everyone

Some scents, like the pleasant and subtle vanilla, are scientifically proven to reduce tension. These are the scents to improve your mood and anxiety. Perfume making, which involves various scents, is a fantastic method to encourage everybody’s well-being, especially considering how the difficulties of working remotely may wreak havoc on specific individuals and lead to stress.

Even reminiscing with a friend about a fun time you had doing the activity might alleviate tension. One of the primary goals of any team-building activity is to engage everybody in talking to one another and sharing ideas so that they may all receive the social connection they require and develop a feeling of belonging.

Six scents that can help drive productivity

Following are the scents for team-building activities that can enhance one’s mood and focus. 

  • Jasmine

Jasmine is used to generating happy emotions and feelings; its scent tends to invigorate us.

  • Cinnamon

In addition to enhancing efficiency on tasks requiring intense concentration, cinnamon is associated with enhanced memory.

  • Lavender

Lavender can have both a calming and a concentrating impact.

  • Rosemary

Research says that Rosemary improves memory and increases alertness.

  • Citrus

Citrus scents, like lemon, are excellent for promoting attentiveness and alertness and providing instant energy.

  • Peppermint

Try peppermint for enhanced alertness and sustained focus if you’re undertaking a complex or lengthy activity.

Final words

Virtual team development workshops help unite remote employees and lead them toward becoming productive teams. By engaging in creative and engaging activities, such as perfume-making team gatherings, executives can ensure that everybody is captivated and invested in interacting with one another.

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