The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore

The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore

As more individuals look for ways to refresh and improve their physical appearance, Medical Spa Centers, commonly referred to as Medical Spa, are becoming more and more popular in Singapore. These institutions provide a variety of services that pair medical procedures with spa services, giving consumers a thorough and comforting experience.

In contrast to conventional spas, medical spas are run under the supervision of trained medical personnel, like as physicians or nurses, who are qualified to do procedures including chemical peels, laser treatments, and Botox injections. These procedures provide non-invasive body sculpting choices as well as solutions for several skin issues, including acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Medical spas serve as a one-stop shop for customers looking for both medical and relaxation services since they provide standard spa services like massages, facials, and body scrubs in addition to medical treatments.

Overall, medical spa centers in Singapore provide a distinct and cutting-edge approach to skincare and beauty, catering to clientele who want both the pampering and relaxation of a typical spa and professional medical knowledge.

Disclaimer: The companies listed in this article are presented in random order and are not ranked based on any criteria. The inclusion of a company in this article does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the author. The information provided is for general informational purposes only, and readers are advised to conduct their own research and due diligence before engaging with any of the companies listed.

Best Medical Spa Centers in Singapore


ASTIQUE The Aesthetic Clinic

The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore
ASTIQUE The Aesthetic Clinic – Medical Spa Centers Singapore
ServicesMedical Spa, Face, eye, body, injectables, laser, multimodal treatments
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 11 AM – 8 PM
Saturdays: 11 AM – 4 PM
Contact Details+65 9182 5969
+65 6732 3801
Address1 Grange Road #12-02 Orchard Building Singapore 239693

I decided to test out Astique’s acne treatment after hearing positive feedback on its efficacy. To cut a long tale short, even after only one session, my flare-ups significantly decreased.

With its face care treatments alone encompassing acne, skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and more, Astique’s service offer is rather extensive. But it also provides eye and body procedures like rejuvenating dark circles under the eyes and CoolSculpting. And don’t worry if you’re embarrassed to have work done on your face or body. Patient privacy is strictly protected by Astique.

Even though my own experience was nearly faultless (ha! I can dream), I have heard comments about how difficult appointments are for people who work throughout the day. However, I did see that Astique’s staff made contact to make things right.


  • Good results are seen almost immediately
  • Plenty of treatments for the face and body
  • Friendly staff
Customer Reviews

I have been with Astique for many years, the staff there are really friendly and the environment is always comfortable. Dr is professional and I’m a fan of their dual yellow and radiance treatments. A special shout-out to Shabeena who always takes such good care of me. Such a gem she is! – Aik Chin Goh


Cove Aesthetics

The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore
Cove Aesthetics – Medical Spa Centers Singapore
ServicesMedical Spa, Wonder Lift, Rejuran Baby Skin Booster, Aqua Peel Facial, Double Chin Buster, Gold-X RF + Microneedling, Onda, Coolwaves, Fat Freeze, Venus Legacy, DPL hair removal, hair removal laser, hair growth laser
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10 AM – 8 PM
Saturdays: 9:30 AM – 6 PM
Contact Details+65 6734 6531
Address501 Orchard Road #04-07 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880

It always has a peaceful, tranquil feeling when you enter Cove Aesthetics as if there is some kind of calming enzyme in the air. Nevertheless, it doesn’t end there because the therapies offered target certain skin or bodily problems. I appreciate that there is a lengthy consultation phase when my present skin needs are evaluated. Previous Medical spa facilities I’ve visited have recommended (more like pushed) a treatment without taking my skin sensitivity into account.

You’ll be pleased to learn that Cove Aesthetics also offers Korean beauty technology that has been authorized by the FDA if you’re a fan of the Korean beauty craze. That’s the next thing I’d like to attempt. There’s virtually nothing I don’t like about Cove Aesthetic, between the custom treatments and the kind of welcome I always get there. Even though that’s really uncommon for a medical spa in Singapore, I do wish it was open every Sunday.


  • Wide range of treatments
  • Offers its range of products
  • The friendly and relaxing clinic ambiance
Customer Reviews

I did my laser treatment at Cove Aesthetic for the past few months, and I appreciate how comforting the treatment room was and how clean and tidy the clinic environment was. The staff there are polite too, especially Jiayee who is very bubbly and fun to be around which made the treatment session less stressful for the patient. Overall, it was a good experience without any hard selling as well. – Farhan Suadi


David Loh Surgery

The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore
David Loh Surgery – Medical Spa Centers Singapore
ServicesMedical Spa, Skin tightening, liposuction, hyaluronic acid fillers, laser treatments, body contouring, BOTOX
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM
Saturdays: 10 AM – 3 PM
Contact Details+65 6733 5300
Address10 Sinaran Drive, #08-35 Novena Medical Center, Singapore 307506

That doesn’t imply the clinic can’t take care of common skin problems like the one I have. My enlarged pores are the cause of my current insecurities, but the skilled therapist told me that an intradermal BOTOX treatment may also heal these issues.

