The Finest Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore

The Finest Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore

Welcome to the world of productive and comfortable workspaces with our guide to Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore. In the dynamic business landscape of Singapore, where efficiency meets innovation, the significance of ergonomic office furniture cannot be overstated. Crafting a workspace that prioritizes health, productivity, and comfort is essential for both employees and employers.

In this guide, we delve into the realm of ergonomic office furniture solutions tailored for the Singaporean work environment. From ergonomically designed chairs and desks to cutting-edge accessories, we explore options that promote well-being, reduce discomfort, and elevate the overall work experience. Discover the latest trends, expert recommendations, and insights into creating a workspace that not only fosters efficiency but also enhances the quality of work life.

Join us on a journey to transform your office into a haven of ergonomic excellence, where every piece of furniture is a testament to the commitment to a healthier and more productive work culture. Whether you are a business owner aiming to optimize your office space or an employee seeking to upgrade your workspace, our guide is your compass to navigating the world of Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore.

The Finest Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore

Best Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore



ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 8900 1584
Address5 Pereira Road, Asiawide Industrial Building #04-01 Singapore 368025

Ergomeister Office Chairs are loaded with every feature you can think of to provide your body with custom-tailored comfort all day, every day.



ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6837 3370
AddressMarina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #03-140/141 Marina Square
Center Point
176 Orchard Road Centrepoint

They are Asia’s leading manufacturer of comprehensive ergonomic, posture care, and wellness products. They provide a diverse choice of high-quality, comfortable, and user-friendly ergonomic devices that are known for their practical features, health advantages, and professional services. They offer overall wellness and comfort to a wide spectrum of customers of all ages who want to take the best possible care of their body structure and posture.


ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 66108588
AddressMaude Road
1 Maude Road #02-40 Singapore 200001
Beauty World
140 Upper Bukit Timah Road Beauty World Plaza #03-07 Singapore 588176
MUJU Interior
1 Maude Road #01-38 Singapore 200001

With over 10 years of combined expertise, is a Singapore-based Home & Office Furniture Supplier. They specialize in solid wood furniture, and they utilize only the highest quality solid wood from New Zealand to ensure that all of their pieces are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.



ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+6564844588
Address1 Tampines North Drive 1, #04-02 T-Space, Singapore 528559

Atwood Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, has been delivering office turnkey solutions for over 30 years. They began with house renovations and then expanded to give workplace concepts and design in Singapore and around the world. Many SMEs, MNCs, and government organizations use us to provide refurbishment consulting and office equipment. They are expanding into the ergonomic sector as they build a strong presence in Singapore.

Their company’s goal is to supply ergonomics equipment and products to help safeguard consumers from back problems and work-related upper limb disorders. In the ergonomics department, take a look at their products. As part of their commitment to maintaining high standards, they were awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2011. For the company’s continued expansion, they aspire to give excellence in customer service and satisfaction.



ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture: Model: YOE A8 / YOE G7
Price RangeFrom: $198 – $498 
Contact Details+65 6570-9590
AddressBlk 1049 Eunos Ave 6 #01-138, Singapore 409628

Founded in 1994, they believe in providing the best value to their customers. They are a local manufacturer, and all of their chairs are made in the United States.

The Finest Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore

Comfort Furniture

ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6747 4809
Address110 Eunos Ave 7, Comfort Design Building Singapore 409573

Comfort Design has built a name as a premier furniture company for restaurant, commercial, and residential consumers for over 40 years. Their success is based on their philosophy in taking a customer-centric approach, conforming to our clients’ needs, and striking a balance between design and comfort. Quality is assured because they have their own manufacturing capabilities.



ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6341 5032
AddressSecretlab Global HQ and R&D Centre 351 Braddell Road #05-02 Singapore 579713

Secretlab was conceived for a simple reason. Their creators, Ian and Alaric, they fed up with their never-ending hunt for a gaming chair that met their needs. As a result, they decided to create their own. They had huge plans: to revolutionize the gaming chair business with a seat that combined stunning aesthetics with only the best materials.



ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6291 1725
AddressSuntec City Mall Tower 3 East Wing, #02-728/729/730

HipVan is happy to call Singapore home. They’re young adults, just like you, who care about establishing an inspirational place to call their own. They were inspired to construct HipVan in the country their call home because of the problem of restricted furnishing options, hefty retail markups, and bad quality materials.


