The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore

Welcome to the world of Singapore’s family lawyers, where empathy and knowledge coexist, and where the complex web of ties between family members is handled with care and competence.

Family lawyers professionals play a crucial role in resolving delicate and private issues that affect people and their loved ones’ lives in the center of this thriving city-state. These experts serve as pillars of support for families going through difficult times since they have a thorough awareness of Singapore’s legal system and an intense respect for the cultural variety of its citizens.

Singaporean family lawyers have a plethora of expertise and experience in a variety of family-related matters, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, maintenance, and asset distribution. In addition to being skilled at deciphering the complexities of the law, they are also skilled at empathetically leading their clients through emotional journeys and upholding their best interests.

Family Lawyers in Singapore zealously defend their clients’ rights and strive to promote peaceful agreements wherever feasible because they are committed to attaining just and equitable results. They are dedicated to upholding the stability of the family unit, and when required, they will passionately defend their client’s rights in court to achieve a just trial.

The difficulties that families encounter change along with Singapore’s development, making the knowledge of family lawyers essential in this context. These specialists remain at the forefront of family law practice by remaining up to date on the most recent sociological and legal trends and providing creative solutions specific to each individual case.

Family Lawyers in Singapore are the epitome of professionalism, honesty, and a profound sense of duty towards their clients in a career that demands not just legal acumen but also a true understanding of human emotions. They are pillars of strength because of their dedication to protecting the sacredness of family ties, which helps others in need find brighter futures.

Family Lawyers in Singapore continue to provide families through the complexity of the legal system with strong devotion and unflinching assistance, giving them hope and the prospect of a brighter tomorrow.

Best Family Lawyers in Singapore


Grace Law LLC

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
Grace Law LLC – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesFamily, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, and more
Price Range Fair and Reasonable
Contact Details+65 6220 6364
Address151 Chin Swee Road, #13-15, Manhattan House, Singapore 169876

At Grace Law, their team is dedicated to their craft and looks for the best possible solutions for clients to resolve their legal battles. Family law is one of their areas of expertise. In 2018, Grace Law LLC received the Global Awards Winner for “Boutique Family Law Firm of the year”.

They have ample experience in local, foreign, and singles adoption, child custody, divorce, personal protection orders (PPO), and relocation. They are also experienced in wills and administration of the estate. They have successfully handled novel cases that involved the Child Protective Service and appeals to the High Court involving child custody.


  • Almost 40 years of legal experience
  • Numerous areas of practice
  • Experienced and committed team
  • High ethical and professional standards
Customer Review

Grace & her team are such wonderful people to work with. When I have my uncertainties they helped me cope up with it. I’ve hired lawyers before, but they are truly the best on what they are doing. – Gi Po

No words can describe how thankful I am towards Grace & team. You guys are superb. The process for my divorce was tortuous but despite the challenges Grace did everything smoothly. – Wendy Thomas

Ms. Grace is very patient, professional, humble, down to earth and very empathetic. Her staff are also very approachable. – Szanthiah Thiagarajah


Tembusu Law LLC

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
Tembusu Law LLC – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesLitigation & Dispute Resolution, Corporate & Commercial, Criminal Defence, Family Law
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6974 0068
Address11 Keng Cheow St, #02-05 The Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608

For all parties involved, navigating family law issues can be stressful. In court, emotions can run high, especially when dealing with the complexity and intricacies of family law. Tembusu Law LLC’s team of experienced Singapore family lawyers is committed to serving your needs throughout the process.


  • Personalized legal solutions
  • Reputable lawyers
  • High level of integrity
Customer Review

Highly recommended. A special thank to Rico for his time and effort in helping us. A dedicated lawyer who is always there for us no matter its day or night, weekdays or weekends. – Noor Farahiah

I had sought consultation from Jonathan yesterday. He was very responsive to my queries on my legal issue. He took all my details in the afternoon and told me he would look into them and scheduled me for a next day afternoon call. – Yuan Desmond


DMO Law Corporation

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
DMO Law Corporation – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesCivil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Family Law
Price Range 
Address5 Coleman Street, Excelsior Shopping Centre, #03-10
Singapore 179805

DMO Law Corporation takes pride in providing legal services with care, honesty, and expertise. Our clients are given the utmost attention, and we look into all feasible possibilities to resolve your legal concerns as swiftly and painlessly as possible.


