The Finest Influencers in Singapore

The Finest Influencers in Singapore

Looking for exceptional influencers in Singapore? Check out our top selected individual.


Andrea Chong

NicheFashion, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle
Social MediaInstagram: @dreachong
Facebook: @dreachongofficial
Twitter: @dreachong
YouTube: @dreachong
Pinterest: @dreachong

Andrea Chong, Singapore’s very own local influencer, originally entered the blogger scene in 2013 when she was searching for a different venue to promote one of her YouTube series.

She worked as a model and did graphic design work in her early years while studying English Literature at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She is the creator of DC Creative, a digital advertising agency, and the well-known blogger behind, in addition to her passion for fashion, beauty, and travel.


Aurelia Ng

NicheBeauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Fitness
Social MediaInstagram: @aureliahathaway
Facebook: @aurelia.hathaway
LinkedIn: @aurelia-ng-594171191

Aurelia Ng, best known by her stage as Aurelia Hathaway, is a model, actor, and NOC influencer. She is one of the most popular Instagram users in Singapore, as well as a gorgeous and trendy social media influencer. Aside from work, she is frequently seen with her puppy Hailey, which can be seen in many of her Instagram photos. She enjoys traveling and documenting life’s events because she is an outdoor person.


Benjamin Kheng

NicheMusic and Acting
Social MediaInstagram: @benjaminkheng
Facebook: @benjamin.kheng
Twitter: @benjaminkheng
YouTube: @thesamwillows

Benjamin Kheng is a Singaporean musician, actor, and one of The Sam Willows’ members. He has a fantastic body because he was a former national swimmer.

Take Heart, their previous song, had already hit the top of the Singapore iTunes Charts. See him on Instagram, where he posts about the newest music, his jogging and swimming routine, and more.


Fiona Xie

NicheFashion, Beauty, Acting, Lifestyle
Social MediaInstagram: @xplacidacidx
Facebook: @xplacidacidx
Twitter: @placidacid

Fiona Xie is a Singaporean actress, show host, and influencer. She began her professional career at the age of 15, when she appeared in a number of publications and advertisements. In 2001, she received both the Best Newcomer and the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes awards in the same year, marking a watershed moment in her acting career. She is now the only Singapore actress to have acted in a Hollywood film, Crazy Rich Asians.


Bella Koh

NicheFood and Parenting
Social MediaInstagram: @catslavery
Facebook: @thecatcooks

Bella Koh, as @catslavery, is married to Terence Yeung, a lecturer whom she met in a school canteen. Her spouse is eleven years her senior, but love has no bounds, and she has always been drawn to older guys.

She is also the originator of Slowhouse, a conscious living destination based on organic and sustainable products.
This well-known key opinion leader enjoys cooking and is often eager and interested about new things.


Carrie Wong

NicheActing, Beauty, Fashion
Social MediaInstagram: @carriewst
Facebook: @carrie.wst
Twitter: @carriewst

Carrie Wong is a Mediacorp actress and a local influencer with a sizable Instagram following. She just received a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Nanyang Polytechnics.


Christabel Chua

NicheBeauty, Fashion, Travel
Social MediaInstagram: @bellywellyjelly
Facebook: @bellywellyjelly
Twitter: @bellywellyjelly
YouTube: @christabelchuahy

Christabel Chua, also known as @BellyWellyJelly on Instagram, is a renowned beauty, lifestyle, and travel blogger. Kai, a novelty internet business, is also owned by her.


Daniel Ang

Social MediaInstagram: @danielfooddiary
Facebook: @DanielFoodDiary
YouTube: @danielfooddiary
Twitter: @danielfooddiary
Pinterest: @danielfooddiary

Daniel Ang began blogging as part of Singapore Press Holding’s celebrity blogging team in 2008. He launched his website after three years of being a foodie.

DanielFoodDiary is now one of Singapore’s most popular food and influencer blogs, with over 2 million monthly page views. Daniel is a lecturer and presenter who specializes in Mass Communications and Social Media outside of gastronomy.


Jason Chee

Social MediaInstagram: @thejasonchee
Facebook: @Jason.Chee.Official
YouTube: @FitO’Clock

Jason Chee is a professional fitness trainer and model from Singapore. He has a physical physique that most guys only dream of but never attain among Singapore’s male social media celebrities.

Manhunt Singapore 2012 and Manhunt International 2012 are two of his most recent awards. Jason also runs the Fit O’Clock YouTube channel, where he posts videos of the proper training and local cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Influencer?

An influencer, at its most basic level, is someone who uses social media platforms or websites to influence others. They are regarded as content creators because they are a recognized and authoritative figure in their field of work, and they produce material on a regular basis to reach a larger audience. Influencers nowadays use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to increase their number of followers and subscribers. Many people refer to social media influencers as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). They work with companies or businesses to sell and promote their products and services. In Singapore, there are already data indicating that aspiring millennials are selecting influencer marketing as their next professional path.
Influencer marketing is the notion of using celebrity endorsements into today’s current web marketing.

Where can I find influencers in Singapore?

You may find the perfect influencer by looking at social media accounts or blog articles that mention your business. In Singapore, there are a variety of listening and monitoring technologies that may help you find an influencer that discusses your business.

How successful is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is successful, according to 80 percent of marketers, and 89 percent think it works just as well (if not better) than traditional marketing channels. Influencer marketing’s top three objectives for firms are to raise brand recognition (85 percent), reach new audiences (71 percent), and generate sales and conversions (64 percent ).

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