The Finest Cheapest Broadband in Singapore

The Finest Cheapest Broadband in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for having some of the fastest Internet connections, but what is its cost of living? You’re in luck if you’re seeking the cheapest broadband in Singapore since we’ve recently compiled a list of the top providers.

The ones we discovered are perfect for smooth gaming, social media surfing, and conducting research for school in addition to being reasonably priced. Imagine having blazing-fast, lag-free Internet without draining your bank account!

So without further ado, here is our ranking of Singapore’s most affordable broadband.

Best Cheapest Broadband in Singapore



The Finest Cheapest Broadband in Singapore
WhizComms – Cheapest Broadband Singapore
Speed1 Gbps
PriceS$40.00 (12-month contract)
S$34.00 (24-month contract)
Contact Details+65 6797 0778

Since 2016, WhizComms has been offering Singaporeans a fast and reliable Internet connection, earning the company a reputation as one of the island’s most dependable Internet service providers. It is also committed to keeping its services affordable for the majority of customers, which is why it provides its broadband plans at a far lower cost than competing providers.

The contract length options available to customers are 12 or 24 months. The lengthier contract, which is one of the most affordable broadband plans in Singapore, is the better choice if you’re seeking for a less expensive alternative.

You will be eligible for a free activation charge and a reduced delivery and installation fee that normally costs about $100 when you select the 12-month contract. Because of this, most clients choose Whizcomms as their Internet service provider.

Customers can choose from Whizcomms’ Wireless Router and Mesh Solution options if they want all the necessary equipment (1Gbps only). In the meanwhile, people who wish to reuse their old router or purchase their own router can choose the No Frills option to save money (no router included). Customers may choose from 300Mbps plans with a Complimentary speed bump to 500Mbps after 6 weeks if they want more bandwidth.


  • Free activation
  • Free Installation
  • Free delivery
  • Stable Internet network
Customer Reviews

I switched to Whiz Comm because my previous service provider disappointed me and I wanted to switch to a no-frills package at an attractive price. I didn’t expect much, but what I got were excellent sales service and technical support. They took care to explain the details and update me. After installation, the line is stable and fast and I have had no issues so far. – Hoe Hong Guan



The #1 Broadband for Gaming
The Finest Cheapest Broadband in Singapore
MyRepublic – Cheapest Broadband Singapore
Speed1 Gbps
Contact Details+65 6717 1680

Nobody likes to accept a sluggish Internet connection that interferes with their gameplay, whether they are a casual or professional player. It’s great that MyRepublic has developed the GAMER plan to meet the demands of all sorts of gamers, and we think it’s one of the most affordable internet options in Singapore.

It also tops the island for Steam download speeds, which is another reason why many gamers adore it. It also includes a free home landline with limitless local calls! Also, if the consumer renews their contract, they are eligible for a free membership for one month. If you’re seeking for the lowest broadband package in Singapore, that’s a great deal.


  • The ideal speed for gamers
  • With home landline
  • Free 1-month subscription
Customer Reviews

So happy with them that I have 3 fiber lines with them at work and at home. They’ve been improving since I first signed up with them in 2012. – Elson Teng



The Finest Cheapest Broadband in Singapore
Singtel – Cheapest Broadband Singapore
Speed1 Gbps

Singtel is the only company you need to consider if you’re looking for an honest Internet service provider. It should come as no surprise that it is on our list of the most inexpensive broadband options in Singapore considering that it has a history of offering Singaporeans reliable, quick, and affordable Internet connections.

Their 1Gbps broadband service, which costs $41.58, is ideal for Netflix binges and all-day gaming. Due to Singtel’s reliable and secure network, you won’t ever have to worry about any of these things getting disrupted.

Also, Singtel provides exclusive incentives and savings to clients who join up online. Free installation and registration, free weekday/night service, a home line, an AC Plus Router, and a 10% discount on their mobile membership are a few of these benefits. We promise that Singtel has a lot more benefits and promotions to offer you if you’re a current customer wanting to renew your contract. These are fantastic incentives while shopping for the cheapest broadband in Singapore.


  • Ideal for gaming and video streaming
  • Free registration and installation
  • Excellent customer service
Customer Reviews

Extremely helpful staff who went over and beyond to help resolve a difficult service problem. – Heng Min Zi



The Finest Cheapest Broadband in Singapore
Starhub – Cheapest Broadband Singapore
Speed1 Gbps
Contact Details+6568201633

Due to its inexpensive rates and dependable Internet connection, Starhub is one of Singapore’s top Internet service providers. For streaming high-definition films, one of its cheapest fiber internet plans to offer costs only $39.90 per month.

Be assured that you are constantly connected wherever you are because it can also reach every area of your home. We rank Starhub as one of the finest and most affordable internet providers in Singapore since it guarantees that there won’t be any dead spots in your house. In addition, Starhub provides a complimentary service setup, six complimentary Junior ProtectBasic months, and twelve complimentary HomeInsured months! With all these benefits, it’s difficult to resist signing up for one of Singapore’s cheapest broadband plans!


  • No dead spots
  • Free Installation
  • Plug-and-play ready
  • For quality video streaming
Customer Reviews

My family have a very pleasant experience with their on-site technician (Alan) he help us manage and improvise our router and modem settings and was very patient!!! Keep up the good work Alan! – Rachelle SY



Speed1 Gbps
Contact Details1627

M1 has, at last, developed a broadband plan that takes larger family homes into account! Consumers may share a quick and dependable Internet connection with the rest of their family members for just $39.00.

Customers may take advantage of the free 2-month membership, which is another factor that makes it one of Singapore’s most affordable internet options. At a modest fee, they may also opt to add add-ons to their plans like Google Nest, Apple TV, iPad, and Lyra!


  • Add-ons
  • 4G mobile broadband
  • ONT activation
Customer Reviews

Jeff Wong attended to us and he patiently attended to our inquiry and we manage to get our problem resolved fast! Kudos to the team. – QY

The Finest Cheapest Broadband in Singapore

The list of Singapore’s cheapest broadband providers is now complete. If there are any more affordable broadband options that we overlooked, please let us know about them and explain why we should consider them.

Do check out our list of Business Broadband and have time to check their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many Broadbands are there in Singapore?

Starhub, Singtel, and M1 are the three primary network service providers in Singapore. MyRepublic, ViewQwest, and WhizComms are a few further well-known network service companies. Anyone can afford the inexpensive mobile phone plans offered by these network service providers.

Is 1Gbps enough in Singapore?

A 1Gbps plan is often more than enough for the majority of families nowadays, and medium usage plans are a decent option for most moderate to high use households of roughly 2-4 persons.

What is a good internet speed in Singapore?

According to Speedtest Intelligence®, Singtel had the fastest median download speed among the leading mobile providers in Singapore in Q4 2022, at 120.24 Mbps.

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