  • Appointment of Deputy
  • Divorce
  • Grant of Probate and Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Wills
Customer Review

Desmond is a highly responsive and capable lawyer in the matters of probate and letter of administration. He not only has one of the best rates in town but also provides one of the best legal services in town. – Jacob

I approached Desmond for him to help my mother with the drafting of her will, and I found him to be responsive, professional and patient during the whole process. – Jeff Choy

I am glad and grateful to have Desmond’s legal service . He had been very approachable and have the ability to explain legal proceedings in a digestible way. He is very systematic in his work and process, prompt in responding to emails and enquiries. – CM Lee


Godwin Campos LLC

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
Godwin Campos LLC – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesDivorce, Civil and Criminal Law Litigation
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6535 1306
Address160 Robinson Rd, #14-06 SBF Center, Singapore 068914

Godwin Campos LLC recognizes that divorce is a difficult time for everyone concerned, and their legal staff is not only sympathetic and understanding of all concerns, but also completely committed to ensuring that your best interests are protected at all times.


  • Award-winning law firm
  • Transparent and affordable fees
  • 90% success rate
Customer Review

Godwin and his team were extremely efficient and professional when they handled my divorce. I particularly appreciated their clear manner of communication when walking me through the complicated legal process in an easy-to-understand way. – Han Racquel

The team of lawyers at the firm are nothing short of talented, hardworking and communicative. I am highly impressed at their efficacy and eloquence, and they’re sharp as a tack! – Arthur Elliot Ong


A. W. Law LLC

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
A. W. Law LLC – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesCriminal Law, Family Law, Debt Recovery, Syariah Divorce, Civil Litigation
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6876 7920
Address133 New Bridge Road #12-07, Chinatown Point Singapore 059413

If you’re looking for a personal lawyer that can think outside the box and challenge the status quo, they’re the ones to call. They believe that their clients’ in-depth awareness of their commercial and regulatory environments and their genuine interest in understanding their situation and requirements leads to creative and effective legal solutions.


  • Civil Divorce
  • Family Law
Customer Review

I engaged Mr Wahab for his services for my case. He settled it without any hassle and his advices really help me through all difficulties. He is very confident in his ability which instantly create a trust in him handling my cases. – Yolo Ayed

We engaged Mr Wahab’s legal service to settle a property-related case. Mr Wahab was sincere and efficient throughout the process. We are pleased that the case was closed within a week. Thank you, Mr. Wahab and team. – Daphne Yip

Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore

Regal Law LLC

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
Regal Law LLC – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesPersonal Injury, Family Law, Financial & Property Disputes, Employment Law, Wills & Probate, Debt Recovery, Road Traffic Offences, Litigation, Corporate Law, Corporate Matters, Immigration Matters
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6223 0526
Address101 Upper Cross Street #07-05 People’s Park Centre, 058357

Regal Law LLC is committed to providing high-quality legal services at a reasonable price. They make every effort to provide the greatest service to their clients, taking into account their demands and acting as a trusted and dependable partner. Regal Law LLC strives to be recognized by the courts and government organizations as a reliable service provider. They want to be a likable and trustworthy employer to existing and prospective employees, with a commitment to both clients and staff.


  • Children’s Issues
  • Domestic Violence
  • Financial & Property Disputes
Customer Review

Regal law provides affordable legal service and will not hesitant to help me whenever i am in doubt or requires legal knowledge. I personally would like to thank Mr. Abhi for standing by me, willing to listen to me throughout this difficult and painful ordeal. I would highly recommend regal law for their quality service. Thank you. – Adrian Cheong

Regal Law has handled our case in the most gracious way possible. We are extremely pleased and happy at the service that is being rendered to us from Regal Law. All the staff were always very polite and professional. – Aniis Diin


Lam & Co.

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
Lam & Co. – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesDivorce and Family Violence
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 65351800
Address24 Raffles Place, #20-06 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621

A family legal situation is never easy to deal with, but Lam & Co. can help make the process less stressful. Their staff of skilled divorce and family violence lawyers is capable of providing strong legal guidance that may help you win your case. They have created a unique client-focused methodology that helps them win cases after more than 25 years of expertise.


