The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore

Understanding your company’s value is vital in Singapore’s dynamic business landscape. Whether looking to assess your business’s worth for sale, merger, or strategic decision-making, finding Singapore’s best business valuation services is essential. These experts are proficient in assessing your company’s financial health and can provide crucial insights into its future potential.

Business valuation services in Singapore encompass a wide range of expertise. They delve deep into the intricacies of your company’s financial statements, market positioning, and industry benchmarks to determine its accurate value. This holistic approach is essential for making informed business decisions.

Moreover, these services extend beyond valuation alone. They also offer valuable ancillary services like due diligence and financial consulting. This ensures that your business strategy is grounded in accurate and reliable financial data, enhancing your competitive edge.

Additionally, they play a pivotal role in the context of company registration services. Whether establishing a new enterprise or expanding an existing one, understanding the financial landscape can be the key to success. Business valuation services can guide you through the process, providing critical insights for informed company registration decisions.

Best Business Valuation Services in Singapore

In a city known for its dynamic business environment, having access to Singapore’s best business valuation services is a strategic advantage. Their expertise in determining your company’s worth and insights that extend to company registration services can be a game-changer for your business endeavours. By partnering with these professionals, you’re not just gaining a valuation but a competitive edge in the ever-evolving Singaporean business landscape.


3E Accounting Pte Ltd

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore
3E Accounting Pte Ltd – Business Valuation Services Singapore
ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 9 AM to 6 PM
Contact Details+65 66909262
Address51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11 Singapore 308900

Getting ready to launch a company in Singapore? Businesses can form new corporations in Singapore with the aid of 3E Accounting. Having trouble forming a business in Singapore? Concerned about Singaporean business registration? 3E Accounting specializes in company establishment and business formation in Singapore as a Corporate Service Provider. When preparing to launch a business in Singapore, 3E Accounting is the wise decision to make for services that effectively satisfy all statutory compliance requirements for your enterprise. You can focus on growing your business while we handle all the administrative and regulatory issues with 3E Accounting’s assistance as we walk you through the steps to register and create a business swiftly and affordably.

Additionally, 3E Accounting helps foreigners start enterprises in Singapore. We assist with the incorporation of new businesses in Singapore as well as the acquisition of businesses looking to switch Corporate Service Providers. Our range of services as a business with experience in business formation and registered agent with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) includes the incorporation of private limited companies in Singapore, registration of limited liability partnerships, registration of sole proprietorships, establishment of companies for foreigners with nominee director services, provision of Corporate Secretarial Services with named company secretaries, accounting and income tax management, and more.

Customer Reviews

Jerlynn guided me through the process of setting up my company. She was very professional. She managed the whole process in a very efficient way. I would like to thank her for the same and wish Jerlynn and the team at 3E Accounting all the best. – Zi Ting


Business Valuation Singapore

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore
Business Valuation Singapore – Business Valuation Services Singapore
ServicesBusiness valuation, Shares valuation, Divorce valuation, Intangible asset valuation, etc.
Price Range Catered to SME tier
Contact Details+65 6950 1120
Address6A Shenton Way, #04-01 OUE Downtown Gallery Singapore 068815

Business Valuation Singapore specialises solely in valuation services and caters to SMEs in Singapore. They deal with valuation for business transactions, divorce cases, litigation, startups, intangible assets and more.

Their team consists of certified and qualified chartered valuers and accountants and also handles work referred by auditors and corporate and divorce lawyers.

It appears they have the most competitive fees and even offer a free consultation.

Customer Reviews

They are very professional, reliable, speedy in answering my enquires especially with lots of patient & helpfulness make me feel very comfortable partnering with them. Their services are value for money as compare with other company. Well done for being so professional! Keep it up. It save a lot of my time & effort. – Vyasa Yoga Singapore


Valueteam Valuation Services

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore
Valueteam Valuation Services – Business Valuation Services Singapore
ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 9 AM–6 PM
Contact Details+65 9730 4250
AddressRiverstone SG Pte Ltd, Level 19, Tower 2, One Raffles Place, Singapore

Valueteam is the valuation expert who offers game-changing insights to transform complicated deals into chances for long-term benefit and growth. We provide top-notch valuation services that empower our clients to make wise choices for ongoing success and growth.