I debated it for a while before deciding to try it. It didn’t take me long to notice that my skin was tighter, smoother, and more evenly toned! The rates in this area are somewhat higher than the national averages. I like the clinic’s pricing transparency and the thoroughness with which each surgery was described to me.


  • Convenient booking process
  • Wide range of facial and body treatments
  • Experienced and friendly staff
Customer Reviews

Been with this place since 2015. My therapist is Sammie and she was very professional and awesome throughout my journey! Best for SHR and aesthetic treatments! – Agn


Sozo Aesthetic Clinic

The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore
Sozo Aesthetic Clinic – Medical Spa Centers Singapore
ServicesMedical Spa, Acne-scar treatment, skin treatments, facial rejuvenation, hair loss solutions, treatment for enlarged pores
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10 AM – 8 PM
Saturdays: 10 AM – 3 PM
Contact Details+65 6935 1811
Address1 Raffles Place #05-12/13 One Raffles Place (Shopping Mall) Singapore 048616

In Singapore, it’s uncommon for a medispa to provide specialty services like tattoo removal and scar therapy, but Sozo Aesthetic Clinic does. I’ve bookmarked them in case I ever get a tattoo or a scar that I wish to get removed.

In addition to them, Sozo Aesthetic Clinic provides specialized sessions for various skin problems, hair loss, and aging skin. Its price is straightforward and reasonable, with laser pigmentation removal costing only S$150.

The pricing are also flexible because the facility provides programs that address issues including hair loss and facelifts. I enjoy that the treatments are centered on the client’s needs after a comprehensive assessment and without any pressure to buy. The fact that clinic hours are shorter on Saturdays when I’m usually free to have a facial or other skin treatment, is a bit of a letdown.


  • Does special treatments like tattoo removal
  • Reasonable and upfront rates
  • Offers treatment packages
Customer Reviews

I strongly recommend Sozo Aesthetic. The team was insightful and concise in their explanation of the treatment that I’m receiving. I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable on my first visit yesterday. Look forward to my next visit with them for my tattoo removal. You guys are awesome! – Stephanie Ang


The Belle Clinic

The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore
The Belle Clinic – Medical Spa Centers Singapore
ServicesMedical Spa, Face lab, body lab, skin lab, sports medicine lab
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM
Saturdays: 9 AM – 2 PM
Contact Details+65-64448108
Address160 Robinson Rd, #03-02 SBF Medical Center, Singapore 068914

Due to its disbelief in a medispa program that is one size fits all, The Belle Clinic made it onto my review shortlist. I think that’s a solid enough starting point. The staff is led by the extremely capable Dr. Maybelle Tan, whose young appearance alone demonstrates how successful her therapies are. Yet her remarkable medical training and experience both domestically and abroad gave me the impression that I was in capable hands.

While it is well decorated and kept clean, the space doesn’t feel imposing. Also, it has a sports medicine lab and a broad selection of programs for the face and body. The employees will attempt to market clients on The Belle Clinic’s skincare goods. But if you don’t feel they’re for you, you may always be adamant in your refusal.


  • Personalized approach to treatments
  • Clean, welcoming environment
  • Highly experienced doctors and staff
Customer Reviews

I tried a glycolic facial with Dr Maybelle and I loved the whole experience! From the professional service to the actual treatment, everything was perfect. I felt comfortable and at ease (very important when consulting any doctor – aesthetic or not) throughout the process. A series of sessions are needed for the best results, but my skin already looks and feels clearer just after one treatment. – Anthia

The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore

Finally, medical spa centers is a developing trend in Singapore, providing customers with a distinctive and all-encompassing approach to skincare and beauty. These facilities provide guests with a pleasant and revitalizing experience while addressing a variety of skin disorders by mixing medical procedures with conventional spa treatments.

Medical spas in Singapore give patients access to cutting-edge procedures like laser therapy and Botox injections, as well as non-invasive body sculpting choices, all under the supervision of certified medical experts. They also provide conventional spa services, giving them a one-stop shop for clientele looking for both therapeutic and leisure services.

Overall, medical spas in Singapore are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants professional medical knowledge and pampering in one place. More medical spas are anticipated to sprout around the nation as the demand for these services increases, giving customers looking to improve their physical appearance while relaxing at a spa even more alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a medical spa also called?

A medical spa, often known as a medi-spa or medspa, aims to combine various medical operations typically carried out in a doctor’s office with a day spa experience. Treatments for anti-aging are given special attention.

How many spas are there in Singapore?

Although there are more than 2,000 spas in Singapore, only 28 have closed in the last three years, according to the Consumers Association of Singapore. These numbers continue to be comparatively positive in no small part due to strong governmental support to promote Singapore as a competitive Southeast Asian spa hub.

What is the profit margin for Medi spa?

The answer to that issue lies solely in your hands, but it’s important to note that, according to the American Medical Spa Association, the typical med spa has a profit margin of 20–25%. This indicates that the typical medical spa owner makes between $300,000 and $375,000 per year.

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The Finest Medical Spa Centers in Singapore

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