  • More than 25 years of experience
  • With over 3000 clients
Customer Review

Very excellent professional service provided by Mr Philip Lam & Judy. Went beyond the call of duty even with piles of workload on hand. Good listener and provided valuable advice and reasonable price. Highly recommended and thanks for all help render. – Eddie Kwok

Very responsive and patient. They have understood my requirements well and protected my interests throughout the process. Cost wise they are very reasonable. – Gunalan Sithia


Yeo & Associates LLC

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
Yeo & Associates LLC – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesDivorce, Separation, Annulment, Prenuptial Agreement, Alimony, Wills, Appeals
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6220 3400
Address101A Upper Cross Street #12-13 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058358

Yeo & Associates LLC, award-winning family law and divorce experts firm, provides a full spectrum of family law services. They make certain that you are at ease during the process surrounding your case. They provide a thorough consultation that informs you of your legal alternatives and choices. They also have set rates for each level, with no surprises.


  • Fixed Fees
  • Specialized Expertise
  • 20 years Experience
Customer Review

I am grateful for Ms Beatrice Yeo’s advice. She is a woman with a heart of gold and gave me good advice even before divorce proceedings. – Joyce Chang

I engaged the services of Ms Beatrice Yeo relating to a company business dispute with my ex-husband during our divorce. Ms Yeo is highly knowledgeable in company and business law and it was very convenient for me to be able to settle my divorce and company law matters with one law firm. – Yuhua Zheng


Alpha Law LLC

The Finest Family Lawyers in Singapore
Alpha Law LLC – Family Lawyers Singapore
ServicesNotary Public, Will Writing Singapore, Civil Litigation, Divorce Lawyer, Conveyancing, Trust Law Singapore, Lasting Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6255 7707
Address190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #05-508, Singapore 310190

Alpha Law LLC strives to deliver a high degree of professionalism by providing a good and efficient legal service to our clients. They are skilled divorce lawyers in Singapore, experienced property conveyancing lawyers in Singapore, and a Singapore Academy of Law-appointed Notary Public.


  • Divorce
  • Family Law
Customer Review

Alpha has been very helpful and patient with all my inquiries. Prompt follow-up and reply. The explanation is clear and easy to understand. I am happy and satisfied with their service. Highly recommended. – Jenny Nah

Alpha Law helped in making my transaction seamless. They worked fast and promptly followed up on all our inquiries. Really appreciate their help and will highly recommend it. – Satiahkala Pakirisamy


Populus Law Corporation

ServicesDivorce, Legal Jurisdictions
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 9833 0314
AddressHavelock II, 2 Havelock Road, #05-14 Singapore 059763

Populus Law Corporation offers low-cost options to help you make the most of your legal circumstances. They also don’t charge GST and don’t believe in hidden fees. They also feature a number of articles that can assist you in better understanding your case.


  • Expert Family Lawyers
  • Family and Divorce Cases
  • Good at giving family advice
Customer Review

A very hardworking, result-oriented Advocate holds vast experience and specialization in matrimonial disputes. Completely satisfied. – Edas Aigben

Excellent services. I got the draft papers within 2 hours of payment. Thanks for making the process so smooth. – Say Bee Kang

Fast and responsive. – Jj Yy Sim Ng

In conclusion, Singaporean family lawyers are kind and knowledgeable experts who are crucial in resolving difficult family issues with knowledge and empathy. They are crucial pillars of support for persons going through difficult times because of their comprehensive knowledge of Singapore’s legal system and dedication to upholding family values. They seek reasonable and equitable solutions with their unrelenting commitment and leadership, providing a better future for their clients and their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Family Lawyer?

Family attorneys, as the name indicates, concentrate on matters that affect families. Divorce processes, adoptions, and child custody are among the issues they handle. Drafting custody agreements, wills, prenuptial agreements, and other paperwork are common duties.

What do you do in family law?

Family lawyers are in charge of dealing with legal difficulties that develop amongst family members. They represent clients in court in complex divorce and domestic abuse cases, as well as overseeing family estates and providing advice on adoption and guardianship.

What are the main requirements of family lawyer?

Bachelor’s degree in law.
A license to practice law from the State Bar Association.
A minimum of 3+ years’ experience in family law.
Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
Good organizational and multitasking abilities.
Must be skilled in negotiation, debate and persuasion techniques.

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