The Finest Elderly Care Centers in Singapore

The Finest Elderly Care Centers in Singapore

Looking for the best elderly care centers in Singapore? Check out our top selected companies.


Retire Genie

ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Nursing homes, Elderly Care, Assisted Living
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 9058 9512
Address29 Media Circle #02-13 Alice@Mediapolis Singapore 138565

RetireGenie is an innovative provider of “filial tech” in Singapore. They aim to provide a platform for “everything elder” that helps children and caretakers to care for and look after their seniors. They cover all elderly needs, such as goods, services, legal, insurance and even Elderly Friendly technology. They take pride in knowing that they’ve helped thousands of people overcome life’s most trying times to realize moments of triumph.


  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living
  • Elderly Care
Customer Review

Even though we didn’t manage to get to house my dad in the home because his health failed substantially just before moving in, Joshua and his team before were patient, understanding and trying to accommodate our needs for him. What he does is a service to mankind. I highly recommend him and red crown.-Sock Har LIm


Red Crowns Senior Living

ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Post-acute care,  rehabilitation, long-term care, assisted living, and more.
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 98005297
Address144 Robinson Road #19-01 Robinson Square, Singapore 068908

Block 140 Bedok Reservoir Road #13-1511, Singapore 470140

Block 681a Woodlands Drive 62, #08-07, Singapore 731681

Red Crowns is one of the most innovative providers of care in Singapore, administering post-acute care, rehabilitation, long-term care, assisted living, and more. Their family-focused approach means as soon as you walk through the door, you become part of a caring community that’s there for you every step of the way. With over 40 years of experience caring for and nurturing guests and their families, they take pride in knowing that they’ve helped thousands of people overcome life’s most trying times to realize moments of triumph.


  • Administering post-acute care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Long-term care
  • Assisted living
Customer Review

Just a note to say that we are pleased with the condition of your assisted living facility and the service rendered by the caregivers. The caregivers are doing an excellent job in taking care of my mom’s needs. They cut her hair and trimmed her nails. And they cook well. With good food and service, my mom’s mental and physical health is gradually improving. Keep up with the good work.  – Shilin Wong


Red Crowns Caregivers

ServicesElderly Care Center that offers: Home Care Service, Private Nurses, Caregivers, Maids for the Elderly, and Home Care
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 98005297 /
Address144 Robinson Road #19-01A, Robinson Square, 068908

Red Crowns Caregivers provides specialized personal and medical care to their clients. The caregivers are highly trained and skilled in the art of providing elderly care. Their services are directed toward improving the overall quality of life of the senior community.


  • Home Care Service
  • Private Nurses
  • Caregivers
  • Maids for the Elderly
  • Home Care
Customer Review

The caregiver took good care of my mom, especially Cely she is patient with my mom. The management team extend their assistance to make things happened in the positive way. – Hu Colvent


Allium Health Care

ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Residential Care, Day Care, Home Care, Caregiver Support
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6335 0606
Address71 Venus Drive Singapore 573859

The goal of Allium Healthcare is to provide you with the best and most positive atmosphere possible. From their beautifully built residential Care Suites to their day Care Studio to the best of hospitality and healthcare, they’ve thought of everything.

You may be certain that you will continue to receive unrivaled service and support in locations designed just for you. Discover the absolute best in elderly care that puts the well-being of our residents at the forefront of everything they do.


  • Residential
  • Dementia Care
  • Respite
  • Day Care Studio
  • Home Care
Customer Review

Very good! Holistic care! – Jasmin Tan


Hovi Care

Own Your Life
ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Elderly Care, Home Care, Online Program, Rehabilitation Center
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 9653 4766
Address100 Turf Club Road #01-02K (Horsecity) Singapore 287992

Hovi Care is a provider of individualized and evidence-based geriatric care. They help seniors who require help with their daily activities (ADLs), social activities, cognitive rehabilitation, and physiotherapy as they get older. Customers’ and their families’ well-being and quality of life will be improved as a result of their eldercare.

They give well-planned weekly programs while caring for the elderly. People with modest cognitive impairments, memory challenges, gait, balance, and coordination issues can benefit from their senior activities. All of the therapy aspects you need to maintain your loved one in excellent health through social, memory, and physical rehabilitation are included in their senior and geriatric programs. Their tagline, Own Your Life, is reflected in the treatment plan, which is personalized to each client individually.


