The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore

Looking for the most popular IKEA products in Singapore?

It’s an understatement to say that finding the appropriate items for your home is difficult with most IKEA outlets carrying over 10,000 goods.

Some items have endured the test of time and are among the company’s most popular items, and looking for them can make your excursions to the village-like stores a bit less daunting.

These are 10 of IKEA’s most popular designs, ranging from functional furniture to statement pieces to common household products.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 0.90
Product SizeLength: 45 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Height: 45 cm
Maximum Load25 kg

The legendary FRAKTA carrier bag was produced more than 30 years ago and is considered one of the cheapest and multifunctional bags in the world, made of sustainable materials. Its design is so well-liked and respected that in 2017, luxury fashion label Balenciaga released a replica. Not only that, but as part of IKEA’s designer partnership with Danish design studio Hay, it also attempted a new design.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 695
Product SizeWidth: 218 cm
Depth: 88 cm
Height: 88 cm

The rounded-arm EKTORP 3-seat-sofa is the most conventional of IKEA’s couch models and is a go-to for more traditional-minded clients. It comes in a variety of sizes and sectional combinations and a few typical upholstery choices.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 0.90
Product SizeHeight: 11 cm
Volume: 25 cL

Maria Vinka, the designer of the FRGRIK series, says, “When I designed the FRGRIK series, I wanted to make a simple, functional service that would suit all situations and all occasions.” To say she succeeded is an understatement: the 90-cent mug and its accompanying china dinner service are a go-to for new homeowners.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 29.90
Product SizeWidth: 32 cm
Depth: 33 cm
Height: 32 cm

It has a unique design that gives it a rustic and warm feel that you’ll appreciate. Each basket is handwoven, resulting in a strong surface with natural color variations to match your decor.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 29.90
Product SizeLength: 250 cm
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 1.70 kg
Area: 3.50 m²

Outside light may be bothering you, or you may simply require some seclusion from others who can see your room directly. This LENDA curtain is as smooth as it appears! Because the curtains may lower the general light level, they are ideal for privacy or blocking bothersome glares on TV and computer screens.

The Most Popular Ikea Product In Singapore
The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 29.90
Product SizeWidth: 23 cm
Height: 29 cm
Diameter: 18 cm
Volume: 5.0 L

Planning a trash-free garden party or picnic? This VARDAGEN jar with tap is one of the most popular IKEA Singapore goods, and it will certainly complete your picnic. This jar with a tap makes it easier to access your drinks, whether it’s cold lemonade or fruit punch. To get the tap to work properly, slightly open the lids.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 149
Product SizeWidth: 105 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 75 cm
Maximum Load50 kg

A simple and clean style that goes with anything. You can expand your workspace by combining it with other MICKE desks or drawer units. Furthermore, the innovative design at the back conceals messy cords while keeping them close to reach. A full drawer is also available for you to manage your work essentials.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 399
Product SizeLength: 140 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 105 cm

The large bar tabletop provides plenty of room for eating, chatting, and working. It might be a private setting for a small gathering with family and friends. The table also features a large drawer under the surface for storing flatware, napkins, utensils, and your computer. You may use this product in your home for many years because it is designed for stability, durability, and safety.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
Price$ 59
Product SizeLength: 35 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 78 cm
Maximum Load18 kg

Most individuals, like me, find it challenging to arrange their cookware. Even if you return it to its original location, you’ll undoubtedly miss it. With this attractive RSKOG trolley, you’ll never be without utensils or seasonings in your home! It includes a three-layer container in four colors: Black, Grey-green, Turquoise, and White, as well as rollers that make it easy to push to wherever you like.

The Most Popular IKEA Products in Singapore
PriceFrom $ 1290
Product SizeHeight including back cushions: 102 cm
Depth chaise longue: 164 cm
Width: 279 cm

It has become the most popular item available at IKEA Singapore. It’s built of high-quality materials to meet your entire body’s needs. It also has a wonderful size that is neither too little nor too large. It is also constructed for maximum support, so you may securely lie on your back and head. Warmth, friendliness, and generosity.

We hope that this list will assist you in selecting the best IKEA items for your home. Whatever your décor taste, IKEA has the perfect furniture for you.

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