The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore

Experience a visual feast with Singapore’s Food Photographers, creative minds that turn delectable foods into eye-catching artwork. These photographers do more than just capture the essence of a meal; they expertly bring life into each shot, inviting viewers to taste the tastes via their lenses. Singapore’s food photographers create photography that goes beyond the plate, whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to highlight your menu or a food fan in search of mouthwatering graphics. Come along on a delicious trip where the art of food photography takes center stage and every photo tells a tale.

Best Food Photographers in Singapore


Alinea Collective

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore
Alinea Collective – Food Photographers Singapore
ServicesConceptual Food Photography, Food Videography Campaigns, Food Styling, Kitchen Studio Rental
Contact Details+65 9668 0288
Address23 New Industrial Road, Solstice Business Centre, #02-04, Singapore 536209

28 Senang Crescent, Bizhub28, #03-09, Singapore 416601

Alinea Collective is an award-winning Creative Studio specialising in conceptual food photography, food videography campaigns and food styling. Being heavily involved in both commercial and campaign work, the team at Alinea Collective strive to push the boundaries of creative conceptualisation and art direction, never satisfied with being stagnant.The people behind Alinea Collective are known to constantly push visual boundaries and challenge creative concepts, creating high end visuals for clients such as KFC, McDonald’s, Nespresso, Heinz, Pizza Hut, Singapore Airlines, Burger King, Subway, Marriott International, Hilton International and many more. The team has won multiple photography awards over the years.

Customer Reviews

So glad we decided to work with Alinea Collective on a product shoot for our knives. From our first meeting through until the end of our shoot, Brayden and Almanda were incredibly professional, collaborative and frankly just fun to work alongside. You can feel the passion they both have for what they do. The turn around time was excellent and we couldn’t be happier with the final shots. Would highly recommend Alinea Collective and we look forward to working with them again in the future. – Matt Hudak


Joyce Leong Studio

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore
Joyce Leong Studio – Food Photographers Singapore
Joyce Leong – Most Promising Food and Product Photographer

Joyce Leong – Most Promising Food and Product Photographer

Hi, I am Joyce Leong! I am an international award-winning commercial food and product photographer in Singapore. I …
ServicesFood Photography and Product Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 97500459
Address531A Upper Cross Street #04-95, Hong Lim Complex Singapore 051531

Joyce Leong is an international award-winning food and product photographer based in Singapore who specializes in capturing images that evokes emotions and tells a story about your brand. She sculpt light and reveal the beauty of your brand through styling and props. She capture authentic, bright images and love working with clients on a range of creative projects, bringing their visions to life.

Customer Reviews

Worked with Joyce recently for our restaurant’s new menu. She’s professional and meticulous with a really good eye for details. Her extensive inventory of props is very helpful in creating the look and feel we wanted. Overall, it was very a pleasant and enjoyable photo shoot with Joyce. We look forward to more working opportunities in the future. – Pauline Ng


Bene Tan Food Photography

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore
Bene Tan Food Photography – Food Photographers Singapore
ServicesFood Photography, Food Styling, Branding and Packaging Design, Food Photography Workshops
Price Range
Address22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City, Singapore  573969

Bene with more than 16+ years of experience is widely known for his food and still life photography, Bene Tan is a self-taught photographer that ingeniously invented his very own photography and lighting techniques to capture every essence in a single shot.

Bene has gained world recognition on the international platform with his multiple top wins from the International Photography Awards, One Eyeland Photography Awards, and the Master Photography Awards. Recently he was awarded Rank #1 in Singapore’s Top 10 Still Life Photographer 2020.

His clients include famous homegrown brands such as Old Chang Kee, Orange Clove, Joe and Dough and Tong Heng to international well-known brands such as Unilever, Pizza Hut, and 7-Eleven.

Based in Singapore, Bene believes in sharing knowledge and passion with budding photographers through the hosting of food photography lectures and workshops.

Customer Reviews

I had an amazing experience taking Bene’s one light workshop. I learned so many valuable lessons about lighting that I often use in my photography practice. Bene’s teaching style is very hands-on and visual, something that is great for people with kinaesthetic and visual learning styles. He’s been very kind to provide answers to questions I have after the workshop. He has a heart of a teacher and doesn’t gate keep information. I highly recommend his workshops for both amateur and professional photographers looking to upgrade their skills. – Nydia Hartono


Tsang Photography Pte Ltd

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore
Tsang Photography Pte Ltd – Food Photographers Singapore
ServicesCorporate, Lifestyle/ Advertorial, Product, Food, Architecture, Art Reproduction, Events
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6443 1383
Address62, Ubi Road 1 Oxley Bizhub 2 #06-08 Singapore 408734

Tsang Photography is a photographic company based in Ubi, Singapore, that was founded in 2004.
Editorials & Lifestyle Branding, Corporate Portraits & Headshots, Architectural & Interior Photography, Food Photography, Product Photography, Corporate Events, and Art Reproduction are some of the commercial photography services they provide.

