The Finest Fabric Stores in Singapore

The Finest Fabric Stores in Singapore

Seeking fabric outlets in Singapore? Your search ends here! Delve into our roundup of the finest 7 fabric stores in Singapore. These outlets boast a diverse range of textiles, from cotton to silk, catering to your needs for creating exquisite apparel or home decor items.

Best Fabric Stores in Singapore



ServicesFabric Store
Location32 New Market Rd, People’s Park Complex, Singapore 050032
Contact+65 6533 3033

A seasoned sewer will likely recommend Fabricity if you ask them where to buy fabric. When you see the lovely, vibrant Liberty fabrics on this king-size bed, it will be difficult to make a decision. They provide a nice assortment of colors if you’re also seeking European linen materials. Linoleum is a soft and breathable material that is ideal for Singapore’s hot and muggy climate.



ServicesCultural Gift Store
Location5000L Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449293
Contact+65 9112 4685

Never forget your roots—Onlewo has been developing pattern designs that are influenced by the history and garden city of our region. Their efforts have received praise from publications including Monocle, Louis Vuitton City Guide, and Straits Times.

ServicesScandinavian to cute Sanrio designs

Be sure to support this wonderful fabric shop if you love cats and Japan! This online store imports fabric from various countries, primarily Japan. The store’s name reflects the founders’ love of cats. Their enormous collection of prints, which includes Scandinavian to adorable Sanrio patterns and more, will keep you entertained for hours.



ServicesMore than fabrics
Location61 Yishun Industrial Park A, #05-03, Singapore 768767
Contact+65 6988 1360

Given that Modes4u has been active since 2007, it is not surprising that its selection is so diverse. If you’re wanting to buy items other than fabrics (including stationery, bags, soft toys, washi tapes – the list goes on! We’re sure you’ll be able to find them all here because it’s the sister website of Kawaii Fabric.

The Finest Fabric Stores in Singapore

Kawaii Fabric

ServicesFabric and Textile
Location61 Yishun Industrial Park A #05-03 Singapore 768767
Contact+65 82542040

Whether it’s animals, food, or for holidays like Christmas and Halloween, Kawaii Fabric has you covered. Quality fabric is directly imported from Japan and the USA and sold by Kawaii Fabric. Additionally, you can look for particular materials by brand, kind of material, color, and even season.


Lee Ann Textiles

ServicesBatik, Fabrics
Location32 #02-1110 New Market Rd, People’s Park Complex, Singapore 050032
Contact+65 6533 0386

Lee Ann Textiles is a family-run fabric shop in the center of Chinatown that offers local and international shipping to more than 23 nations. Choose from a range of floral, animal, and other designs for your clothing and accessories! In addition to selling batik, they also feature designs on their Facebook and Instagram pages.



ServicesSingapore Batik, Tailoring service
Location684D Woodlands Drive 73, Singapore 734684
Contact+65 8161 0703

Qubatik is renowned for offering a huge selection of handprinted and hand-stamped batiks on quality cotton and organic cotton, making them the ideal choice for people with delicate skin. If you’re looking for fabrics that will retain their color for a long time, take a look at their Batik Tulis line. They are even being used by brides for important occasions.

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