End of an Era: Singapore’s Archipelago Brewery to Close

Archipelago Brewery, a beloved name in Singapore’s craft beer scene, is set to close its doors at the end of June. The decision to shutter the brewery comes amidst “declining craft beer market realities and high operational costs,” as stated by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

Singapore’s iconic Archipelago Brewery, a staple in the craft beer industry, will close its doors at the end of June 2024. The decision marks the culmination of 18 years of brewing excellence and innovation.

Statement from APBS

An APBS spokesperson explained in May:
“In line with evolving market realities in the craft beer industry in Singapore, and after careful consideration on various divestment options over the past months, APBS has made the decision to exit from the craft brewing business and will close Archipelago Brewery at the end of June 2024. While we are proud, and remain grateful of the Archipelago brand journey, unfortunately declining craft beer market realities and high operational costs puts it in an untenable situation. This move is in line with our efforts to streamline our portfolio of beers, maximise value, improve productivity and re-invest in growing our core business to ensure a sustainable business that is fit for the future.”

Impact on Local Businesses

The closure has significant implications for local businesses like Tuckshop, a bar on Guillemard Road that has carried Archipelago’s beers on tap since it opened in 2013. Tuckshop’s signature beer, the Tuckshop Assembly Ale, was brewed by Archipelago.

“It’s like an end of an era not only because of Archipelago’s position in Singapore’s craft beer scene, but also how Tuckshop has had such a close identity with it over the past 11 years of our operations,” said a representative from Tuckshop.

End of an Era: Singapore's Archipelago Brewery to Close

Industry Context

The closure of Archipelago Brewery highlights broader challenges in the craft beer industry, including market saturation and rising operational costs. It underscores the need for breweries to continuously adapt and innovate in a competitive and evolving market.

Moving Forward

As Archipelago Brewery winds down, its legacy in Singapore’s craft beer scene will be remembered fondly by beer enthusiasts and local businesses alike. Fans are encouraged to savor their favorite Archipelago brews and continue supporting the local craft beer community.

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