The Finest Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia

The Finest Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia

Take a trip into the world of Malaysian Terrace House Renovation, where architectural innovation and the rich diversity of Malaysian life collide to create an unforgettable experience. Because they are ingrained in Malaysian culture, terrace houses provide a blank canvas for renovations that combine contemporary design elements with classic appeal.

The chance to reinvent areas and give them modern amenities while respecting the historical relevance of terrace houses is at the center of this renovation story. Come experience the art of Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia, where each project reflects the changing goals and lifestyles of homeowners in this vibrant country in Southeast Asia. Each project offers a unique tale of change.

How Much Does Renovation Cost in Malaysia for a Terrace House?

A terrace house renovation might run from RM50,000 to RM400,000. The primary determinant of cost is the dimensions of the house about the number of bedrooms, baths, parking spots, kitchens, and similar features.

The state of the house now, the design, the intricacy of the building, labor costs, and the furnishings are other elements that will come into play. The cost of painting and expansion work will also go up.

Additionally, the cost estimates for renovating various terrace home types according to Home Renovations Malaysia are displayed in this table.

House TypeRenovation Cost
Single-story terraceRM50,000 – RM250,000
Double-story terraceRM80,000 – RM300,000
Semi-detachmentRM100,000 – RM400,000
BungalowFrom RM250,000

Best Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia


House Renovations Malaysia

ServicesTerrace house, Office renovation, Bathroom renovation, Kitchen renovation, Car porch renovation, Electrical services, SPC flooring, Plaster ceiling
AddressKuala Lumpur and Selangor

House Renovations Malaysia is a full-service building and remodeling company that was founded more than ten years ago and serves clients in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Its areas of expertise include renovations of terrace houses, bathrooms, kitchens, vehicle porch extensions, plaster ceiling tasks, plumbing, electricity, and SPC flooring, to name a few.

They can take care of everything for you, from finishing touches to council applications. A project manager will oversee the entire service to make sure everything goes according to plan so the project is completed on schedule and budget.

Along with the quality of craftsmanship, safety is their main focus for both clients and staff. They exclusively hire certified, experienced, and safety-trained builders as a result.

Clients trust the organization since, among other things, it has executed many successful projects to date. You can easily contact them by email or online to receive a free on-site quotation. They don’t list a phone number, but you can still anticipate a quick answer from them.


  • One-stop terrace home construction firm
  • Works within clients’ allotted budget
  • Easy-request quote online
  • Transparent pricing
Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


AW Builders Malaysia

ServicesWall and floor finish work, Ceiling finishes work, Steel and aluminum work, Electrical work, Piping work, Admin and wet work
Operating HoursWeekdays: 8 AM–5 PM
Contact Details+60 13-635 5193
AddressJalan AU 2c/1, Au 2, 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

AW Builders is a refurbishment firm situated in Kuala Lumpur that was established in July 2017. No matter the size or complexity, it completes residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Numerous skilled artisans are available to undertake tasks related to architecture, plastering, flooring, plumbing, electrical work, steel and aluminum fabrication, interior and exterior painting, and other trades.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, the organization has received positive feedback from its clientele. They claim to provide excellent jobs from start to finish at fair and honest pricing. They don’t have an online instant quotation system like some other companies. Nonetheless, you may contact them via live chat if you have any queries or inquiries.

By the way, click on their Masterpieces button to find out the price of their services without requesting a quotation. You may check a list of their services and prices there to get an idea of what to budget for. To date, they have finished several projects for residential, retail, and commercial establishments. Their images give the impression that the completed job is both well done and well-organized.


  • Can take on renovation works of all sizes and complexity
  • Live chat support is available
  • Fair and transparent rates
Customer Reviews

They provide a stop solution for office renovation at a reasonable price. Fast response and able to provide you with good solutions. Great works! – Michelle Low Cheng Yee



ServicesApartments, bungalows, condominiums, and more
Operating HoursWeekdays: 10 AM–6 PM
Contact Details+60 12-980 6881
AddressThe Ark by Platinum Victory, No.2, Jalan 3/23a, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s not simple to design interiors in the Scandinavian style. You have to consider several factors, like the colors, designs, and constructions of the tables and chairs, among others.

Here’s where ATAP can be of use. They are a consultation service for interior design and renovations that may assist you in finding a decorator who can furnish your house with the elements of Scandinavian interior design: minimalism, simplicity, and utility.

while you collaborate with them, in contrast to other organizations, you can anticipate that they will consider your diverse ideas while presenting you with a selection. This covers the kind, size, and location of your home in addition to your selected interior design style and budget.

If you’re looking to maximize the use of your space, we heartily suggest them!


  • Offers free quotes
  • Wide range of interior designers to pick from
  • Prompt services
Customer Reviews

Atap Homes team has done an amazing job in transforming my unit. They were very responsive and able to cater to my specific requests. Special mention to Farah who has been there from our discussion session to the handover. Definitely recommend them for anyone interested in renovating their home. – BG


Quality Design Build

ServicesTerrace, bungalow & commercial building design and construction, Renovation works, Civil & infrastructure works
Contact Details+603-9076 7341
+6019-236 2343
AddressNo. 69-2, Jalan Temenggung 19/9, Seksyen 9 Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia

For more than 17 years, Quality Design Build, one of the best terrace home refurbishment companies in Malaysia, has been building bungalows and public infrastructure! Their certified contractors can take care of any size job for you. They specialize in opulent styles that will raise the curb appeal and value of your terrace house. Prices here are therefore inherently more than those of our other highlighted businesses.

