The Finest Shepherds Pie in Singapore

The dish shepherds pie originated in Scotland and North England. This baked beef pie has buttery, creamy mashed potatoes on top that will fill you up with the right amount of carbohydrates and protein. Due to its distinctive flavor and simplicity of preparation, it has gained popularity as a delicacy in Singapore. It is available to almost everyone since leftover meat may be combined with veggies. Everyone may enjoy it, but only the greatest can elevate it, thus, you should be aware of where to obtain the best shepherd’s pie in Singapore.

What is Shepherds Pie

A delicious meal of cooked minced beef covered in mashed potatoes and baked is known as shepherds pie, cottage pie, or in its French adaptation, hachis Parmentier. It is possible to use freshly minced meat or already cooked beef. Lamb or beef are the most common meats. From their introduction in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the two English names have been used synonymously, despite the insistence of certain writers that a shepherd’s pie should contain lamb or mutton and a cottage pie, beef.

Best Shepherds Pie in Singapore



The Finest Shepherds Pie in Singapore
Brewerkz – Shepherds Pie Singapore
ServicesShepherds Pie
Operating HoursDaily: 12 PM – 12 AM
Address1 Fullerton Road, #01-01 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

30 Merchant Road #01-07 Riverside Point Singapore 058282

1 Tanglin Road
#01-02 Orchard Rendezvous Hotel
Singapore 247905

2 Stadium Walk #01-06/07 Singapore Indoor Stadium Singapore 397691

This particular shepherds pie is unique since it was created in a microbrewery. This recipe calls for beef, veggies, and their English ale. The meat is gradually cooked for hours in order to tenderize it and give it a rich taste. No other restaurant can equal the richness and depth the English ale brings to the shepherd’s pie. Brewerkz is a restaurant that prides itself on producing some of Singapore’s greatest craft brews, but they are also well-known for its shepherd’s pie. It is one of the greatest shepherd’s pie in Singapore and delivers a singular culinary experience in and of itself.

Customer Reviews

Recently went for Sunday brunch. It’s a great day with beautiful sunshine and a cosy breeze, and outdoor seating looking at the Clarke Quay is just such a wonderful experience. We enjoyed the beer and food very much! Surprisingly, cappuccino is so good too! Definitely will come again! – Flora Chen


The Gourmet Pie Company

The Finest Shepherds Pie in Singapore
The Gourmet Pie Company – Shepherds Pie Singapore
ServicesShepherds Pie, Bakery
Operating HoursDaily: 11 AM – 10 PM
Contact Details+65 9825 4559
Address1 Lor 20 Geylang, Singapore 398721

This simple pie store has been a family-run home-based enterprise for three generations and has expanded to two locations. The shepherds pie is no exception to the rule that all of their pies are produced entirely from scratch using premium ingredients. Real New Zealand lamb is used to manufacture the shepherd’s pies at The Gourmet Pie Company. Each dish is covered with a creamy mixture of mashed potatoes and New Zealand cheese, while the contents include veggies, including tomatoes, onions, zucchini, potato, and carrots. The fact that you can personalize your pie with a range of meat alternatives based on your preferences is what makes them a favourite among pie fans.

Customer Reviews

Delicious pies! Pies look spectacular and delicious. You could see that these pies were handmade and looked really scrumptious. Do be patient with the wait and allow them to prepare and bake these quality pies(Will be worth it). Ordered several times and love the pies and the personalized service. – Ben Ng


The English House by Marco Pierre White

The Finest Shepherds Pie in Singapore
The English House by Marco Pierre White – Shepherds Pie Singapore
ServicesShepherds Pie
Operating HoursDaily: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6545 4055
Address28 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238972

The English House’s shepherd’s pie is unique since it has truffle shavings on top. In the shepherd’s pie, the large minced pieces of meat and vegetables are bound together with fresh herbs. You can be confident you’re eating nutritious food since they don’t use artificial colors. The English House is a landmark and a place of residence for those who appreciate traditional cuisine from a bygone period prepared simply as nature intended and influenced by colonial Singaporean heritage. This is also clear from the way they make their shepherd’s pie and the reason it is so delicious.

Customer Reviews

The beef was delicious beyond description and had my taste buds pleading with me to take another bite. The pastry and beef were cooked to divine perfection. – Dominic Swag


The Shepherd’s Pie Singapore

The Finest Shepherds Pie in Singapore
The Shepherd’s Pie Singapore – Shepherds Pie Singapore
ServicesShepherds Pie
Operating HoursDaily: 11 AM – 6 PM
Contact Details+65 6789 0707
AddressBlock 3015, Bedok North Street 5 Shimei East Kitchen, #06-05 (Take Passenger Lift Lobby 2) Singapore 486350

In 2007, pie lovers opened up this establishment. Their shepherd’s pies are seasoned to perfection, produced with excellent meat, then baked to a golden crisp top. They don’t utilize pre-made, frozen components, which is the key to their success. Instead, they provide and seal their meats using thermoforming to preserve freshness and avoid contamination. Meat isn’t kept in storage for more than three days. Their creative cooking techniques aim to provide a distinctive and savory flavor to their pies without making them greasy. They are recognized for serving shepherd’s pie first in Singapore, and they still make top-notch pies today.

Customer Reviews

The frozen shepherd’s pie I bought looks pretty, haven’t tried it yet though. I wish to commend them for their excellent customer service. I ignorantly ordered the wrong type of pie and the owners eventually changed it to the type I wanted, despite the fact that the first pie could not be re-sold. Very gracious of them. – Joe P


Violet Oon Singapore

The Finest Shepherds Pie in Singapore
Violet Oon Singapore – Shepherds Pie Singapore
ServicesShepherds Pie
Operating HoursDaily: 12 PM – 10 PM
Contact Details+65 9834 9935
Address2 Orchard Turn, #03-22 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Shepherds pie made by Violet Oon is special since it is presented in a sophisticated environment. Braised beef short ribs, which are so tender they fall off the bone, are the meat used in this shepherds pie. The gravy is hearty and delicious, and the potatoes are smooth and creamy. With outlets all around Singapore, the well-known restaurant chain Violet Oon is noted for its gourmet Nyonya and Singaporean cuisines as well as international specialties. Even though they have a vast selection of meals, their shepherds pie is still one of their most well-liked pies in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Had lunch yesterday at the Jewel outlet. My kid enjoyed the Dry Laksa and yummy. The staff service very professional smiles faces. – Kinki Aw Tien Tien

The Finest Shepherds Pie in Singapore

In Singapore, shepherd’s pie is a dish with a long cultural and historical background that is still available to everyone. It’s a pie that isn’t local to Singapore but has become quite well-liked and well-known there. This guide should enable you to locate the shepherd’s pie that best matches your tastes and introduce you to a completely new dining experience.

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Frequently Asked Question


What is real shepherd’s pie made of?

Everyone enjoys this traditional shepherd’s pie, a beloved British comfort meal. This traditional dish uses ground lamb that has been cooked with veggies and Guinness for added taste, then it is baked with fluffy mashed potatoes on top. Cottage Pie is the name of the dish when made with ground beef.

Why is it called Shepherd pie?

Because a shepherd tends to sheep, the dish is commonly known as “shepherd’s pie” when served with mutton or lamb. The mashed potato topping is designed to resemble sheep’s fleece.

What is the difference between shepherds pie and cottage pie?

Starting with a reasonably well-known example, “cottage pie” and “shepherd’s pie” differ from one another in that the meat is different in each. The term “cottage” normally refers to a shepherd’s pie prepared with beef, while the term “shepherd’s pie” should only be used if it contains lamb.

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