Singapore’s Valueteam is a specialist valuation firm that solely offers valuation and associated services. We think that valuation is a highly difficult process and that our clients should get the best guidance possible from professionals. We are a one-stop shop for valuation services, including sophisticated values as well as intangible and corporate valuations.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


InCorp Global

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore
InCorp Global – Business Valuation Services Singapore
ServicesSingapore Company Registration, Corporate Solutions Provider
Operating HoursWeekdays 9 AM–6 PM
Contact Details+65 6812 1611
+65 8699 8821
Address30 Cecil Street, #19-08 Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712

Singapore is a desirable place for businesses wishing to conduct business because of its outstanding strategic position and highly open economy. The city-state is one of the most advantageous commercial destinations in the world due to its stable political climate, cheap taxes, and highly qualified workforce.

Customer Reviews

We have been sharing a successful professional relationship with Incorp for almost 20 years now. We are quite satisfied with their entire team in terms of due diligence / timely assistance and follow-up. We would definitely recommend their services to our other business associates. – Nitin Chadha


OneStop Professional Services

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore
OneStop Professional Services – Business Valuation Services Singapore
ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 9 AM–6:30 PM
Contact Details+65 9644 9531
Address10 Anson Road, #13-09 International Plaza, Singapore 079903

OneStop Professional Services is a well-known service provider in Singapore that has successfully carved out a place for itself in the business world as a Chartered Accountants firm. We aim to address the corporate business challenges of our clients with solutions that are business-minded and developed by our highly skilled experts.

OneStop, with offices in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore, caters to the corporate needs of its clients by offering auditing, accounting, corporate counseling, government, corporate secretarial tax, and valuation services, all with the goal of enabling the clients concentrate only on the expansion of their businesses. OneStop is the organization to turn to for thorough company secretary services as well as additional services catered to your particular corporate needs, whether it be company incorporation, auditing, or nominee director services.

Customer Reviews

OneStop Professional has excellence services, provide a one-stop service that is very convenient for foreigners like us. Ms. Crystal Neoh is a very responsive, friendly, helpful and efficient person. Very professional, reliable and easy to work with. Highly recommended! – Emily Kong


Max Lewis Consultants Pte Ltd

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore
Max Lewis Consultants Pte Ltd – Business Valuation Services Singapore
ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 9 AM–6 PM
Contact Details+65 6589 8975
Address1 Scotts Road, #24-10 Shaw Centre Singapore 228208

A reputable company with a focus on fair valuation of enterprises, assets, equities, debt, complicated financial instruments, and employee share options, as well as the evaluation of intangible assets and intellectual property, Max Lewis Consultants Pte Ltd was founded in 2007. We also specialize in tax consulting work such as local, and international tax planning, GST ASK review, incorporation, business secretarial, enterprise risk, and fraud risk management services.

We are an ACCA-approved employer, an ICAEW (UK) Accredited Training Office (ATO), and a Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK) Accredited Employer for the Certified Tax Adviser (CTA) program.

Because what matters to our clients matters to us, our focus and belief is on working with clients for future sustainable success in addition to continuously developing and offering the greatest professional service. In our capacity as your dependable professional adviser, we are dedicated to a long-term business partnership.

Customer Reviews

Albert Tan was engaged to prepare a transfer pricing report for our company. Very professional and attentive in advising various TP and tax matters. He draws on his many years of experience in corporate and consulting fields and gives sound and helpful advice. we are very pleased with his work and would recommend him for future TP or other professional consulting work. – Wk H

The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore

Savills Singapore

ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 8:30 AM–6 PM
Contact Details+65 6836 6888
Address#20-03 Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712

One of the top real estate firms in the world, Savills was established in the UK in 1855. With 600 locations located throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East, our experience is global. We take pleasure in offering top-notch guidance as we assist people, corporations, and institutions in making smarter real estate decisions because of our size, which grants us a broad range of specialized and local expertise.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


BDO Singapore

ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 8:45 AM – 5:45 PM
Contact Details+65 6828 9118
Address600 North Bridge Road #23-01 Parkview Square, Singapore

The main problem of valuation is to comprehend how each organization or asset is unique, and we value it, given the always shifting business environments and market conditions. At BDO, our specialists rely on their extensive industry knowledge as well as the resources of a worldwide accounting and advising network. No matter how big or little your organization is or what stage it is in, we are sensitive to your worries and provide quick, precise answers tailored to them.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing



ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6533 7600
Address8 Wilkie Road, #03-08 Wilkie Edge, Singapore, Singapore

A company that has a thorough grasp of its value may take advantage of chances for value-adding and maximize its economic potential. The value of various assets and investments might change significantly in this dynamic economic and regulatory environment.

