ExpiredCS Foods Christmas Special

CS Foods, Singapore’s Leading Online Butchery and Ready to Eat Meals. 

Featuring their 3 Festive Boxes, something for everyone! Choose to stay frosty, cuddle up and get roasting or keep things chill with premium wagyu beef to end the year off!

For 2-3 pax – Duck confit Christmas Box (Original price $58 now $49.90)

Full course fine dining ready to eat meals perfect for 2-3pax this Christmas! Stay frosty with our frozen ready meals to be served within 20mins!

Reaping the joy of simple cooking and indulging in pleasurable fine dining dishes while leaving the cleaning to a minimal.

What’s included:

Appetiser for Sharing:

  1. Smoked Duck Breast 170g
  2. Italian Arrabbiata Seafood Stew (includes prawns, clams and half shell mussels) 450g
  3. Garlic Bread for dipping or on its own 260g

Main Course:

4. x 2 Duck Leg Confit set including mashed potato and premium brown sauce 470g

For 5-6 pax – F1/F2 Australian Wagyu Beef Butcher Box (Original price $245 now $235)

Calling all beef lovers, this Premium Australian Wagyu Beef box is made just for you! An affordable yet satisfying box for you or for gifting your fellow beef lover friends. An enjoyable box for a bbq get together that feeds 5-6 pax.

What’s Included:
1. F1/F2 Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steak (MB 4-5) – 400g
2. F1/F2 Australian Wagyu Striploin Steak (MB 4-5) – 400g
3. F1/F2 Australian Wagyu Beef Tomahawk (MB 4/5) – 1kg
4. Wagyu Beef Patties – 2 x 200gm
5. Garlic Herb butter – 2 x 50gm
6. Yuzu butter – 2 x 50gm
FREE Original beef jerky – 2 x 30g, Mala Beef Jerky – 1 x 30g

For 8-10 pax – Get roasting Christmas box (Original price $186 now $175)
Get Roasting with our Whole Chilled Angus Beef Ribeye!
While you roast up a whole Angus Beef Ribeye with your own recipe for your friends and families, whip up our ready to eat sides and sauces in less than 10 minutes! Great for 8-10 pax!

What’s Included?
1. Grass fed Australian Angus Ribeye Whole (chilled) – 2.4kg
2. Garlic Bread *(ready to eat) – 14 pcs
3. Roasted Hot wings *(ready to eat) – 1kg
4. Black pepper sauce *(ready to eat) – 3 x 60gm/pkt
5. Mashed Potato *(ready to eat) – 1 x 500gm/pkt
6. Premium Brown Sauce *(ready to eat) – 2 x 100gm/pkt
FREE Original beef jerky – 2 x 30g, Mala Beef Jerky – 1 x 30g

Temperature Guide to your Angus Ribeye Beef Whole Roast:
Rare = 45-50ºC · Medium rare = 55-60ºC · Medium = 60-65ºC · Well done = 70-75ºC

Have a well deserving Christmas and have a Happy New Year from CS Foods.

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CS Foods Christmas Special
CS Foods Christmas Special

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