The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore

The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore’s chocolate deliveries! With our wide selection of delicious chocolates, we have something for everyone, whether you’re a devoted chocolate lover or you just enjoy indulging in dessert sweets. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber chocolates to your home, making your buying experience simple and easy. We have something for everyone, from traditional milk chocolates to exquisite dark chocolate truffles. Why then wait? Buy today and get Singapore’s finest chocolate delivered straight to your home!

Best Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore


Fossa Chocolate

The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore
Fossa Chocolate – Chocolate Deliveries Singapore
ServicesChocolate Delivery, Workshops, Events, Different Gift Sets
Operating HoursWeekdays: 9:30 AM–5:30 PM
Address30 Gambas Crescent Nordcom II, Enter via Access 1 Take Lift GL2 or GL3 to Level 3 Strictly by appointment only. No walk-in, Singapore 757013

Only the best chocolate, painstakingly handcrafted from the finest fresh and raw cocoa beans, is sold by Fossa Chocolate. You may be confident that the store’s main component originates from secure and moral farms thanks to its collaboration with neighborhood farmers.

Interested in finding out more about handcrafted chocolates? Those interested in learning more about the distinctions between high-quality and low-quality chocolate can sign up for workshops at Fossa Chocolate. Do not be reluctant to get in touch with Fossa Chocolate right now to learn more about their offerings.


  • Partnered with local farmers
  • Lessons and workshops available
  • High-quality and fresh ingredients
Customer Reviews

There were booths for us to try various flavors and activities which make use of the husk. Drew something for a friend and have another 2 bars as a birthday present. Not sure if the drawing will be appreciated, but the chocs will most definitely be enjoyed! – SW Wong


Awfully Chocolate

The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore
Awfully Chocolate – Chocolate Deliveries Singapore
ServicesChocolate Delivery
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM
Contact Details+65 6345 8212

Awfully Chocolate hampers may be the best choice for anyone looking for the best chocolate baskets in Singapore that only include the best delights!

They painstakingly craft each of their gift packages and include your favorite chocolates. Also, they sell both homemade cookies and their distinctive chocolate cookies! You may amaze your loved one with a gorgeous quality chocolate hamper delivery in Singapore by using Awfully Chocolate gifts.


  • Customized gift bundles
  • Offers a wide selection of sweets and candies
  • Limited collections
Customer Reviews

All Chocolate cake was moist and had the right amount of sweetness. Not cloying and earned many praises! Candles are available upon request! – Kai



The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore
Rainbowly – Chocolate Deliveries Singapore
ServicesGift Boxes for All Occasions, Chocolate Delivery
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10 AM to 5 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM to 2 PM
Contact Details+65 6900 2188
AddressGift Boxes for All Occasions

Do you like strawberries and chocolate? Rainbowly blends the two to create delicious treats that are “healthier options”! Their strawberries are decorated with characteristic drizzles, sprinkles, and milk, white, and dark chocolate coatings, making them the perfect gourmet and visually stunning gift chocolates.

Also, they are Instagram-ready! Before being arranged in lovely fruit arrangements that will thrill the intended recipients, each luscious berry is hand-dipped, handled, and embellished with care. They are also so attractive that you would not want to eat them!

The passionate in-house fruit artisans at Rainbowly craft beautiful fruit arrangements using the best ingredients available. Nowhere can you find fresher fruit than here!


  • Open for franchise
  • Wide selection of gift boxes
  • Workshops
Customer Reviews

Apologies for the bad photos please blame the recipient! but thank u so much for taking in a super last-minute order the recipient loooooved it. The strawberries were super sweet and the bears were super cute!! prompt and efficient customer service to x was my first time using them and I’m so impressed. – Massie Ng

The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore

A Little Flower Hut

The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore
A Little Flower Hut – Chocolate Deliveries Singapore
ServicesIn-store shopping, in-store pickup, Delivery, Non-stop 24/7 Online Flowers, Chocolate Delivery
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours
Contact Details+65 6503 9750
Address25 Jalan Chegar Singapore 578483

Although A Little Flower Hut is well renowned for its exquisite flower arrangements, they are also praised for producing some of Singapore’s best chocolate gift items. Your relatives and friends will notice and appreciate the stunning flower arrangements that go with their chocolate presents!

Depending on your preference, they’re all packaged together in a basket or box and include wines. Each bundle is jam-packed with a variety of chocolates and other delectable treats! We value how promptly they provide delicious chocolate in Singapore, thus they must not be overlooked! As we are all aware, chocolate soothes all wounds and warms the heart, thus having a quick delivery service is essential!


