Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

All kids take school holidays over the summer and relish the long-awaited break. But how can we make this moment memorable, enjoyable, and exciting? The following is a list of fun holiday activities for kids to do at home, outside, and in other exciting locations.

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

Holiday activities for kids

Where should I go, how should I have fun, how should I play, how should I hang out and talk to my friends? If you use a little creativity, there is always something to do when on vacation.

1. Spending time outdoors

In reality, spending quality time with your child is quite simple. All you need to do is take a stroll and make it as engaging as you can. Make plans to engage in activities with the kids. Visit activities and locations worth seeing. Travel and experience new things.

Singapore has a lot of various parks and sites:

  • Visit Pororo Park: Meet & Greet with the Pororo Express Train! The spacious playroom, toy race tracks, slides, obstacle course, Pororo Express train, and Pororo Meetings are all great for kids. Special daily lessons are held on weekdays during the March break from school, and they are well worth attending.
  • Singapore offers youngsters more than 100 enjoyable activities to choose from. Children will enjoy running, jumping, and taking part in a variety of activities, including slides, swings, and zip lines!
  • Enjoy Centoza’s cable cars, stunning beaches, and sledding.
  • Visit Fort Siloso: A beautiful viewing platform and bridge with a magnificent view of Centoza and its vegetation are available at the heavenly Fort Siloso.
  • Bring the kids to Tayo Station, where there is a vehicle rental office and a playground. Play with the kids at the Tayo Station indoor playground, which has fun features including a ball pool with a rock wall and a three-story Gani playground!
  • Play at the SuperPark indoor playground to release some energy. Siblings will love the SuperPark indoor playground during the summer break because it is appropriate for kids of all ages!

2. Visit a holiday camp

It can be a terrific idea to send your kid to a summer camp during the holidays. Programs for summer camps typically include a wide variety of engaging activities. For instance, the 5-day program at the Newtonshow vacation camp for children in Singapore includes two different styles of programming.

  • Offering a variety of scientific experiments at its science camp. Programs are devoted to a new topic each season, such as Harry Potter, Superheroes, or Space.
  • The multi-activity camp exposes kids to a variety of pursuits, including robotics, science, painting, and cuisine, encouraging them to try something new every day.

Children will get the chance to explore their hobbies while learning about the world of science at the camp. They will also be able to create a variety of objects by hand, including:

  • Magic 3D puzzle
  • Mars soil
  • Solar Sistem Slime
  • Planet Earth model

There are various summer camps available for kids, so you may pick one that your youngster will find engaging. Children can discover new things, have fun, and make friends during summer camps.

3. DIY Activities

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

A wonderful way to spend the holidays at home is to create something. Whatever you make, it doesn’t matter; the main thing is to have fun! We have a number of craft activity suggestions ready. If you’re looking for a unique and engaging project, consider setting up your own aquarium. It’s not only a fantastic way to bring a piece of the underwater world into your home but also a fulfilling and educational experience. To get started, check out our recommended aquarium stores in Singapore for quality supplies and expert advice, ensuring that your aquarium journey is both enjoyable and successful.

Or check out other DIY activities below:

DIY Bath Bombs

Making handmade bath bombs is a fun activity for kids and makes wonderful party favors. Once they are familiar with the process, you can try experimenting with different forms, colors, and scents.

Felt Flower Bouquet

Felt flowers may be manufactured without stitching, making them perfect for kid-friendly DIY projects. They make lovely Mother’s Day gifts and can be used by kids to decorate their rooms, put in a pencil cup, or use as bookmarks.

4. Become a video blogger

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

Make the holidays unique and enjoyable! begin your holiday vlog.

A fantastic way to communicate with others and express yourself is through video blogs. Another benefit of recording and narrating your own video is that it helps you become more articulate and teaches you how to maintain eye contact with the camera.

Make a video journal about your holiday activities. You can maintain a regular discussion about your day in which you share fascinating insights and accomplishments. You may get started by using simple video editing software and a mobile device to record yourself. However, posting vlog entries online is not required. If you aren’t ready to draw in a crowd, you can keep them in your private archive.

5. Fitness Exercises

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

It’s a good idea to involve the entire family in athletic activities. In order to teach their children that sports and physical activity are not only good for their health but also pleasurable, parents should set a good example for them. According to experts, it will be simpler for your youngster to preserve their enthusiasm for sports and a healthy lifestyle the earlier they comprehend that doing sports as a family is a fun and advantageous habit.

