The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore

The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore

Seeing their children sing or play a musical instrument is a joy for many parents since it may indicate that they have discovered their lifelong abilities. However, discovering gifts is not limited to children; individuals of any age may improve their musical abilities. It’s always exciting to try new things, whether it’s learning a new instrument or singing after a long absence.

Here’s a selection of singing lessons in Singapore that will help you hone your skills:

Best Singing Lessons in Singapore



The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore
MADDspace – Singing Lessons Singapore
ServicesSinging Classes, Dance Classes for Toddlers, Dance Classes for Kids, Hip Hop Classes for Kids, Ballet Classes for Kids
Contact Details+65 69806884
Address1 Selegie Road, #02-12, Singapore 188306
48 Boon Lay Way, #01-17, Singapore 609961

MADDspace is a Singapore Performing Arts Studio that offers (MADD) Music, Art, Drama, and Dance lessons to children and youth.

Their goal is to educate, develop, and motivate our students to achieve in a variety of performing arts disciplines. They think that by participating in MADD, anybody may improve their physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being (Music, Art, Drama & Dance).

MADDspace seeks to instill in its pupil’s self-assurance, discipline, mutual respect, and humility. They feel that these characteristics contribute significantly to a person’s character development.

Customer Reviews

A great lineup of professional teachers that invest in the progress of each child. – Lavania Rosie


Narelle Ong

Vocal Studio
The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore
Narelle Ong – Singing Lessons Singapore
ServicesSinging Lesson
Price Range Click here for full rates.
Contact Details+65 87977800
Address810 Geylang Road, #03-144 City Plaza, Singapore 409286

Narelle Ong Vocal Studio provides expert vocal training to help you learn how to sing properly and develop your voice.

Singing success is achieved through practicing with the proper attitude and technique. In every song and voice style, good vocal technique combined with the appropriate attitude is the key to vocal freedom. You must discover the correct method and approach for you, whether you are a novice or an expert vocalist.

She teaches professional singing classes to people of all ages and styles, from beginners to advanced vocalists. She has the knowledge to teach you how to sing properly! She’ll teach you how to be a Master if you’re willing to be a Disciple!

Customer Reviews

Narelle is an amazing vocal coach! She is very passionate and committed in helping students to sing with the right skills and techniques. – Benjamin Koo


The Vocal Studio Singapore

The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore
The Vocal Studio Singapore – Singing Lessons Singapore
ServicesSinging Lesson
Price Range For booking, click here.
Contact DetailsWhatsApp
Address20 Kramat Ln, #02-11 United House, Singapore 228773

The Vocal Studio, which is made up of experienced vocal artists and instructors from all around the world, specializes in individualized vocal instruction to help students Find Their Inner Voice.

They’ve been open since October 2009, and they’re conveniently located right off Orchard Road. Their instructors are active musicians on the local and international stages. They strive to improve in a variety of areas as professional vocal trainers, including vocal anatomy and physics, musicality and performing experience, music production, voice psychology, and musical theory.

Customer Reviews

My daughter really enjoyed taking lessons here. She has coached Enya and loves her, very aspiring and really serious in helping her sing but making it fun at the same time. Singing really helps her confidence. Cool teacher too. – Kathleen Ng


The Singing Loft

The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore
The Singing Loft – Singing Lessons Singapore
ServicesSinging Lesson
Contact Details+65 9092 9461
Address57 Killiney Road #02-01 Singapore 239520

At The Singing Loft, they believe that transmitting excellent vocal techniques is at the heart of vocal coaching and that each voice is unique.

All classes at The Singing Loft are totally customized to meet all students, regardless of age, music background, or performance experience, using the Somatic VoiceworkTM approach, which is focused on the science and behavior of their voice.

The Singing Loft has provided professional voice coaching to over 1,000 students across the region in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China, thanks to an astute team of music coaches, including graduates of music conservatories who have been trained under speech pathologists and ENT specialists.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Adeline Gan Vocal Studio

The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore
Adeline Gan Vocal Studio – Singing Lessons Singapore
ServicesSinging Lesson
Contact Details+65 6815 7235
Address208 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 460208

Adeline is a popular gospel singer and worship leader in Singapore, where she may reach 30,000 people at one of the city’s largest churches on any given Sunday.

Since 1994, her soothing-pop voice has led her to head a variety of projects in both English and Mandarin, including 12 church album releases, countless big events, concerts, and tours. She has starred in musicals such as “The Love Story Of Xiao Niang” (2007) and Mediacorp TV’s Christmas Showcase “The Christmas Wish” (2008). (2003).

She has made Mandarin music videos for known gospel artists and labels such as Bob Fitts for Integrity Music and Hillsong (Hillsong Global Project) (2002, 2013), and has cooperated with renowned gospel musicians and labels such as Hillsong (Hillsong Global Project) (2002, 2013).

Customer Reviews

Just finished our 12-week foundation 1-2-3 class over Zoom! The class was amazing.. we learn how to ‘self-help’ and techniques to improve our voice through feedback on our audio homework. Most of all, we witness Adeline’s gracious attitude and the true heart of worship. This is a truly ‘holistic’ class for anyone who wants to learn how to worship with our heart n soul. – Chris Yip

The Finest Singing Lessons in Singapore


ServicesSinging Lesson
Contact Details+65 9322 7272
Address24B Circular Road Singapore, Singapore 049380

A unique and professionally operated music school in Singapore. A mix of a high-end glam rock concert venue and a velvet underground ambiance, with the uptown sophistication of a Manhattan coffee shop. This school’s atmospheric composition is reminiscent of Anna Sui, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Velvet Revolver, and GNR’s superb rock ambiance – almost ethereal but anchored by a strong bass beat and rock riffs.

