1. MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery

Master Alvin, the founder of MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery and Jade Metaphysics Academy. He has more than 15 years of experience in metaphysics. In 2005, he founded Jade Metaphysics Consultancy to serve the public. In 2012, he found Jade Metaphysics Academy to coach metaphysics enthusiasms and building the foundation of the future. He uses classical fengshui into current modern world which create beneficial effects to the human and he don’t sell any fengshui items. Classical fengshui is all about creating, balancing, avoiding and connecting of the electromagnetic fields.

He is active in teaching feng shui, fortune telling, divination, date selection, name analysis and other metaphysics internationally. He has also been known to successfully teach several famous feng shui masters.

  • Destiny: Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qi Men Bazi
  • Divination: Qi men dun jia, Qi men pokercard, Pokercard, Copper coins gua, Mei hua yi shu
  • Fengshui: Yang gong, Xuan Kong, San he, Later Heaven, Naked eye, Bazhai
  • Date Selection: San he, Xuan kong da gua, Qi men dun jia, Great sun formula
  • Others: Name Analysis, Palmistr

2. Feng Shui Master Lim

Master Lim belongs to the XuanKong Wu Chang Sect where it’s thoughts and practices is classical Feng shui from the China imperial Palace. They use the nine stars to derive the house Feng shui environment and how they will develop and change the luck for the people in the house. It is a Feng shui sect which have a few thousand years of history based on known history. There is no commercial items needed to buy in the Fens shui audit and you only need to adjust your house path  and water and plus the five elements recognised in metaphysics.

  • Fengshui Services
  • Auspicious Date  for Marriage
  • BaZi/ Luck consultation
  • Chinese Baby Name
  • Caesarean Date selection
  • Fengshui Audit
  • Yin Zhai Fengshui Service

3. Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy

Adelina Pang is an award winning Feng Shui expert in Singapore. She has over twenty years of experience in the field. Additionally, a consultation with her can help transform your environment for the betterment of your health, vitality and well being. Similarly, she has helped most of the big brands in the country with her expertise.

Indeed, Adelina Pang is one of the finest Fengshui expert with her active and respected presence in the field since 1995.

  • Home consultation
  • Business Consultation
  • Overseas Fengshui consultation
  • Fengshui site selection
  • Online Consultation

4. Way Fengshui Group

Weng Feng Shui Group is a team of people who will work hand in hand to provide you the professional, practical solutions specifically tailored to suit your needs. Additionally, they are very dedicated in giving clear, reassuring, and actionable advice. Furthermore, they understand that we are born with our destiny, thus, we are not able to change our qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. However, we can design spaces and plan environments to work with them. They believe that we must work with our nature and never against it.

  • Residential fengshui
  • Commercial fengshui
  • Personal services

5. Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

With their Master Consultant David Tong, Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting (CMG Consulting) has been a multiple award winning, and leading Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore. This firm offers wide variety of services, namely: Classical feng shui, Bazi Destiny Analysis, Date Selections, etc.

To date, David had done extensive consultations for all types of properties and businesses. Also, he has wide range of clients coming from different age, race, nationality, and career

  • Fengshui consultation
    • Annual assessment
    • Residential
    • Onsite property selection
    • Property plan analysis
    • Overseas fengshui consultation
  • BaZi Destiny Analysis
  • Date Selections
  • Luck Enhancement

6. Loshi Feng Shui Consultancy

Loshi Fengshui Consultancy in Singapore is one the finest consultancy firm in the island. Together with their Fengshui Master Jeff Lo, they have provided services in residential, office spaces, retail shops, and factories. Since the year of 2005, they have done extensive analysis for considerable number of properties and wide range of clients. Additionally, they also provide auspicious names for babies.

With fairly market rate consultation fees, Loshi Feng Shui Consultancy will be able to provide your needs.

  • Fengshui consultation
    • Annual assessment
    • Residential
    • Onsite property selection
    • Property plan analysis
    • Overseas fengshui consultation
  • BaZi Destiny Analysis
  • Baby naming

HOME | 家居风水

  • HDB 3 Rooms | 三房式 – S$580.00
  • HDB 4 Rooms | 四房式 – S$680.00
  • HDB 5 Rooms | 五房式 – S$800.00
  • Condominium | 公寓 – S$880.00 onward ** | S$880.00 起 **


  • S$880.00 onward ** | S$880.00 起 **


  • S$288.00

7. The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy Pte Ltd

The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy Pte Ltd was founded by  Edwaard Liu – a popular fengshui Master in Singapore. He has provided talks and services in some of the most renowned brands in Singapore . Additionally, he has his own ways and gifts that has helped a lot of clients in residential and commercial spaces. Furthermore, Master Liu is one of the rare experts who is trained in the spiritual aspect of Fengshui.

Indeed, Edwaard Liu has the skills and gift to be considered as one of the finest Fengshui consultants in Singapore,

    • BAZI (八字) Destiny Analysis Consultations
    • Auspicious date selection for events
      • Wedding date selection
      • Grand opening
      • Moving into new premises
      • Renovation start date
      • Signing contract
      • Ground breaking
      • Lion dance
      • Product launch
    • Professional Feng Shui Consultations
      • Estate/Complex Design and Planning
      • Residences – HDB, Condo, Landed Properties
      •  Offices
      • Corporate Headquarters
      • Commercial Properties
      • Overseas Feng Shui Audit/Consultations
    • Feng Shui Talks and Workshop
      • Corporate/Private Seminars
      • Specialized Workshops
      • Public Talks

Bazi consultations – S$98 per person

8. Master Tay Consulting

Master Tay Consulting was founded by Master Simon Tay, who is renowned for his excellent traditional and contemporary skills in geomancy with more than 30 years of professional experience. In addition, Master Tay Consulting offers an efficient, professional and no-nonsense Feng Shui consultancy service to his clientele in Singapore. The consultancy strives to be of service to others and empower them to embrace energy and qi in their way of life.

Master Tay Consulting, with their clients in the forefront of consideration, provides only the best and most efficient consultation services using an extensive experience and complete knowledge in Feng Shui.

  • BaZi Analysis
  • Caesarian Birth Date Selection
  • Auspicious Date Selection
  • Property/ House Annual Assessment
  • Residential Fengshui
  • Commercial/ Industrial Fengshui
  • Poker Card Fortune
  • Open Treasury
  • Local Onsite Property Selection

9. Master Sean Chan

Sean Chan is the leading metaphysics practitioners in Singapore. His affinity with Chinese metaphysics started when he was 18 years old. He is a self – taught practitioner, and has no teacher because he believes that there is no need to learn from someone’s watered-down content, especially that he is fluent in Chinese himself. Furthermore, he is constantly learning, revising, and reading, whatever he gets his hands on.

Sean Chan is different from other Feng Shui experts is today. He focus on his purpose – to be respected in the field, and give you an accurate reading, and constructive discussion. If that’s what you are looking for, get in touch with him now.

  • BaZi
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu
  • Qi Men Dun Jia
  • Feng Shui
  • Date Selection
  • Name Selection