The Finest Notary Public in Singapore

The Finest Notary Public in Singapore

In Singapore, a Notary Public is a lawyer who has the power to certify and authenticate papers for use both domestically and abroad. The function of a notary public is of utmost importance in the thriving city-state of Singapore, where business and legal transactions are conducted frequently. These experts are essential in confirming the validity and legitimacy of several legal papers, contracts, and agreements. As a result, streamlined corporate transactions and legal procedures are made possible.

A Notary Public in Singapore certifies the legality and integrity of papers by adding their official seal and signature thereto as an unbiased witness. They perform a variety of services, including as notarizing affidavits, deeds, powers of attorney, and other documents. To keep the faith and confidence of their customers and the legal system, they must abide by strict legal requirements and moral standards.

The services of a Notary Public are essential for both people and companies in this vibrant and diversified economic region. A Notary Public in Singapore is essential to supporting the rule of law and ensuring that legal procedures go smoothly, whether they be authenticating international commercial contracts, enabling property transfers, or helping with immigration-related paperwork.

As stewards of authenticity and legality, Notaries Public in Singapore serves as a vital conduit between people and the law, reaffirming the country’s dedication to openness, justice, and the rule of law. They play a crucial role in building confidence both locally and internationally, which is essential to Singapore’s standing as a successful financial and legal hub.

Best Notary Public in Singapore


Notary Singapore

The Finest Notary Public in Singapore
Notary Singapore – Notary Public Singapore
ServicesNotary public services: Witnessing and Attesting the execution of documents, Attesting to Original Documents and Certifying True Copies, Administering Oaths and Affirmation in connection with Statutory Declarations, Affidavits and Sworn Statements for use overseas, Undertaking other Notarial Acts Issuing Notarial Certificates, Obtaining Authentication, Verification and Legalisation (in lieu of an Apostille) and Apostilles (Implementation date 16th September 2021)
Obtaining public documents (Business Profiles, Certificates of Good Standing, Registers of Directors and Members of Companies, Birth and Marriage Certificates etc.)
Drawing up a range of personal and commercial documents (powers of attorney, authorization letters, resolutions, trust deeds etc.)
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6392 3995
Address51A Upper Weld Road Singapore 207408

We provide a full range of Notary Public Services for Individuals and Businesses for use all over the world.

Ms Menon is a senior member of the Singapore Bar having been admitted in 1982. She currently practices under the name and style of Menon and Co and was previously a partner with Jansen Menon and Lee. She obtained her LLB (Hons) from the National University of Singapore.

She is a Notary Public, Commissioner For Oaths and a Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors. She previously practiced as a litigator and a solicitor undertaking commercial, corporate, business, employment, landlord and tenant matters as well as wills, estate, and probate and corporate secretarial work. Her main practice areas were in commercial, company and business, landlord and tenant, wills and succession and employment law. She now has a Notarial Practice.

Customer Review

Even the stairs approach to office space had a human touch, placing a chair for old people to sit. Absolutely courteous and cheerful staff. The price was very reasonable. Our best wishes and blessings. – Devan V


Notary Public Harry Sim

The Finest Notary Public in Singapore
Notary Public Harry Sim – Notary Public Singapore
ServicesOUR NOTARY PUBLIC HAS THE POWER TO: Witness the signing of your documents, Administer Statutory Declarations, Affidavits, Oaths, Certify your documents as “CERTIFIED TRUE COPY” (Please bring Original documents and photocopies that you need to certify), Issue our NOTARY CERTIFICATE and NOTARY SEAL which is accepted overseas in other countries, Extract ACRA company documents and certify documents as “CERTIFIED TRUE COPY” Verify your identity & photo ( i.e to check your photo & passport photo is true likeness ), Our NOTARY has the power to Notarise, Legalise, Authenticate, Apostille, Witness and Certify your documents to be used overseas in other countries
Price RangeUNDER SINGAPORE LAW, it is compulsory under the Law to issue the Notarial Certificate($75 per Notarial Certificate) and to pay Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). Note: Payment to Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) is $85.60
This means UNDER THE LAW that it is mandatory to issue Notarial Certificate and pay to SAL
OPENING HOURS:- Monday to Friday up to 6pm
Contact Details6222 2966 – Same day appointment
9631 1910 – After Office Hours
AddressHDB Hub, 490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #03-17 Singapore 310490

Notary Public HARRY SIM specialises in NOTARY PUBLIC services. We can Witness and Certify your documents at FIXED COSTS. We are the Official Notary Public to Government Authorities and Public Listed Companies.

Our Notary Public Harry Sim is a Senior Lawyer with more than 30 years of Legal Practice. We are also one of the longest-established & experienced Notary Public in Singapore.