  • Personalized care
  • Professional staff
  • Affordable services
Customer Review

This is an elderly daycare center that really takes care of your parents! Very professional! I found a gem. They take care of my parents while I am able to work, hence I can focus on earning money while knowing that my parents are in good hands. Interesting to note is that their service comes from years of practice/ experience in the Finnish elderly care system. – Gunther Von Goh


NTUC Health

ServicesHealth and elderly care services include: Senior Day Care, Home Care, Nursing Home, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Active Ageing gyms and fitness classes, dental & family medicine clinics
Price RangeFind out about fees and subsidies at NTUC Health
Contact Details+65 6590 4300
Address55 Ubi Ave 1 #08-01 Singapore 408935

NTUC Health delivers a comprehensive and integrated suite of high-quality and affordable health and eldercare services to meet the needs of families and their dependents. NTUC Health is one of Singapore’s leading senior daycare, nursing home, home personal care providers.

Other services include fitness programs at their active aging hubs and senior activity centers, as well as a sheltered home to support vulnerable seniors in the community. They also run dental clinics as well as a family medical practice.


  • Professional nursing and rehabilitation team
  • Around-the-clock care
  • Active Aging activities are available
  • Extensive community support
Customer Review

Thoughtful, friendly nurses and staffs tks. – Cindy Lee

They have wonderful, friendly staff. – Muhammad Adib


Active Global

Home and Community Care
ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Live-in Caregivers, Private Nursing, Subsidised Home Care, Senior Care Centres, Home Medical, Home Dialysis, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6536 0086
Address 51 Goldhill Plaza, #12-11, Singapore 308900

A caregiver who is well-trained, customer-focused, and specialized. Nursing assistants with appropriate aged care expertise and foreign-trained nurses with extensive hospital experience make up their Specialised Caregivers. As a result, they are well-versed in providing professional treatment and are well-equipped to cope with any emergencies that may arise.


  • Experienced nurses and caregivers
  • Affordable home care
  • Subsidized medical care
Customer Review

Great service from Active Global for the past two years. The Home Care personnel are caring and professional towards my father and it helped him greatly in his recovery. – Hwee Min Soh

I am impressed with the professional standard of the healthcare assistant Thida Moe that you have provided to help look after my 101-year-old mum. – Melissa Lim

Finest Elderly Care Centers in Singapore

St. Luke’s Eldercare

ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Home Medical, Home Nursing, Home Personal Care, Home Therapy, Home Dietetics, Rehabilitation Day, Dementia Day Care, Maintenance Day Care,
Price Range 
Contact Details
Address461 Clementi Road, #04-11, Block A, SIM Headquarters Singapore 599491

St Luke’s ElderCare is dedicated to providing services to our elderly in the community, including at their Ang Mo Kio nursing facility, 23 senior care centers around the island, and in our seniors’ homes. For our elderly, they provide a broad spectrum of integrated services and programs, including center-based, community-based, home-based, and residential-based care.

Elders who have experienced physical infirmities as a consequence of a stroke, fall, or accident, as well as the weak and lonely who have no one to look after them, will benefit from these services.


  • Home services
  • Dedicated caregivers
  • Rehabilitation programs
Customer Review

The staff is nice and friendly! – Lim Ai Ling Carol

Provides both senior care and rehab for seniors. – Rachel Ong



People Giving To People
ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Senior Community Home, Active Ageing Centre, Dementia Day Care Centre, Integrated Home, and Day Care, Home Personal Care Service, Integrated Resource Network, Personal Care Service (Seniors), Rehab and Day Care Centre, Silver Station, Crest.
Price Range 
Contact Details +65 6511 5200
Address 9 Lorong Napiri, Singapore 547531

Today, our 800-strong team of social workers, therapists, instructors, program staff, and management, as well as our enormous pool of volunteers and donations, continue working to realize our objective of empowering the poor and identifying and solving significant social service gaps in the community. Our idea of “People Giving to People” is well exemplified by this.

Mrs. Bhatia’s philosophy that no one should be left behind is still with us. The goal of AWWA’s services is to give clients the tools they need to fully participate in society, whether that means achieving independence, integrating into mainstream settings, or striving for full inclusion. AWWA has been lobbying for greater educational inclusivity in recent years. With the help of the Kindle Garden preschool, Singapore’s first completely inclusive preschool, it opened in 2016 with the support of the Lien Foundation.


  • Structured rehabilitation
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Center-based nursing
  • Engages seniors in various activities
Customer Review

Learning self-care is a long life journey. Thank you to all AWWA staff, volunteers, and officers for their good knowledge and hard work. – Paul Lee

AWWA Family Service Centre at Towner Road conducts English and story classes for kids, especially the underprivileged. – Rajashekar Jeyaprakashnarayanan



ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Personal Care, Nursing Care, Home Therapy, Home Medical, Medical Escort, Respite Care
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6100 0055
Address 12 Kallang Avenue, #03-19/20, Singapore 339511

To allow seniors and adults to age and recover with grace, control, and dignity, Homage is an award-winning personal care solution that combines carefully selected and trained caregivers with cutting-edge technology to manage and provide on-demand holistic home and community-based caregiving on demand.

