The Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore

The Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore

“Things just aren’t manufactured the way they used to be,” you’ve undoubtedly heard or perhaps thought to yourself, and you’d be perfectly correct. You may recall your mother’s old refrigerator or stove lasting 30 or 40 years until they ceased producing new components to fix them.

Refrigerators today endure anywhere from 10 to 19 years, which means yours will most likely break down sooner than you think. How can you discover the finest fridge repair company to solve your problem if it happens?

If your refrigerator has broken down and your food is deteriorating by the minute, you’ll need a company that is quick and dependable, stands by their job, and isn’t too expensive. With a Google search for “best fridge repair businesses,” you could get lucky, but you might also end yourself with a damaged fridge and an empty wallet.

We’re here to assist you in figuring out how to discover the best appliance repair services for all of your fridge repair requirements.

Best Fridge Repair Service in Singapore


AC Saviour Engineering

The Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore
AC Saviour Engineering – Fridge Repair Service Singapore
ServicesFridge Repair Quality Assurance, With Licensed Fridge Repair Technician
Price Range
Contact Details
+65 6562 4075 or +65 6786 6775
Address446 Hougang Ave 8, Singapore 530446

Are you seeking for a seasoned refrigerator repairman? AC Saviour Engineering are the best fridge repair service supplier in Singapore, so your faith and money will not be wasted! Their staff can professionally perform a wide range of fridge repair services at affordable costs, as well as providing unmatched fridge repair customer care and support.

Do not hesitate to contact them as soon as you realize you require refrigerator repair. They are devoted to providing refrigerator repair services at your place to minimize your inconvenience. As soon as you have successfully booked their services, their fully licensed fridge repair specialists will be on their way.


Fridge Fix SG

The Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore
Fridge Fix SG – Fridge Repair Service Singapore
ServicesFridge Repair
Price RangeFor pricing quotation, click here.
Contact Details+65-85116346 
Address47 Hendhede Walk Singapore, Singapore 587977

Are you looking for refrigerator repair in Singapore? Refrigerators and Wine Chillers of all brands and types that they repair across Singapore. For a no-obligation quotation, call +65 8511 6346.

In today’s world, the refrigerator, often known as a fridge, is the most popular household item that most people use on a daily basis. The majority of people rely on refrigerators to preserve and keep their food fresh for later use. In today’s hurried lifestyle, when most households have both partners working, cooking or purchasing fresh vegetables or fruits on a daily basis is impossible, therefore the refrigerator comes in handy for storing food for a longer period of time.



The Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore
LS FRIDGE REPAIR SINGAPORE – Fridge Repair Service Singapore
ServicesFridge Repair
Price Range
Contact Details+65 64328491
Address35 Bedok South Avenue 2 #07-435 Singapore 460035

LS Fridge Repair are aware that a refrigerator might develop problems and are well educated on the subject. Their team of professionals provides you with the type of prompt and quality service that you require when your refrigerator is broken and has to be repaired as soon as possible. Consider the state of your ice cream, green vegetables, and a variety of other items that require refrigeration to remain fresh. As a result, you should keep this guide for future reference and contact us if your refrigerator develops any of these problems.

They guarantee you the best services available in Singapore. They have a team of highly educated and experienced experts that know how a refrigerator works and how to fix one that has broken down. Let them know to discuss the most typical indications that your refrigerator is displaying and urging you to call them to get it fixed.



The Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore
MEXIF – Fridge Repair Service Singapore
ServicesFridge Repair, Oven Repair, Wine Chiller Repair, Stove Repair, Hood Repair, Dryer Repair, Electrical Repair, Plumbing Repair
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9025 5657
Address205 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159549

MEXIF’s goal is to help consumers find answers to problems with their appliances. Their commitment is to be able to give clients with confidence and trust at affordable costs since they have a technically skilled and capable workforce.

Contributing to the Environment. MEXIF is a firm believer in recycling. They extend the life of appliances rather than just dumping them by prioritizing repair.