Take A Seat

ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6362 2480
Address11 Woodlands Close #10-22 Singapore, Singapore 737853
Website is one of Singapore’s leading ergonomic furniture providers with over ten years of expertise. We specialize in office and children’s ergonomics and offer a wide selection of ergonomic items, including ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, and study tables and chairs for children. They believe in establishing an ergonomic and productive environment for all learning and working areas. They want to raise ergonomic awareness among the general public, office workers, and parents so that they can incorporate ergonomic practices into their daily life.



ServicesErgonomic Office Furniture
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6749 1918
Blk 2, Woodlands Sector 1, #05-13, Woodlands Spectrum 1, Singapore 738068
Jurong East
Blk 18 Boon Lay Way, #01-142, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966
Sims Drive
Block 61 Sims Drive #03-130, Sims Vista (HDB Branch Office), Singapore 380061

Solos (S) Pte Ltd has been a trusted name in the supply of office furniture in Singapore since 1993. They’ve worked hard to achieve our goal of absolute customer satisfaction through cutting-edge office furniture design, value-added customization, and consultancy. They meet all of their client’s needs by offering innovative solutions and advising them on the best products for their specific needs. Their organization values its customers and provides a warm, knowledgeable, and personalized service.

As we conclude our exploration of Ergonomic Office Furniture in Singapore, we hope this guide has provided valuable insights and inspiration for creating workspaces that prioritize health, comfort, and productivity. In the ever-evolving landscape of Singapore’s professional scene, the importance of ergonomic design cannot be overstated.

By investing in ergonomic office furniture, businesses and individuals alike can contribute to a culture of well-being and efficiency. As we bid farewell, remember that the right ergonomic choices extend beyond mere furniture; they pave the way for a work environment where employees thrive, creativity flourishes, and productivity soars.

Whether you’re redesigning an entire office or simply upgrading your workspace, the principles of ergonomics can make a significant impact. Harness the power of ergonomic office furniture to transform your office into a space that not only meets the demands of modern work but also nurtures the health and happiness of everyone within it. Thank you for joining us on this journey into the realm of ergonomic excellence in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an ergonomic furniture?

Ergonomic furniture is created with the goal of increasing productivity and comfort in the workplace. Ergonomic chairs, unlike standard office furniture, keep the user’s body in a secure and upright position, reducing stress on the spine, neck, and hips.

What is an example of an ergonomic product?

Comfortable furniture, such as an office chair, a well-designed desk, enhanced footrests, comfortable wrist rests, an adjustable display, an ergonomic keyboard, and a well-positioned mouse, are the greatest examples of ergonomic design.

What are the ergonomic recommendations of furniture?

When seated, the height of the couch seating should be such that one’s hips do not fall below the knees. In addition, the knees should be at a 90-degree angle. The backrest’s height from the ground should be between 34 and 38 inches to let the user to retain proper posture when sitting.

How does ergonomic furniture benefit me?

Ergonomic furniture provides numerous benefits, such as improved posture, reduced risk of musculoskeletal issues, increased comfort, and enhanced productivity. It adapts to the user’s needs, creating a workspace that supports their physical health and work efficiency.

What are the common features of ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs often feature adjustable height, lumbar support, customizable armrests, and swivel capabilities. These features allow users to tailor the chair to their specific body dimensions and preferences, reducing the risk of discomfort or strain.

Are sit-stand desks worth considering?

Absolutely. Sit-stand desks allow users to alternate between sitting and standing positions, promoting better circulation, reducing fatigue, and minimizing the negative effects of prolonged sitting. They are a popular choice for those seeking a dynamic and health-conscious workspace.

How do I choose the right ergonomic accessories for my desk?

Choosing the right ergonomic accessories depends on your specific needs. Items like monitor stands, keyboard trays, and desk organizers can contribute to a more organized and comfortable workspace. Consider your work habits and preferences when selecting accessories.

Can ergonomic furniture be used in a home office?

Yes, ergonomic furniture is suitable for home offices. In fact, creating an ergonomic home office is crucial for maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. Many providers offer compact and stylish ergonomic solutions suitable for various home office setups.

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