Top 5 Dog Food Brands in Singapore

If you want to keep your dog healthy, make sure to feed them only the nutritious, sanitary, and practical dog food.

Good food, good life is a well-known fact. And, we must understand its value for our dogs. Food provides basic fuel to the body for living an active, charming and smart life. If you want to keep your dog healthy then make sure your first choice would be nutritious, hygienic and functional food.

These are the expert guidelines that will help you to purchase a perfect pet food for your dog. The dog food must contain the optimum amount of proteins – helps to repair body tissues and muscles building. Secondly, vitamins and minerals must be dosed properly for smooth regulations and effective functioning of cells, tissues and bones.

Choosing the right dog food

Carbohydrates fulfills the fiber and basic energy needs in the dog diet. The most important ingredient is fat proportion – makes the dog’s skin healthier, improves taste buds, enhances energy production and acts as a power reservoir in emergency situations.

Before purchasing the dog food, first check the ingredients list and balanced diet tags. These parameters will improve the digestion, immunity, dental care and nutritional intake of your pet dog. We have enlisted the top 05 dog food brands in Singapore that are the actual need of your dog’s diet. You will feel the real improvement in your dog’s health after feeding on these brands. The following details help you to purchase the one that suits your budget and dog’s body needs.


Cesar Dog Food

cesar dog food

Cesar dog food available in wet, dry and treats deals. Tasty flavors, balanced nutrition, watering mouth feels and chewing treats are the prominent characteristics of specially designed dog foods for your best companions. The company declares no discrimination while preparing foods for pet dogs as they utilize the same flavors as one can prefer for his own plate.

High quality standard ingredients are utilized for the preparation of Cesar dog food to make your dog’s health incredible. 88 wet food, 03 dry food and 08 dog treats are introduced with different food recipes so that dogs change their eating habits regularly and get optimum supply of nutrients on time. The beef stew, slow cooked chicken & vegetables dinner in sauce, pot roast with spring vegetables, filet mignon flavor & spring vegetables and softies medley trio are the best selling products considered in the market.


  • Moderate protein contents in canned and wet food formulations
  • Dog loving flavors are added
  • Served as a both – meal or kibbles
  • Excellent taste with wide range of vitamins
  • Convenient packaging and different colors availability

Pedigree Dog Food

pedigree dog food

To keep your baby dog healthy and safe, active and sound – pedigree dog food is the top priority of dog owners. The meat quality and variety of flavors used in the recipes are up to the mark. The dog’s immune system shows clear projection with good food digestion. It improves stomach health and gut performance – a basic need of healthy dogs.

Specifically, the pedigree dog food is designed for fur baby dogs and its first selection of dog parents. The diet ingredients also play a significant role in the growth and development of bones and other body organs. The crunchy kibbles add variation to the diet texture that gives optimum mouthfeel. In just 06 weeks, the healthy results appeared in the body of pets.


  • Best selection to reduce weight
  • Improves immune response and bones
  • Energy rich ingredients support digestion
  • Varietal flavors for changing diet habits regularly

Wellness Core Dog Food

wellness core dog food

The reasonable cost, wholesomeness and quality products are the key features of wellness core dog food brand. A well-known brand in Singapore for offering balanced-food diets for dogs and pets. The brand overcomes the worries of dog owners about the best supply of quality foods as it is free from unnecessary fillers and artificial additives. The Salmon – contains high Omega-3 fatty acids which is natural prebiotic and improves digestive health.

The company introduced small and large dos foods packings for the owners so they can easily purchase the one as per dog preferences and shelf life specifications. There are many flavors available in wellness core dog food stock. You have to pick the pack which satisfies your needs. It is suggested that you procure a small pack and if your fur baby dog likes it then purchase the 10 kg – large packing. The wellness core dog food brand maintains high ratings in the purchase market and is admired by dog owners.


  • Reasonable price
  • Grain free dog food recipes
  • Enriched with  nutrients
  • Improves growth and development
  • Curated for perfect digestion
  • Develop skin and fur coat
  • Produce food intolerance

Absolute Holistic Dog Food

absoulute holistic

The best product designed for your cute and lovely dogs which ensures maximum supply of nutrients and enzymes to the dog’s body. This air dried absolute holistic dog food is perfect for supply of quality ingredients at the highest level possible. A caveman diet or carnivorous diet and considered as a Paleo-based diet for your dogs to provide them with varietal food recipes.

The grain free, high quality meat is used for the preparation of absolute holistic dog food to avoid substandard supplies in the market. The strictest quality control checks and hygiene operations implemented in the industry to produce these absolute products. All organic ingredients are retained in it as it is air-dried and provides high quality meat sourced from New Zealand. Its zip lock packing provides moisture free ingredients and ensures longevity and freshness on each serving.


  • Easy feeding and proportioning
  • Maximum nutrients preserved
  • Long shelf life and product freshness
  • Free from unnecessary fillers
  • 100% premium and nutrient rich ingredients
  • Safe for sensitive skin featured pets

Nutragold Dog Food

The Nutragold offers what nature provides for dogs – holistic healing. The product is well-known in Singapore for natural and balanced diet servings as it contains all essential ingredients in optimum quantity for your dogs. The high quality proteins, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids play a significant role to protect your coat and skin. The products of Nutragold are designed for all age group dogs i.e. puppies, small and large dogs.

The products come in 12 kg to 25 kg packaging to meet your budget and for the dog’s diet preferences. The yummy combination of fruits, vegetables and cereals for the supply of essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and other bioactive compounds to the body of pet dogs. The kibble shape and texture also provides the best dental health features.


  • Free from food allergens
  • Excellent for heart and joint health
  • Better skin and coat growth

To conclude, show your love and affection towards your dog and purchase one of the top listed dog food brands for your puppy. Remember! We have summarized the best-selling and top trending brands of dog foods in Singapore. It will keep you stress free and chill about the regular feeds of dogs. Moreover, the balanced supply of all essential vitamins and minerals ensure the continuous progress in the growth and development of your lovely companions – pet dogs.

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