  • Basket or box bundles
  • Quick delivery
  • Can be paired with flower bouquets
Customer Reviews

Nice and friendly flower delivery company. They made effort to accommodate my delivery timing and location. Prompt and patient group of people. Flowers were well received and my wife love it. Thank you Littleflowerhut for the great gifting experience. Sure to order again. – KC Lim


Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore
Laurent Bernard Chocolatier – Chocolate Deliveries Singapore
ServicesCake and pastry, Chocolate Delivery, chocolate boxes, hampers and gifts
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 11 AM to 6 PM
AddressThe Pier at Robertson Quay Mohammad Sultan Road #01-11 Singapore 239013

After working as a chef for 20 years, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier opened his café in Singapore in 2006. With its hot chocolate and chocolate soufflé, Laurent’s Café on Robertson Quay beside the River Léon rapidly gained notoriety. His menu has now expanded to include everything from decadent desserts for every occasion to gourmet treats like macarons and chocolate truffles.


  • Gourmet Chocolates
  • Rewards Program
  • French craftsmanship
Customer Reviews

Beautiful, artistic and has great flavor. Some of the nicest cakes, homemade ice cream, and chocolates we’ve had. Thoroughly recommended. – JFJ


A Better Florist

ServicesChocolate Delivery, Fruit Basket, Gift Hamper, Grand Openings, Wreath
Operating HoursDaily: 8 AM – 8 PM
Contact Details+65 3163 1525
Address12 Dunlop St, Singapore 209342

In Singapore, we’ve never heard of anyone declining a thoughtful gift of flowers or chocolates. A Better Florist provides the selection you require whether you’re sending a hamper or a box of chocolates to clients, coworkers, your crush, friends, or relatives. Also, they have developed some of their greatest chocolate collections in Singapore, which are enhanced by wines, flowers, and even fruits! They also provide excellent gift sets with simple yet attractive designs.


  • Chocolate, fruit, and wine combos
  • Wide variety of options to choose from
  • Free same-day delivery
Customer Reviews

My boyfriend surprised me with this beautiful bouquet! I appreciate the service and effort that this company is doing in this time of the pandemic. They are bringing smiles and making our lives easier to show our love to our loved ones. Kudos to ABF for the excellent service! – Nancy Malaca

In wrapping up, our chocolate delivery service stands out as the optimal choice for indulging your chocolate cravings in Singapore. Offering a diverse array of premium chocolates, a seamless online purchasing experience, and reliable delivery services, we ensure you can savor your favorite treats conveniently from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re treating yourself or sending a delightful gift to a loved one, our chocolates guarantee satisfaction. Why not treat yourself to the pure joy of having these delectable chocolates delivered right to your doorstep? Place your order now and elevate your chocolate experience!

Do check out our list of Fruit Delivery and have time to check their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you send chocolates to Singapore?

Food products are accepted as long as they are non-perishable, ambient, and packaged by the manufacturer. Thus it’s okay to send chocolate, candies, biscuits, crisps, snacks, and all the other goods that are included in our gift boxes, however customs officials occasionally open packages to examine their contents.

What is Singapore famous chocolate?

When we think about chocolatiers in Singapore, one of the first names that comes to mind is Fossa Chocolate. Everything is done by hand at a workshop in Singapore, from roasting, breaking, and winnowing the cacao beans to refining them into chocolate to molding and tempering.

Is there chocolate in Singapore?

The finest chocolate is made by Singapore Chocolate using cocoa of the highest caliber cultivated in exceptional plantations all around Asia. Each has its own terroir and comes from a wide range of fruits, flowers, and spices that are grown close to cocoa plants.

Can I customize chocolate orders for special occasions or gifts?

Explore the possibilities of customizing chocolate orders for special events or gifting purposes, adding a personal touch to your deliveries.

What is the quality of chocolates offered for delivery?

Understand the quality standards and assurance associated with the chocolates available for delivery, ensuring a delightful and premium experience.

Are there any additional charges for chocolate deliveries in Singapore?

Get clarity on potential additional charges, such as delivery fees or taxes, ensuring transparency in the overall cost of your chocolate orders.

Can I track the status of my chocolate delivery in Singapore?

Learn about the tracking options available, allowing you to monitor the status and estimated arrival time of your chocolate delivery.

What happens if my chocolates are damaged during delivery?

Understand the procedures in place for handling issues such as damaged chocolates during delivery, ensuring a prompt resolution and replacement if necessary.

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The Finest Chocolate Deliveries in Singapore

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