Cool Saviour

The Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore
Cool Saviour – Fridge Repair Service Singapore
Cool Saviour Engineering

Cool Saviour Engineering

With the increase of COVID-19 cases tied together with the tightening measures, the time we spent at home has …
ServicesServicing refrigerator, Diagnose for refrigerators, Refrigerator Repair (Not cooling / Too cold)
Price Range$ – $$
Contact Details+65 93822307
Address446 Hougang Ave8 #B1-1635, Singapore 530446

Cool Saviour Engineering is a Reliable Fridge Repair Company in Singapore which is open for 24 Hours. Free checking is provided. They are ready to come to your rescue with their fridge repair service, just a phone call away!

Finest Fridge Repair Service in Singapore


ServicesFridge Repair and Washing Machine Repair
Price RangeStarts from $25
Contact Details+65 88752098
AddressGhim Moh Road Singapore 270006

They are originally known as Lai Heng Air-Con & Refrigerator Services but have since been renamed as AceCool. Being in the household appliances repair industry for more than three decades, they have extensive knowledge on all types of refrigerators and washing machines brands.

Their company holds the utmost pride in what they do and have always tried to keep their price transparent and affordable  for their customers. Their technicians are all highly experienced professionals and have undergone years of training. After sales services are also not neglected and treated seriously. Warranty period will always be upheld so customers would’ve a peace of mind.


HM Electrical Service

ServicesStove Rangeholds Repair, Oven Repair, Fridge Repair, Tumble Dryers Repair, Washing Machines Repair, Air-conditioned Repair
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8439 1359
Address89 Short St. #10-09 Singapore 188216

They like assisting you in resolving your issue and pay close attention to every information you offer in order to make this journey as pleasant as possible for you.

Their engineers are all academically and technically educated. They are competent and experienced in providing you with the best quality services.

They take care of you from start to finish, from inquiry to repair. Engineers are stationed around the island, and they guarantee to respond to your request within 48 hours.


Sin Hoe

ServicesFridge and Freezer Repair
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8818 1117
Address14, Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 1 #01-25 Singapore 739278

They offered dependable and trustworthy services for gas leaking, gas replenishing, compressor repair, starter repair, automated defrosting components repair, and thermostat repair for many brands of residential refrigerators and commercial freezers. Clearing chokages, replacing copper filters, damper temperature control, and PCB motherboards are all things we can help with.


Tat Hai Repair Center

ServicesFridge and Freezer Repair, Dryer Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Aircon Repair
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8611 7676
AddressBlk 5066 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #01-1389/91, Singapore 569569

Since its inception in 1976, Tat Hai Repair Center has amassed a large database of clients to whom they continue to deliver their specialized services.

They specialized in offering a “one-stop” service center that included everything from electrical appliance repair and maintenance to the sale of new appliances, including trade-ins of old appliances for new appliances at reasonable terms.


Airwin Aircon & Fridge Services

ServicesFridge Repair, Sale and Service, Aircon Installation, Servicing and Repair,
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6256 7933
Address7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #09-05 Northstar @AMK Singapore 569880

Airwin Aircon & Fridge Services is a well-known and authorized refrigerator repair company that specializes in the supply, installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioners and refrigerator equipment.

Their staff has been professionally trained to be familiar with all of the popular brands and models of airconditioning systems and refrigerators in Singapore so that they can provide you with the best and fastest service in getting your systems and appliances up and running, whether it’s at your home or at your place of business.

As a result, they have been specially educated to pay close attention to the smallest of details in order to ensure that no fridge repair service issue is left unattended. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the required duties that they will accomplish will be completed in a comprehensive and technical manner.

You now know where to find the best fridge repair service in Singapore. By browsing all items and prices on one page, you may save time comparing them. Do you have any experience with them? If so, please leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a fridge repair technician do?

Technicians who work on refrigerators modify and fix them. They visit clients’ homes and workplaces to inspect appliances and give estimates on repair costs. Refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, and ovens are among the equipment they work with.

What is a fridge technician called?

Refrigerator technicians, sometimes known as refrigeration mechanics, work in homes and businesses to install, repair, and troubleshoot refrigeration systems. They work on air conditioning units, refrigerated storage units, ice machines, and beverage equipment, among other things.


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