Customer Review

Harry Sim and his associates helped me sign, process, and notorise 4 Power of Attorney documents in rapid time. His quick work helped my relatives get the peace of mind they needed. Service is fast and friendly. I strongly recommend Harry Sim for all your notarial needs in Singapore! – Daniel Thomas


Jubilee Law Corporation

The Finest Notary Public in Singapore
Jubilee Law Corporation – Notary Public Singapore
ServicesWe provide full range of notary public services including:
Witnessing and attesting to the affirmation or execution of documents; Certifying original copies as true copies;
Issuing Notarial Certificates; Arranging for authentication by Singapore Academy of Law, verification by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalisation by foreign embassies; Arranging for documents in certain foreign language to be translated into English language and thereafter, to be notarised and legalised; Drawing up and obtaining documents; and
On-Site Attendees.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6221 6441
Address63A Tras Street, Singapore 079002

Jubilee Law Corporation was founded by Ms Wong Lai Keen in 2006. It is aimed at providing practical, solutions-driven & cost-effective resolutions to legal problems.

To perform functions, Ms Wong draws on her 36 years of experience to discern issues from a wide perspective. Her commercial acumen enables her to appreciate her clients’ business objectives and concerns.

Our practice specializations are transactional and advisory work in the area of real estate matters, commercial and civil disputes, as well as family and matrimonial law. Jubilee Law Corporation prides itself on providing a comprehensive, professional service at affordable rates.

Customer Review

No reviews yet as of this writing


A A Khan Law Practice

The Finest Notary Public in Singapore
A A Khan Law Practice – Notary Public Singapore
ServicesNOTARY PUBLIC: Witnessing And Attesting the Signing of Documents Certifying Documents as Originals and as True Copies, True Likeness Verification through Photos and Official Identification, Issuing Notarial Certificates for use outside Singapore, Authenticated by Singapore Academy of Law, Legalisation by Foreign Embassy or High Commission/Consulate
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6235 3051
Address151 Chin Swee Road #13-16 Manhattan House Singapore 169876

A A KHAN LAW PRACTICE offers a broad variety of personal and business services to individuals and companies. We aim to give and provide legal advice and counsel to individuals who need such advice. We will, after discussions and review of the matter before us, develop strategic representation tailored to your personal and/or company’s need.

A A KHAN LAW PRACTICE clients include individuals and/or businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to entrepreneurs in newly formed startups and established multinational companies.

Customer Review

I like to commend Mr Aftab for providing excellent service during my mum’s case. Initially, my mum was reluctant to engage a lawyer as she felt that the fees incurred would not be of an advantage to her case. However, engaging Mr Aftab was the best decision. With a high level of professionalism, Mr Aftab and his team helped to explain clearly to my mum on the processes although her command of English is very limited. They eased her mind as at any time my mum needed them for advice, they are always available to respond to her queries and kept her updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. Most importantly, she gained confidence in fighting for her rights. – Nadiah Razak


Janice Lim

The Finest Notary Public in Singapore
Janice Lim – Notary Public Singapore
ServicesNOTARY PUBLIC AND COMMISSIONING SERVICES: Notarisation, Authentication, Legislation, Translation
Price RangeRates prescribed under Oaths and Declaration Act & Notaries Public Act apply
Contact Details+65 9180 3936 
Address1 Coleman Street, #10-01B, Singapore 179803

Janice Lim graduated in 1993 from the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore and was admitted to the Singapore Bar as an advocate and solicitor in 1994. She currently practices as a consultant with Eldan Law LLP in the Real Estate Department.

Having gathered much experience working with banks, developers, listed companies, corporations and individuals in her real estate practice, Janice has now extended her scope of work to include notarisation and commissioning work. In these areas of work, she tries to add value by offering clients advice on their documents based on her vast experience in having dealt with corporate, banking and real estate agreements. She believes in delivering good and efficient service to clients and is satisfied when clients’ issues are resolved through her notarization and commissioning work, be it having obtained permanent residency or work permit, completed the sale and purchase of property, successfully obtained a contract overseas.

She is truly grateful to all clients who have supported her throughout the years, many of whom have become friends.

Customer Review

No reviews yet as of this writing


Loh Eben Ong Singapore Lawyers

ServicesNotarial services commonly include one or more of the following: Notarisation (notarization) by Singapore Notary Public, eg. witnessing, certified true copy, verifying identities, attesting Power of Attorney, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations. Notarial Certificate issued by Singapore Notary Public (mandatory), Authentication by Singapore Academy of Law (mandatory), Further Verfication by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
Legalisation (legalization) by Embassies / Consulates
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6338 1810
Address135 Middle Road #05-11 Bylands Building, Singapore, Singapore

Loh Eben Ong LLP is a Singapore Civil Law Practice established in 1994. We comprise of Singapore Lawyers, Advocates & Solicitors, Commissioners for Oaths, Notary Public and Trade Marks Agents, and our main Practice Areas are shown below.

For some practice areas such as Deed Poll, Power of Attorney, Probate and Will, for convenience, you may wish to submit your applications via our various Online Legal Services found in this site or our sister sites.

