We are a group of dedicated professional marble polishers that will help you solve any existing marble. granite and tiles issue. We provide free consultation on your existing problems. The correct treatment on your natural stone will protect your flooring for a long time. We also do polishing on homogenous tiles that will remove hairline scratches.

Permanent Anti-slip treatment on tiles and granite which have a track record on schools and government buildings. Homogenous Tiles polishing with marble glue at $4.20 per sqft! Lowest price in the market! Call us on anything regarding natural stones and tiles, we will help you solve it! Free consultation and quotation! Visit our website at www.marblefinishing.com for more promotions or email us: marblefinishing32@gmail.com or contact us at 87401038 for an appointment or a free quote.

Polishing of marble, granite and tiles,
Anti-slip treatment,
application of impregnators,
Regrouting and removal of stubborn stains.

Cleanworthy provides one stop hassle free professional floor scrubbing and polishing solutions for you and your family. Their crews undergoes training twice a week on a regular basis.

The Cleanworthy crews also uses the right techniques, machines and cleaning solutions, so rest assured that your floor is in the right hands.

With their professional staffs and techniques, your home will be surely sparkling in no time. Grab this opportunity and book their services now!

Hassle Free Booking
Transparent Pricing
Appointment Reminder
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Professional Cleaning
Expertise Advice
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Marble Floor Polishing Services – We use real diamond powder to bring out your marble floor’s inner shine.

Luce Maintenance Group always prepares its cleaners for whatever client need. In doing so, we reserve a pool of replacement of equally skilled and trained cleaners. Our clients do not need to worry about their usual cleaners going on leave, because they know they are well replaced by just the same. Our cleaners are deployed country wide so no need to worry about your location.

We incorporate our own formula of polishing services – incorporating real diamonds to do the work. We have tried using common marble polish available in the market but realize its limitations in the long run. Instead we researched and tested out powders made from diamonds mixed with crystalline micro abrasives, and it turned out really well. Since then we continue to develop our own recipes to ensure up-to-date alternatives and client satisfaction.

Marble floor polishing

Wood floor cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Pest control

Home cleaning

Office Cleaning

From $1/sqf

FloorMaster is a leader in the industry when it comes to marble polishing. Trusted and Certified Cleaning Company by the National Environment Agency. Floor-Master is a subsidiary of Luce Maintenance Group, an NEA Licensed Cleaning agency. This license is awarded only to companies who have demonstrated that the adhere to industry standard practices of hiring and training, and reflects upon the commitment by Floor-Master to provide a high quality of service for our customers. All of our technicians in the floor polishing team have at least 3 years of experience, and we are confident that no matter the state of your marble, we can make it glow again.

Marble floor polishing

From $1/sqf

Minimum charge of$400

ICleaning is Singapore’s leading provider of marble polishing and care services. A popular choice for home décor, marble tiles on floors and other surfaces have a natural beauty and glamour that shines through most environments, making them the center of attention.

However, nothing escapes the ravages of time. Without proper care and maintenance, the once-beautiful marble tiles eventually decay and erode away, losing much of their natural luster. This is not a problem for us at ICleaning. We can help you bring it back to its original glory and make it shine!

ICleaning uses state-of-the-art tools which are needed to repair and restore marble surfaces. After doing an examination of your marble surface, we can recommend the best form of restoration, so as to remove any scratches, erosion, decay and other damage done to the marble. We also remove any stains created on the marble surface, such as coffee and wine stains, rust, and many more.

Once the cleaning process is complete, ICleaning can help recommend methods to make your marble last longer as well as protect it against future damage. This is because we believe in long-term service and support of our clients, in order to help them maintain and clean their interiors with minimal fuss.

Floor Polishing

Parquet floor polishing and varnishing

Marble polishing

House cleaning services

Office cleaning services

Post renovation cleaning services

Carpet cleaning services

From $1.30 to $1.90 /sqf

At Singapore Polish Grind, we believe that your flooring should last as long as the universe does, with frequent/correct and proper care. We are a team of trained and experienced floorcare personnel which specialises in floor repair and restoration. Our qualified experts will restore your floor back to life. Whether your floor care problems are etching, cracks, scratches, stains that occur in or on the floor, we can restore it back to the original factory finish.

With a vast offering of flooring restoration and maintenance service, our professional team is ready to meet your flooring needs. Contact us today and let our flooring experts help you with your upcoming flooring projects!

Marble floor polishing

Wood floor polishing

Homogeneous tiles polishing

Ceramic tiles polishing

We utilise the latest dry polishing process that hones and polishes your marble flooring with diamond encrusted polishing pads. Our unique proccess removes even the most stubborn stains and scratches. Leveraging on our extensive experience and resources, we can restore your marble’s natural shine without waxes at an extremely affordable price. We will elevate the environment within your home for years to come with our high quality versatile marble polishing services. Contact us now.

Marble floor polishing

Parquet floor polishing

Have your Marble Restoration professionally. When your marble and stone starts to look tired, worn and dirty? Let our professional resolve those problems and bring the life and beauty back to your stone and tile floors, countertops, showers, and more.

Our marble floor restoration polishing treatment uses diamond pads to grind down the surface of your marble, bringing out a fresh layer of stone. Then we use successively finer grade pads to bring the surface of your marble to a “mirror like” shine.

Marble floor polishing

Wooden floor polishing