The Finest Japanese Lessons in Singapore

The Finest Japanese Lessons in Singapore

Embark on a linguistic journey and dive into the intricate beauty of the Japanese language with Japanese Lessons in Singapore. Whether you’re drawn to the rich cultural tapestry of Japan, planning a visit, or aiming for professional and academic pursuits, our guide opens the door to a world of language learning tailored to your goals.

In this exploration, we unravel the nuances of Japanese language education in Singapore, where dedicated instructors, immersive techniques, and a passion for the language converge. From mastering hiragana and katakana to delving into conversational proficiency, Japanese lessons offer a dynamic and enriching experience. Join us as we navigate through the syllables, characters, and cultural insights that make learning Japanese an exciting and rewarding endeavor in the Lion City.

Best Japanese Lessons in Singapore


IKOMA Language School

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6238 0288
Address350 Orchard Road, #12-07 Shaw House Singapore 238868

IKOMA Language School is recognized as a language school by the Ministry of Education. It debuted in Chinatown in May 1996. In October 1999, they grew and moved to Orchard Plaza. They relocated to Shaw House, where they are now, in October 2004. The five levels of the Japanese language program at IKOMA Language School are Basic, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced, and Further Advanced.


Japanese Explorer

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6528 7918
+65 9725 8311
Address137 Cecil Street 07-04, Hengda Building Singapore 069537

People of all ages, ability levels, and learning preferences can enroll in excellent and fairly priced Japanese language classes at The Japanese Explorer, a Singapore-based Japanese language school. There are skilled Native Japanese teachers teaching the classes.

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Address808 French Road, Singapore 200808

The only local instructor Can leads the classes at Tsubasa Language Services, and they are created to fit the Japanese learning style. With more than 14 years of teaching experience, his students have demonstrated exemplary proficiency on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


Hougang Japanese Language School

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6282 7590
+65 6273 8434
+65 8202 4268
AddressHougang School
BLK 204 #04-113/119 Hougang Street 21

Alexandra School
BLK 123 #04-82 Bukit Merah Lane 1

Jurong School
134 Jurong Gateway #02-303A

The nation’s first Japanese language school, Hougang Japanese Language School, was established in 1983 by Mr. Kenji Kitahara. In 1974, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Japan’s Kita Kyushu University.


Lingo Language School

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6253 3320
+65 8811 1995
Address87 Beach Road Chye Sing Building #03-01 Singapore 189695

You can learn a range of languages at Lingo Language School, which is situated in Singapore’s Bugis district. For English speakers or young people studying Japanese for the first time, their program is well-designed.

Finest Japanese Lessons in Singapore

PYAESS Japanese Language School

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6327 1377
Address14 Robinson Road, #04-01 Far East Finance Building Singapore 048545

The founder of PYAESS (Singapore), Mr. Seiichi Haga, was born in Japan in 1932 and relocated to Singapore in 1988. When Mr. Haga was an undergraduate student at Waseda University’s Economics and Politics Faculty, he previously traveled to Singapore on the “Ship for South East Asia Youth Programme (SSEAYP)” in 1975.


Alpha Language School

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 872 19151
AddressMaxwell House, 20 Maxwell Road, #03-14, Singapore 069113

By offering engaging and effective language classes to all students, Alpha Language School strives to be the greatest language school in the nation. Students achieve their objectives with the aid of small courses, effective teaching strategies, and lesson plans tailored to their individual learning levels.


Janus Academy

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 8852 8902
+ 65 9001 4816
Address86 Marine Parade Central,#03-213, Singapore 440086

They teach Japanese in a funny and useful way. They don’t merely try to teach you in a rigorous way by following a textbook. Instead, they discover the interests of their students first in order to develop individualized lesson plans and resources based on those passions.


Intuition International

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6909 8722
AddressWestway Building, 27 West Coast Highway, #02-22, Singapore 117867

A training facility that focuses on improving employees’ knowledge and abilities is called Intuition International. They provide a Japanese language course that allows students to practice speaking the language in a variety of contexts, including games, role-playing, acting, singing, and videos.


JSU Language School

ServicesJapanese Language School
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6336 3055
AddressLiang Court Level M5, 177 River Valley Road, #05-13, Singapore 179030

The JSU Language School in Singapore offers a program of study that enables students to become fully immersed in Japanese culture in addition to learning the language. Their lessons are taught by native speakers with substantial experience. They are therefore qualified to teach students at various academic levels, from beginner to advanced. Additionally, their programs are made to allow students to learn at their own pace.

As we conclude our exploration of Japanese Lessons in Singapore, it’s evident that the journey into the Japanese language is more than just acquiring linguistic skills – it’s a cultural odyssey and a gateway to profound connections. From mastering the intricacies of kanji characters to fostering conversational fluency, these lessons offer a dynamic and immersive experience that extends beyond language proficiency.

The dedicated instructors, diverse teaching approaches, and cultural insights embedded in Japanese lessons create a holistic learning environment. Whether you’re an aspiring polyglot, a traveler, or someone with professional aspirations, the language becomes a bridge to understanding Japan’s rich heritage and contemporary vibrancy.

May the syllables learned and cultural nuances explored in Japanese lessons in Singapore be the stepping stones to meaningful conversations, cultural appreciation, and perhaps even a deeper connection with the Land of the Rising Sun. The linguistic journey undertaken here serves as a testament to the enriching and rewarding experience that learning Japanese brings to individuals in the cosmopolitan landscape of Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Japanese language?

About 128 million people in East Asia use Japanese as their first language, mostly among themselves and in Japan, the only nation where it is the official language. Japanese is an East Asian language. Japanese is classified as a member of the Japonic language family and is not clearly related to any other language family.

What is Japanese main language?

Japanese is the most extensively spoken language in Japan. It has numerous dialects, with the Tokyo dialect being regarded as standard Japanese. In addition to Japanese, the Ryky Islands’ Okinawa and some of Kagoshima is home to speakers of Rykyan languages.

What is the use of the Japanese language?

Your eyes will be opened to Japanese history, martial arts, entertainment, culture, and fashion if you can speak the language. Because learning Japanese enhances your communication and cognitive abilities, it will also allow you to appreciate your own culture and language.

What types of Japanese lessons are available in Singapore?

Japanese lessons in Singapore encompass various levels, from beginner to advanced, covering aspects such as basic grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills. Some programs may focus on specific proficiency exams like the JLPT.

Are there specialized Japanese lessons for business purposes in Singapore?

Yes, some language schools and instructors offer specialized Japanese lessons tailored for business communication and etiquette in a professional setting.

Can I take online Japanese lessons in Singapore?

Many Japanese language instructors and schools in Singapore offer online lessons, providing flexibility for learners who prefer remote learning or have busy schedules.

How long does it typically take to become proficient in Japanese through lessons in Singapore?

The time to proficiency varies based on factors such as the learner’s dedication, lesson frequency, and prior language learning experience. Generally, regular practice and immersive learning expedite the language-learning process.

Are there Japanese lessons for children in Singapore?

Yes, some language schools and instructors offer Japanese lessons specifically designed for children. These lessons often use interactive and engaging methods to make learning enjoyable for young learners.

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