It’s not necessary to select challenging sports. Your youngster is able to take part in the following activities:

  • Fitness workouts
  • Yoga classes
  • Sports dancing
  • Trampoline jumping
  • Active games

Outside, parents and kids can jump, run, play ball, and splash in the water. Sports can be effectively replaced by active games.

6. Watch your favorite movies/TV shows

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

Going to the movies as a family is just one of the numerous ways you can spend time together. Pick a new release, and enjoy it with your companions on a big screen. You may always view your preferred films or TV shows at home in a comfortable and familiar setting. After all, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as having the entire family over for a wonderful comedy in the evening while everyone is settled in front of the television.

7. Learning to cook simple dishes

It’s a very fun process to cook with tiny ones, and we can’t begin to comprehend how vital it is for our kids. Kids can follow straightforward instructions to prepare basic dishes. All that is required are desire and practice. Show the young cook that cooking can be exciting and enjoyable and that it involves imagination rather than repetition.

Cooking is a terrific approach to help your child learn fine motor skills and to emphasize the value of independent cooking. Naturally, it’s also a terrific method for us to spend more time with our kids.

8. Reading books

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

Summer vacations have started and the school year is over. In preparation for the start of the new school year, kids are unwinding and recharging. However, summer is not only a time for vacation; it is also a time for learning new things and getting ready for school. Reading is the cornerstone of education and the healthiest pastime. The success of a child in school is mostly determined by their reading skills.

The summer reading list typically includes both mandatory and extra reading. However, let your kid read whatever they want, like:

  • Stories about animals;
  • Books about fun adventures;
  • Educational encyclopedias;
  • Magic fairy tales;
  • Science fiction books.

There is no requirement to strictly follow the curriculum. Giving your child the power to decide is crucial. Let them read what they like if they have different tastes in literature. The most crucial factor is that your child actually finds these books interesting.

9. Visit interesting educational places and events

The advantages of taking kids to museums are self-evident. Such activities offer a unique opportunity to have a fantastic time together as a family, develop children’s imaginations, familiarize them with unfamiliar places and items, and create an amazing learning experience.

The first museum created with young visitors in mind is the Singapore Children’s Museum. Your kids will have enough to do thanks to interactive instruction, a garden maze, and a children’s free play module. Children can play safely while interacting with multisensory developmental toys that teach them about Singapore’s past.

10. Board games

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

Another fantastic holiday activity for kids at home is playing board games. Playing board games improves reasoning, reflexes, and memory. Here are some fun board games the entire family may enjoy:

  • “Cash Flow”: enhances financial literacy, improves mental computation of huge numbers, and explains economic processes;
  • “Zeus on Holiday”: training verbal evaluation and response;
  • “Cortex”: trains the brain’s memory, processing speed, reflex, coordination, and attention.

The game’s current regulations do not have to be followed when playing. If a member of the family finds the rules of the board game to be too complex, try to modify them or come up with your own by using the existing resources, such as dice, cards, or chips.

11. Visit a zoo or farm

Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays
Activities in Singapore During the School Holidays

Taking the family to the zoo might be a fantastic family vacation option. If we take into account the teachers’ views on visiting the animal kingdom, such a hobby will not only be enjoyable but also beneficial.

In a secure setting, a zoo is a great location for kids to learn about the species, behaviors, and habitats of wild animals and birds, including exotic ones. Its major objective in this instance is to assist parents in showing off the information their child has learned through books or media. An additional “bonus” is that aviaries and cages in zoos are typically made in a manner that best replicates the environment of animals and birds. The child naturalist will get the chance to look into the flora of the animal’s habitat as well as become familiar with the fauna in this way.

A trip to the zoo is a fantastic method to spark a child’s creativity. During a trip to the zoo, parents may share tales about animals and birds, especially in the form of conversations that include straightforward questions like “What do you think?”, at any age, which will support the child’s growth in metaphorical speech and thinking.

To sum it up, Singapore has lots of fun things to do. You can explore its culture, try delicious food, and enjoy beautiful parks. If you’re looking for an extra adventure, be sure to check out our list of the best prawning places in Singapore. It’s a cool way to try a local activity, catch your own dinner, and have a great time with your loved ones. So, while you’re in this fantastic city, make sure to look at our lists for more exciting things to do.

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