Before their lessons, students may relax in a modern, laid-back café-styled lounge, which also acts as a focal point of connection and community. Jam sessions and planned gigs, as well as a community of musicians, working professionals, and industry thespians, are all part of the culture.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Hark Music

ServicesSinging Lesson
Contact Details+65 6333 0733
Address62, Prinsep Street (opposite POMO) Singapore 188660
2 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339407

Mr. Amos Teo and Ms. Yoong Xin Yun’s lifetime enthusiasm for music is encapsulated in this timeless adage: “Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears directly to the heart.” It was this same enthusiasm that sparked his ambition to start Hark Music in 1999.

The greatest success stories in life are typically made by those who come out fighting when things are tough.

Amos wanted to study the piano as a youngster, but his parents couldn’t afford it. The hardworking 14-year-old used his own money to buy a musical keyboard, teach himself to read music and begin playing at school functions and music cafés.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Intune Music School

ServicesSinging Lesson
Contact Details+65 6336 0335
Address258 Middle Road #01-01 Singapore 188987

Intune Music, which has been coaching musicians and vocalists since 2007, has helped them push their artistic boundaries and achieve in their search for better music and inspirational vocal performances. Intune Music strives to provide the greatest vocal coaching and music training in the region, with classes ranging from Classical Opera to Broadway Singing, Pop Vocals for Adults and Youths, Speech Level Singing, and Estill Voice Training.

Master vocal trainer Aaron Matthew Lim and pianist and songwriter Peng Chi Sheng founded Intune Music. Their directors, who have a combined 35 years of teaching experience, carefully interview and hand-choose the school’s skilled instructors in order to provide top-notch voice and music education while simultaneously cultivating a welcoming environment.

Customer Reviews

A cozy place to learn music. Professional coaches and friendly people. – 郑夏韵


The Vox Music School

ServicesSinging Lesson
Address6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817

They are a group of experts that believe in providing the finest possible levels of vocal training in order to assist those who are enthusiastic about singing in further developing their skills in a supportive and happy learning environment.

Have trouble reading notes? Do you have trouble striking high notes? Are you concerned that you’re tone deaf? Have low stamina and easily become out of breath? Singing with a limited range and style? Don’t be concerned! This is the place to improve your abilities and expertise.

They provide a variety of singing classes to meet the needs of various pupils. It’s a one-of-a-kind program created just for you!

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Millet Music Pte Ltd

ServicesSinging Lesson
Contact Details+65 6440 2345
Address362 Joo Chiat Road #02-01 Singapore 427607

Millet Music (also known as Millet Music Private Limited) is a Singapore-based company that specializes in music education, audio production, and performance and events. Millet Music was founded and is supported by the dream team of managers and producers behind Asian Pop Sensations like JJ Lin and By2.

Millet Music’s staff of teachers and consultants is led by Consultant-Director Mr Michael Tong, who serves as the home and training ground for a diverse group of artists and emerging stars. Michael was the managing partner of a star-studded recording studio in Singapore, where he helped launch a number of well-known local music ventures. He is the creator and director of the artiste training school that helped JJ Lin achieve superstardom in the industry.

Customer Reviews

Great Teachers. My kids enjoyed their lessons here every week. And we have been with Millet since 2017 to date. – Grace Yasto

Amidst your journey to master the art of singing, don’t overlook the importance of continuous learning and improvement. Just as in any craft, consistent practice and guidance are essential. That’s where resources like Certbolt come in, providing a wealth of materials and support to aid you on your path to vocal mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a singing lesson?

There isn’t much of a distinction between singing and voice instruction. It’s just semantics. The general population is seeking singing classes in order to learn to sing. Singing lessons are sometimes known as vocal lessons or voice lessons by voice teachers.

What is the difference between voice lessons and singing lessons?

There isn’t much of a distinction between singing and voice instruction. It’s just semantics. The general A teacher who has been schooled in and instructs vocal pedagogy is sometimes referred to as a “voice teacher.” Singing technique is taught by voice teachers. A singing instructor is someone who can help a learner improve their singing, whether they are a novice or a seasoned expert.

Are Singing Lessons worth it?

Singing lessons are beneficial because they allow you to enhance your voice via instruction and practice. Vocal tutors can teach you tried-and-true strategies for singing louder and more on-key.

What are the benefits of taking singing lessons?

Singing lessons can help improve vocal range, control, and technique.
They can also enhance performance skills, confidence, and stage presence.
Professional guidance can correct bad habits and prevent vocal strain or damage.

How do I choose the right singing teacher?

Look for teachers with experience in your preferred singing style (e.g., classical, pop, jazz).
Consider their qualifications, such as music degrees or certifications.
Read reviews and testimonials from previous students to gauge teaching effectiveness.

Are online singing lessons as effective as in-person lessons?

Online singing lessons can be highly effective with the right technology and a skilled teacher.
They offer convenience, flexibility, and often lower costs compared to in-person lessons.
However, in-person lessons may provide more immediate feedback and interaction.

What can I expect during a singing lesson?

Lessons typically include vocal warm-ups, exercises to improve technique, and practice of songs.
Teachers may focus on breath control, pitch accuracy, tone quality, and expression.
Lessons can also cover music theory, ear training, and performance preparation.

How often should I take singing lessons?

Frequency depends on individual goals, schedule, and budget.
Weekly lessons are common for steady progress and consistency.
Some students opt for bi-weekly or monthly lessons for maintenance or specific training phases.

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