Our expert valuation services assist your company with internal management information and planning, litigation assistance, and dispute resolution, as well as helping it stay current with changes in accounting rules and determine its worth for commercial objectives like buy-sell transaction price.

Customer Reviews

Exceedingly professional and friendly staff. – Koh Wen Qian


Spring Galaxy

ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Contact Details+65 6405 4911
AddressAsia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View #11-01 Singapore – 018961

With locations in Singapore and Malaysia, Spring Galaxy is a specialist in business valuation and strategic consultancy services. For the purpose of helping our clients make strategic decisions and achieve their compliance and legal goals, we offer concrete business valuation support. We value businesses, shares, intangibles and intellectual properties, biological and mining assets, various types of financial instruments and property, as well as plant, equipment, and machinery to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including those related to potential investments, divestments, financial reporting, tax, fundraising, and legal disputes.

As well as actively offering business valuation services in Singapore, we also do so in Malaysia and in other important markets throughout the Asia-Pacific region, from the Maldives to the United States, including Australia, East Asia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian and Indian subcontinent nations. Our recommendations are realistic and useful. Any valuation should, in our opinion, be able to withstand examination and have a significant commercial component. We provide results that are commercially focused in a responsible and timely manner.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing



ServicesBusiness Valuation Services
Operating HoursWeekdays 8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6978 7933
Address168 Robinson Road #20-01 Capital Tower Singapore 068912

Intangible assets are “increasingly critical in enterprise growth and success,” according to the Singaporean government. It is crucial for Singapore-based businesses to make sure that their intangible assets are included in any company valuation process if they wish to realize their actual worth given that the city-state is a prominent global hub and innovation center.

More than 87% of a firm’s worth today is made up of intangible assets, which include things like data, content, software code, company and product names, private information, innovations, patents, industrial know-how, and design rights. They are now the main force behind the profitability and expansion of the business.

Unfortunately, under the rules of contemporary accounting, intangible assets are basically disregarded. As there is basically no relationship between cost and value with intangible assets, they either never appear on the balance sheet, are lost under the nebulous category of “goodwill,” or are listed at cost.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing

The most trustworthy business valuation services in Singapore may be found on their list. Their thorough methodology and knowledgeable staff guarantee reliable assessments that support your business decisions. Today, with their assistance, realize the full potential of your business.

Do check out our list of Business Insurance and have time to check their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the typical cost for a business valuation?

What is the price of a business valuation? A company valuation might cost anywhere from $6,000 to more than $20,000, depending on the extent of the value.

How do you value a business in Singapore?

Revenue multiples, EBITDA multiples, price-to-earnings multiples, dividend yield, and discounted cash flow can all be used to evaluate a company’s worth. The process of valuing a business can be time-consuming and difficult, but with the help of our useful business valuation calculator, it can also be easy!

What is business valuation services?

The provision of valuation consulting or valuation opinion services for the evaluation of a group of business interests or commercial enterprises is included in business valuation. These studies are carried out for: Transaction planning. company acquisition or disposal. general commercial objectives.

How do business valuation services in Singapore determine the value of a business?

Business valuation services use various methods, including the income approach, market approach, and asset-based approach. The chosen method depends on the nature of the business and the purpose of the valuation.

When should a business consider getting a professional valuation in Singapore?

Businesses in Singapore should consider professional valuation services during significant events such as mergers, acquisitions, sales, succession planning, or when seeking financing. Regular valuations can also aid in strategic planning.

What information is required for a business valuation, and how long does the process typically take?

Information required includes financial statements, historical performance data, industry analysis, and future projections. The duration varies based on the complexity of the business and the chosen valuation method but can take a few weeks to a few months.

How can I choose the right business valuation service in Singapore for my company?

Consider factors such as the service provider’s experience, industry expertise, client reviews, and the comprehensiveness of their valuation methods. Consultations with different firms can help you make an informed decision.

Are business valuation services only for large corporations, or are they suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore?

Business valuation services cater to businesses of all sizes, including SMEs in Singapore. Regardless of the scale, a professional valuation can provide valuable insights for strategic planning and decision-making.

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The Finest Business Valuation Services in Singapore

With the help of our business valuation services in Singapore, experience the power of accuracy. They are experts in offering thorough and comprehensive business appraisals that support your decision-making. Their knowledgeable staff is here to help you every step of the process, whether you're looking to purchase or sell a business, get financing, or determine your company's worth.

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