Tsang Photography was created by Mike Tsang and Michelle Lee. Mike Tsang is a Multimedia Design graduate from Temasek Poly who has 17 years of experience. Mike’s specialty is corporate lifestyle and portraiture. Michelle manages the general operations and scheduling while organizing and planning the artistic direction.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Johna Photography

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore
Johna Photography – Food Photographers Singapore
ServicesFood Photography, Corporate Portrait Photography, Corporate Photography, Product Photography, Commercial Photography, Interior Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 69029497
Address16 Shaw Road, #04-12, Singapore 367954

Johna began his career as an assistant to numerous well-known photographers in the business, and he quickly picked up on the professional and creative sides of the work.

Photography is more than just changing lighting and pressing a shutter for Johna. A skilled professional photographer can take not only stunning photographs, but also photographs that effectively promote his customers’ products and services. You might call it a photographer’s intuition, or it may be the result of years of practice. Looking at Johna’s work, it’s clear that he can capture not just the needed aesthetic of a creative brief, but also the message’s content.

Customer Reviews

Johna did corporate photography for my company’s website. His delivery of the photos has much exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed by his professionalism. He was punctual, proficient and efficient, and paid attention to details. Highly recommended! – Yuji Kodama


Lumiere Photography

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore
Lumiere Photography – Food Photographers Singapore
ServicesPhotography and videography productions
Price RangeSubjected to project requirements. (Enquire for quotation)
Contact Details+65 9023 8794
Address1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, A’Posh Bizhub, #07-19, Singapore 768160

Lumiere are a team that specialised in working with International Companies/Organisation as well as majority of Government entities in Singapore on most of their videography and photography productions. Their most precious resource is their people. Their merry band of conspirators are hand-picked from all corners of Singapore regardless of race, creed or religion.

They encapsulate various disciplines to fit into their creative jigsaw: Professional Portraitures, Event Coverages, Editorial, Videographers, Sound, Lighting crews, Production assistants, Cinematographers, Producers and Editors. All of them working towards a common goal in a hodgepodge of creativity where they cross contaminate one-another with cutting edge techniques from an ever-evolving industry where discipline and technology boldly lead the way.

Customer Reviews

Derrick and Alvin were really THE BEST! We booked a 2 days corporate shoot- 1 day studio, 1 day outdoor and the photos turned out so well!! What i loved is that they are passionate about what they do- they ensure you look the best in the photos and will guide you with posing very easily. On the second day of outdoor shoot, the duo was so hardworking and despite the heat, they remained cheerful and friendly with us. I really recommend them for any of your photoshoots. Won’t be disappointed! – Sarah A

The Finest Food Photographers in Singapore


Brand. Print. Interactive
ServicesFood Photography, Product Photography, Event Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 68116809 / +65 91519184
AddressSegar Palmview 549B Segar Road Singapore 672549

Phocept has been working in the food media sector since 2005, and they believe in creating real, innovative content. From white backgrounds to creative shots, we can create concepts for a wide spectrum of your marketing demands. On request, food styling and basic props will be prepared. Also offered is convenient meal pack photography.

They make sure they know what it takes for your product to stand out and be usable across many platforms (offline and online). Food images will be used on printed menus, posters, and name cards for hawker or food court signage. Meal photos may be showcased on social media marketing, websites, and online food ordering platforms, which is the current trend.

Customer Reviews


One Food Story

ServicesFood Photography, Food Styling
Price Range
Address2 Gambas Cres, Singapore 757044

One Food Story is a food-focused content maker headquartered in Singapore who has worked with prominent companies such as Unilever, Kraft, Nutella, Irvin’s Salted Egg, Marks & Spencer, and others. They offer a wide range of creative services. Everything may be done in-house, from art direction to implementation.

Their expertise in food photography, videography, food styling, and props styling will help you tell the greatest story about your cuisine. They take a comprehensive approach to their job, believing that strategic planning is critical, to ensure that what they do is beneficial for you.