Customer Review

I engaged Loh Eben Ong LLP for some personal matters, and their service was very good, efficient and effective. In particular, Karis Ng, the legal secretary working there, was very warm, caring and careful in all interactions with me, online or in person. She turned what seemed to me at first as a daunting task of engaging legal services into a pleasant one, where my issues were resolved with the lawyer, Karis and the team. Kudos to Loh Eben Ong and team. – Faris Ridzuan


I.R.B. Law LLP

ServicesOur Notary Public is able to advise you in regard to the documents that are required to be submitted to the various embassies. We ensure that your notary certificate is prepared and delivered to the relevant countries/authorities/organizations at your request, making it an ease working with us. One visit with us is all that is required, our clients do not need to go through the hassle of going through the various departments to authenticate and legalize their documents. We are able to do it all making it stress free for our client.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6298 2537
Address20 Collyer Quay, #17-05, Singapore 049319

I.R.B Law LLP is a firm of dedicated lawyers with a focus on Trust, Integrity, and Transparency for everyone we represent. With humble beginnings, we’ve grown to one of the most trusted individual and business law firms in Singapore. We also offer a full range of Notary Public services in Singapore. We are able to offer top-quality legal services at affordable prices by leveraging technology and falling costs of information. Unlike other law firms, we transfer these cost savings to our clients, which keep our prices very reasonable.

Our Partner and very own Notary Public, Mr Jeremy Chong. He has extensive experience acting for large international contractors, companies, and consultants in international arbitrations. He has been in the legal field for 13-14 years now. Our Mr Jeremy will provide high quality, targeted and accessible legal advice.

Working with us is Mr M S Rajendran, a trusted Notary Public who has been in practice since 1999. Mr Rajendran is extremely meticulous with the documents and with his many years of experience and knowledge, Mr Rajendran would be the best person to seek advice to understand the process and procedures to successfully submit your overseas document.

Customer Review

I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my attorney Dzul & Fadil for all of the assistance has been provided in regards to my legal requirements. The timely update, meticulous calculations, paperwork, and overall job that he executed were all exceptional. I sincerely appreciate them aiding me and standing on behalf of my rights. Highly, strongly recommended! – Allyna Chan


Notary Public SG

ServicesNotarial services
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8503 0996
AddressThe Adelphi,1 Coleman Street, #10-01B, Singapore 179803
Website is trading as Janice Lim – Notary Public Commissioner for Oaths

Janice Lim is experienced in handling all forms of notarisation of documents for clients and she charges very fairly based on the Notaries Public Rules.

Janice has significant experience in notarising documents ranging from Powers of Attorneys to Affidavits and Statutory Declarations, Certification of True Copies, and the Execution of any other Documents, etc. for use in India, the People’s Republic of China and other countries. She is in involved in the consultation of notarisation of documents and would explain the entire process comprehensively before notarising or commissioning the documents.

Customer Review

Truly a fantastic experience. Shirley was extremely patient and walked me through the entire process, taking time to respond to all my questions. Her practice is focused on helping people and it really shows. My documents were processed in one business day and I would 100% come back as a repeat customer. – Sam Sena


Crossbows LLP

ServicesA Notary is a lawyer and an Officer of the Court, appointed by the Singapore Academy of Law for the purpose of witnessing, attesting and certifying documents for use in a another country/jurisdiction. Our Notary can:
Certify a document to be a true and correct copy of the original; Certify a document to be an original document;
Witness the signing of documents; and Administer Oaths and Declarations for use in proceedings in other jurisdictions.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6532 9980
Address14 Robinson Road, Far East Finance Building, 02-01/02 Singapore 048545

We provide a full range of Notarial and Commissioning services for your business, professional and personal needs. Our Notary Public & Commissioner for Oaths, Gulab Sobhraj has been in practice for over 26 years. As a Notary & a Commissioner, his responsibility is to ensure that your documents are properly and legally signed and/or witnessed.

Such documents can then be used, without any doubt as to authenticity for any purpose that it may be required. We are in fact extremely particular and fastidious about the documents we prepare for our clients and take every step to ensure that these are prepared in accordance with our client’s instructions and/or the instructions of the party requiring our client to have the document notarized.

Customer Review

Experienced and Friendly lawyers. – Subramaniam Thirumeni

In conclusion, the Notary Public in Singapore serves as an essential pillar in the realm of legal documentation, ensuring the authenticity and legality of vital documents in a bustling and diverse business environment.

Their impartiality, commitment to ethical standards, and dedication to upholding the rule of law make them indispensable figures in facilitating smooth transactions, fostering trust, and reinforcing Singapore’s reputation as a global business and legal hub. Their role is pivotal in bridging the gap between individuals and the legal system, ultimately contributing to the nation’s success and credibility on the international stage.

Do check out our list of Immigration Lawyers and have time to try their services.

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