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Cocolemon is a private limited company established in Singapore. By assigning a “purpose” to each shake, they make it simple and enjoyable for clients to achieve their goals. They create delectable beverages using only the finest liquids from across the world. These shakes and lemonades are produced by one person, but they are sure to please everyone.

Cocolemon is the only company that creates custom shakes and lemonades to meet specific needs, goals, and ambitions.

A Business to feel good about

It is critical to feel good about what you are doing in life, whether on vacation or at work. As a Cocolemon franchisee, you will spend your days assisting people in leading better, more active lives. You’ll offer their favourite shakes, which will be made with fresh fruit and coconut and will have no artificial flavours or colours.

You’ll also bring smiles to their faces by satisfying their appetites for healthy beverages. At the same time, you’ll instil responsibility in your younger team members and emphasize the importance of a higher standard of life. All of this contributes to a brighter future for your family as a result of firm ownership.

Cocolemon just open a new branch!

Woodlands MRT on TEL

11 Woodlands Square
#B1-19, Woodlands MRT Station on TEL
Singapore 737736

Why choose COCOLEMON?

Discover the advantages of Cocolemon Franchise

  • Exceptional Support – The greatest method to become the #1 coconut shake franchise brand is to have your franchisees’ unwavering support. You become a member of the Cocolemon family the moment you sign the franchise agreement. Their methods, team members, and resources are all focused on giving you the training, incentive, and support you need to start a new Cocolemon shop effectively.
  • Product Advancement – They are always testing and launching new goods that drive traffic and sales in order to improve the business’s menu and, more importantly, to suit the expanding health-conscious client needs.
  • Location, Renovation and Construction – They recognize that one of the most important parts of every Cocolemon store’s success is its location. Their expert real estate teams will utilize this knowledge to assist you in finding the optimal location for your new business.
  • Training and Assistance – They have the knowledge and experience necessary to run a successful business. They will share their expertise and offer you full training on all aspects of running a Cocolemon business.
  • Dedicated Marketing – Cocolemon’s franchise team has the expertise to handle the industry’s operations. They deliver clever marketing approaches for your success with both technology and a support team.

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