Customer Reviews


Zee Marina

ServicesFood Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 96560662

Architectural, Product, People / Portraits, and Food commercial photography services are provided by Zee and Marina Photography. Fauzi Anuar, the principal photographer, is also a trained master photographer (AMPA of MPAUK).He has received several prizes, the most of them have come from the International Photography Awards. These honors reflect his drive to improve his photography.

Moving forward, he aims to maintain his momentum in creating amazing and breathtaking pictures, as well as to continue to grow and demonstrate that creativity has no bounds. He is headquartered in Singapore and has worked with a variety of businesses, including those listed below.

Customer Reviews


Benjamin Sim Food & Beverage Photogapher

ServicesFood and Beverage Photography
Price Range

Benjamin Sim is a food and beverage photographer based in Singapore. He specializes in restaurants and martini bars, and he uses his graphics to tell your story. His work is characterized by a balance of light and space.

His path in the visual arts began at Ngee Ann School of Film & Media Studies, where he studied filmmaking, and continued at Nanyang Technology University’s School of Arts Design and Media, where he majored in visual communication. Photography, on the other hand, remained the one real love.

Customer Reviews


Studio Sago

ServicesFood and Beverage Photography, Corporate Portrait, Interior Photography, Product Photography, Corporate Photography, Industrial Related Photography
Price Range
Contact Details+65 94895902
Address28 Sin Ming Lane, MidView City #03-142 Singapore 573972

Studio Sago is a Singapore-based photography company that specializes in commercial, product, and portrait photography. It was founded in 2004. It is the owner’s middle name, and it invites strangers to enter their lives and enjoy their wonderful world. With over 20 years of expertise, you can rely on us. They’re known for their knowledge, creative sensibility, and upbeat demeanor.

Customer Reviews


Bespoke Food Photography

ServicesFood photography, food styling, videography
Price RangeStarts from $2250 /4 hours
Contact Details+65 8338 1249

Tim, the director and head photographer  of Bespoke Food Photography, was raised in a traditional Peranakan household and has demonstrated an aptitude for the arts since he was a child. He’s accumulated a lot of expertise in photography over the years, so he decided to start Bespoke Food Photography to show off his skills.

Customer Reviews

In the realm of culinary creativity, Food Photographers in Singapore leave an indelible mark, transforming meals into visual masterpieces. Their artistry transcends the ordinary, capturing the essence of flavors with each meticulously composed photograph. As we conclude this exploration into the world of food photography, savor the thought that these talented photographers continue to elevate the culinary experience, enticing all to appreciate the beauty that lies beyond the taste buds. Whether you’re a restaurateur, a chef, or a passionate foodie, let the lens of Singapore’s Food Photographers immortalize the allure of gastronomy, turning every dish into a timeless visual delight.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does food photography cost in Singapore?

In Singapore, food photography generally costs between $100 and $400 per hour. The costs, however, may vary based on the photographer you choose and the package you select. Many food photographers, in fact, bill by the hour for thousands of dollars. As a result, food photographers may charge anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on your needs and the length of the picture shoot.

Why is food photography important?

Food photography is significant since it aids in the conversion of leads into consumers for a food and beverage business. Food businesses must hire professional food photographers and acquire good quality images since customers like to order from establishments with aesthetically attractive menus, social media handles, and marketing campaigns. This boosts their earnings and improves their sales.

What is used in food photography?

Food photography often necessitates a high-quality collection of optical equipment, such as cameras, lenses, and light diffusers. Nowadays, there are good smartphones with cameras that eliminate the need for this equipment. You also won’t have to worry about them if you hire a professional food photographer in Singapore. The photographers will already be outfitted with the appropriate gear.

How can I book a food photographer in Singapore?

Learn about the booking process, including contacting photographers, discussing your requirements, and securing their services for your culinary needs.

What is the typical cost for food photography services in Singapore?

Explore the pricing structures and factors influencing the cost of food photography services in Singapore.

Do food photographers specialize in certain cuisines or styles?

Understand the expertise of food photographers, whether they specialize in specific cuisines, styles, or have a versatile approach to capturing diverse culinary experiences.

Can food photographers provide images for both print and digital media?

Inquire about the versatility of the photographers in providing images suitable for various platforms, including print materials, websites, and social media.

How far in advance should I book a food photographer for an event?

Get insights into the ideal timing for booking a food photographer, especially for events or specific projects, to ensure availability and proper planning.

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