Home Nursing Procedures, Home Rehabilitation Offerings, including Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, as well as Home Medical Services, are among Homage’s key services as a leading provider of care services.

Homage, which has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia, helps people with a variety of mobility and medical issues, including dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer, by assisting them in becoming more mobile and functional as well as providing social and personal care. To distribute and offer home and community caring services, Homage has historically worked with government, health, and financial institutions.


  • Flexible care
  • Round-the-clock services
Customer Review

We are very happy with his service and appreciate his knowledge and vast experience. – Ross Rany

We are very grateful that Homage was so helpful and able to match our requirements with a fantastic care pro on such short notice. – Howard Ho

We had a pleasant experience with the service offered by Homage. Their care professionals are very experienced, efficient, and friendly. They ensure that my mother-in-law is comfortable all the time and engage with her well. They are also very punctual when reporting for visits. – Aspalela Salleh


Golden Care Group

ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Private Elderly Daycare, Rehabilitation
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6635 6401
Address535 Kallang Bahru #03-07 to #03-12 , GB Point Singapore 339351

The very first step to a comprehensive approach to health improvement! While their carers are busy working or taking a vacation from their caregiving chores, our expert staff ensures that the elders are engaged in relevant age-appropriate activities while offering them peace of mind.

Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this Writing



ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Maintenance Day Care, Dementia Day Care, Community Rehabilitation, Centre-based Nursing Service, Community Case Management services,
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6586 1069
Address8 Simei Street 3 Singapore 529895

Dr. Charlotte Ferguson-Davie, the first Bishop of Singapore’s wife, had a purpose in 1913: to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of women and children who were the most neglected in society. For this aim, a small dispensary was built upon Bencoolen Street. The beginning of the St. Andrew’s Medical Mission’s long and famous history.

In 1923, the little clinic became the full-fledged St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital. The St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital Ordinance, passed by Parliament in 1934, established it as a non-profit organization. The hospital’s mission has always been to assist everyone, regardless of color, religion, or socioeconomic background. The Diocese of Singapore’s St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH) is now a community service arm.

Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this writing



Community Services
ServicesElderly Care Centers that offer: Active Ageing, Caregivers Support, Cluster Support, Rehabilitation Centre, Home Care, Senior Group Home
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6377 0122
AddressBlk 162 Bukit Merah Central #05-3545 Singapore 150162

In Singapore, TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit charity. Since 1994, we’ve been a member of the National Council of Social Service, and we’ve been formally registered since 1992.

TOUCH’s work began in the Clementi and Jurong areas of Singapore in 1986 as a service for children who their parents left behind.

A group of seven volunteers in their 20s were moved by the clear need of low-income and single-parent families struggling to make ends meet, let alone raise their children in a positive atmosphere, and organized activities to support the youngsters.

This modest start-up has grown into a multi-service organization with a network of services spread over Singapore, including Bukit Merah, Clementi, Geylang Bahru, Hougang, Serangoon, Toa Payoh, Ubi, and Yishun, as well as other sections of the city.


  • 20 years of experience
  • Competent nurses and caregivers
Customer Review

A big thank you to the nice, thoughtful, and compassionate people like Jaswan, Jennifer, and others who had attended to our late mother for her appointments at the hospital. They visited her at the hospice and also came to comfort us at her wake. We are so blessed to have them! – Alvin Fong

Very interactive coaches and vendors especially Natalie and Jerick. – Klue

Compassion heart like Christ. – Ah Koh


i-Kare Pte Ltd

ServicesHome nursing care, Dementia care, Postoperative at-home nursing care, Specialised after-stroke care, Palliative care
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 65683930
AddressNo. 7 Jalan Kilang #05-01, Singapore 159407

Caring for your loved ones at home? Looking for home care services? They will be with you all the way. They understand the challenges you face in caring for your loved ones at home. iKare is ONE-STOP Solution for your personalized caregiving needs.


  • Dedicated Care Team
  • Caregiver Course
  • On-demand Services
Customer Review

Sandy is meticulous and patient. She gave our helper some caregiver training and also share some tips on how to make my dad feels more comfortable. Thumbs up for her services. – Serene

iKare has been of great help when I had made a last-minute call for assistance from a caregiver to take care of my mum. Sanjay has been very patient and accommodating to my last-minute requests. I am thankful for all the help and services that were extended to me and my family. – Janet Soh

Frequently Asked Questions


What means elderly care?

You may have a continuing obligation such as child care or elder care for elderly persons who require assistance with medical issues or daily duties.

How much does elderly day care cost in Singapore?

The cost of elder care varies depending on the type of care you choose. Before subsidies, nursing homes and assisted living facilities cost between $1,200 and $3,500 per month, while day care centers cost between $900 and $1,500 per month, and home care services cost between $20 and $25 per hour.

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