The Finest Chocolates in Singapore

The Finest Chocolates in Singapore

Indulge in the universal love for chocolate by sharing this delectable treat on special occasions. Our curated list features the finest local chocolate companies and manufacturers, sure to tantalize your taste buds and ignite a chocolate craving. Many of these brands utilize locally sourced cacao beans and sustainable farming methods, adding a unique touch to their creations. Offering these chocolates as gifts is not just a gesture; it’s a celebration of diverse flavors and exquisite packaging that make each one distinct.

Best Chocolates in Singapore



The Finest Chocolates in Singapore
Godiva – Chocolates Singapore
ServicesTop Chocolate Brand
Contact Details+65 6341 9203
Address7 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 1, Level 32 Singapore 038987

Despite not being a local brand, GODIVA is one of Singapore’s top chocolate producers. A true chocolate lover would also be aware that GODIVA offers some of the best truffles and gourmet chocolates on the market.


  • Premium Belgian chocolates since 1926
  • Gift-worthy packaging


The Finest Chocolates in Singapore
Chocoelf – Chocolates Singapore
ServicesAsian Flavoured Chocolate
Contact Details+65 6775 5117
AddressChocoworks Pte Ltd 15 Jalan Tepong, #03-02, Singapore 619336

A physician and a skilled chocolatier founded the Singaporean chocolate business Chocoelf. Chocoelf offers an assortment of chocolates that is well-balanced and has little to no sugar because it is the creation of two separate people. As seen by the Kaya and durian-flavored treats on their menu, Chocoelf is also renowned for incorporating Asian tastes into chocolates. If you get your own box, you can pick and combine various flavors however you like.


  • No-sugar-added chocolates
  • Bespoke chocolate boxes
  • Created and freshly crafted in Singapore
  • Many shops islandwide

Tom and Luke Snackaball

The Finest Chocolates in Singapore
Tom and Luke Snackball – Chocolates Singapore
ServicesFood and Beverage

You may indulge your chocolate cravings with the Tom and Luke Snackaball – Dark Chocolate Original without feeling guilty. Snackaballs are essentially protein-rich plant-based snacks made from dates, peanuts, cacao powder, coconut, cashews, raisins, and peanuts. Additionally, every snackable bag is packed with whole food ingredients, so even after consuming an entire pack, you will still obtain all the essential fibers, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. To experience some familiar flavors in addition to dark chocolate, try the strawberry chocolate and dark chocolate mint snackaballs.


  • Premium whole foods
  • No added refined sugar 
  • Easier portion control than with protein bars
  • Many flavors to choose from

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

The Finest Chocolates in Singapore
Laurent Bernard Chocolatier – Chocolates Singapore
ServicesUnique Gourmet Experience
Contact Details+65 6235 9007
Address80 Mohamed sultan road # 01-11, Singapore, Singapore

Visit Laurent Bernard Chocolatier if you want to try an alternative to your typical sweet delight. They provide a choice of exquisitely sophisticated chocolate gift boxes that are ideal for giving to your loved ones if you want to treat them to a truly special gourmet experience. These chocolates were made under the direction of France’s well-known Laurent Bernard, so each box will contain delicious French candies of the highest caliber. A rich luxury treat can also be a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne. You deserve it.


  • Exquisite packaging
  • Prioritizes environmental sustainability of sourced cacao beans
  • Chocolate cakes and pastries are available as well

Fossa Chocolate

The Finest Chocolates in Singapore
Fossa Chocolate – Chocolates Singapore
ServicesHigh-Quality Chocolates

Only cocoa of the highest caliber can yield excellent chocolate. With Fossa Chocolate, you can be guaranteed to sample one of Singapore’s finest chocolates. A local business on the island called Fossa makes its own candies and chocolates in its workshop. You’ll have a bean-to-bar chocolate experience from Fossa Chocolate because they also roast, crack, and winnow their cacao beans on their own.