Every project that succeeds has a committed team with defined roles. They can operate toward a single objective, which is to please the client through their job, because of this. For example, they employ a project manager to guarantee that the work is finished on schedule, an engineer to develop designs and oversee workers, and a quantity surveyor to make sure the project never exceeds the client’s resources.

Furthermore, the business serves customers nationwide, not simply in the Klang Valley. They have you covered no matter where in Malaysia your terrace property is. Therefore, we highly advise obtaining Quality Design Build if you want a terrace house that is both picture-perfect and of the highest caliber!


  • Award-winning builder
  • Extensive background in civil engineering
  • Can do both big and small works alike
  • Malaysia-wide coverage
Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


LittleAnts Studio Sdn. Bhd.

ServicesTerrace house renovation, Bathroom renovation, Kitchen renovation, Car porch renovation, Painting and repainting
Operating Hours9 AM–5:30 PM (Closed on Sundays)
Contact Details+60 17-369 2249
Address813, Kondominium Petaling Indah Jalan 1C/149, Bandar Baru Petaling Kuala Lumpupr, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You may rely on LittleAnts Studio whether you need to restore a contemporary or old terrace property. It’s one of the greatest options for terrace home renovations in Malaysia, as you will discover in a moment.

Its contractors adhere to Qlassic and Conquas’ strict quality requirements and hold CIDB licenses. To complete the work for you, they have a staff of architects, builders, decorators, painters, plumbers, and electricians.

Most of their clients employ them to give their houses a sleek, contemporary makeover. If money is tight, they may find a different solution without sacrificing quality. For instance, they might install a TV on a stylish stand-alone table rather than on an expensive feature wall.


  • Suited for simple and modern interiors
  • CIDB-registered contractor
  • Reliable appointment system
  • Guaranteed work and delivery
Customer Reviews

I’ve gotten Mr. Chong’s contact from my condo’s contractor. He & his team did a very good job despite the big mess caused by another company’s contractor. And they did it very fast. Mr. Chong was very responsive to my inquiries and sudden requests (to add power points/sockets). Thankful to him. Awesome job! – Kenneth Lee

The Finest Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia

Author’s Note: “The Finest Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia” is a subjective opinion. Individual experiences and preferences may vary. This claim does not guarantee superiority. Readers are advised to conduct their research, consider personal preferences, and exercise discretion when choosing a driving instructor. The term “finest” does not imply an endorsement. The entity making this claim disclaims any responsibility for decisions based on this assertion.

As we conclude our exploration into the realm of Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia, we’ve witnessed the remarkable fusion of modernity and tradition, breathing new life into these iconic structures. Terrace houses, deeply rooted in Malaysia’s architectural heritage, have undergone transformative renovations that honor the past while embracing the contemporary needs of homeowners.

Each renovated terrace house stands as a testament to the architectural ingenuity and creativity that defines Malaysia’s renovation landscape. From reimagined interiors to revitalized facades, these projects weave a narrative of adaptation and resilience, reflecting the homeowners’ aspirations for a harmonious blend of heritage and modern living.

May the stories of Terrace House Renovation in Malaysia continue to unfold, inspiring homeowners to embark on journeys of transformation that celebrate both the rich history of terrace houses and the dynamic spirit of modern living. As we envision the future of these timeless structures, let each renovated terrace house be a symbol of architectural innovation and cultural preservation.

Do check out our list of Awnings and have time to check their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the significance of terrace houses in Malaysia?

Terrace houses in Malaysia hold cultural and architectural significance, often representing a blend of tradition and modernity. Renovations aim to preserve this heritage while adapting to contemporary living.

How does terrace house renovation contribute to preserving Malaysia’s architectural heritage?

Terrace house renovations in Malaysia aim to preserve architectural heritage by integrating modern comforts without compromising the historical features that define these iconic structures.

What are the common reasons homeowners choose to renovate terrace houses in Malaysia?

Homeowners in Malaysia often renovate terrace houses to modernize living spaces, enhance functionality, and adapt to changing lifestyle needs while preserving the unique charm of these homes.

Are there specific design trends for terrace house renovations in Malaysia?

Design trends for terrace house renovations in Malaysia include open-plan layouts, maximizing natural light, incorporating sustainable elements, and blending traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

How can homeowners find reputable terrace house renovation contractors in Malaysia?

Homeowners can find reputable terrace house renovation contractors in Malaysia through referrals, online reviews, and by checking portfolios. Verify credentials and experience before selecting a contractor.

What are the key considerations when planning a terrace house renovation in Malaysia?

Key considerations for terrace house renovations in Malaysia include budgeting, obtaining necessary permits, preserving heritage features, and hiring experienced professionals to ensure a successful project.

Can terrace house renovations in Malaysia increase property value?

Well-executed terrace house renovations have the potential to increase property value in Malaysia. Modernized and aesthetically pleasing homes often attract a higher market value.

Are there regulations or permits required for terrace house renovations in Malaysia?

Regulations and permits for terrace house renovations in Malaysia may vary based on local authorities. Homeowners should check with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

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