  • Wide variety of products to choose from
  • Local chocolate brand
  • Accessible shops all over Singapore
  • With Vegan options
Finest Chocolates in Singapore

Janice Wong Chocolates

ServicesChocolate Shop
Contact Details+65 9233 7547
Address290 Orchard Rd, #B1-k28, Singapore, Singapore, 238859

Janice Wong’s delectable treats are what you get when the world of art and chocolate collide. This chocolate store bears the name of one of Asia’s most renowned pastry masters. The chocolates are therefore not only aesthetically appealing but also delicious. Try Janice Wong’s Signature Singapore series, a box of chocolate bonbons that incorporates exceptional Singaporean flavors into each and every one of their confections. They offer Kopi, BBQ Bakkwa Chicken with Praline Poprocks, and Laksa Leaf Lemon Grass. chocolate, coffee, and more! Every chocolate item is like a tiny, vibrant work of art since this chocolatier is also all about art.


  • Unique colorful pieces and packaging
  • Offers seasonal specials and other chocolate products premixes
  • Variety of chocolate flavors


ServicesDiverse flavors
Contact Details+65 6509 6800
Address#02-K4 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road Singapore 247933

Check out the inventive chocolate combinations from Anjalichocolat if you’re looking for something new to try. You will definitely find something for your experimental tastebuds here, from Mayan chili bonbons to lemon pistachio bonbons to lemongrass coconut truffles. But as Singaporeans, the Kaya Toast and Singapore Sling (with a punchy kick of alcohol) would be our top picks! Having said that, you probably want to try each and every chocolate they provide. You may buy them From Singapore lah boxes to sample some of the strongest chocolate flavors the island has to offer, so don’t worry.


  • Unusual flavor pairings
  • Luxury handmade chocolates in Singapore
  • Premium packaging – suitable as gifts
  • Contains all-natural ingredients

Lotte Dream Cacao

If you enjoy Korean dramas, you’ve undoubtedly already heard of the Lotte Dream Cacao. If not, you are seriously sacrificing delicious dark chocolate! These tiny, recyclable jars, which contain the tempting dark chocolate balls (or pellets? ), are how the Dream Cacao is packaged. When the chocolates are first unwrapped, you can’t help but nibble on the decadent flavors, and before you know it, they’re all gone. Despite this, don’t feel too bad because dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant benefits.


  • Dark chocolate made from premium quality cacao beans
  • Contains 56%, 72%, 82% pure chocolate

Indulge your sweet tooth with the diverse array of chocolates offered in Singapore. Whether you’re in the mood for luxurious truffles or a box of exquisite chocolates, we’ve got your cravings covered. Feel free to share if this post has sparked your chocolate enthusiasm, and if you need help discovering the premier chocolate shop in your vicinity, we’re here to assist.

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Chocolates have tons of health benefits

Health Benefits of Chocolates

  • Very nutritious – If you buy quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, then it’s quite nutritious. It contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals. A 100-gram bar of dark chocolate with 70–85% cocoa contains
  • A powerful source of antioxidants – ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. It’s a measure of the antioxidant activity of foods. Basically, researchers set a bunch of free radicals (bad) against a sample of the food and see how well the antioxidants in the food can disarm the free radicals. Based on these studies, chocolate is considered rich in antioxidants. But the biological relevance of ORAC values is questioned, as it’s measured in a test tube and may not have the same effect in the body.
  • May improve blood flow and lower blood pressure – The flavonoids in dark chocolate can stimulate the endothelium, the lining of arteries, to produce nitric oxide. One of the functions of NO is to send signals to the arteries to relax, which lowers the resistance to blood flow and therefore reduces blood pressure.
  • Raises HDL and protects LDL from oxidation – Consuming dark chocolate can improve several important risk factors for heart disease. It may protect against high cholesterol. In a small study, eating dark chocolate supplemented with the flavanol lycopene was found to significantly decrease levels of total cholesterol, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and triglycerides.
  • May reduce heart disease risk – The compounds in dark chocolate appear to be highly protective against the oxidation of LDL. In the long term, this should cause much less cholesterol to lodge in the arteries, resulting in a lower risk of heart disease.
  • May protect your skin from the sun – The bioactive compounds in dark chocolate may also be great for your skin. The flavonols can protect against sun damage, improve blood flow to the skin, and increase skin density and hydration. The minimal erythemal dose (MED) is the minimum amount of UVB rays required to cause redness in the skin 24 hours after exposure.
  • Could improve brain function – The good news isn’t over yet. Dark chocolate may also improve the function of your brain. Studies show that eating high-flavanol cocoa can improve blood flow to the brain in young adults. This may explain why eating cocoa daily appears to improve attention, verbal learning, and memory.

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