The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore

The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore

Elevate your perspective and capture breathtaking moments with our guide to Drone Rental in Singapore. Unveiling the skies as your creative canvas, explore the possibilities of capturing stunning aerial footage for your projects, events, or personal adventures. Whether you’re a content creator, event organizer, or an enthusiast seeking a unique vantage point, delve into the world of Drone Rental services curated to meet your aerial imaging needs.

Join us as we soar into the boundless opportunities offered by Drone Rental in Singapore, where the horizon becomes your playground and every moment is framed from a captivating altitude.

The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore

Best Drone Rental in Singapore



The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore
Renticulous – Drone Rental Singapore
ServicesDrone Rental: Rental of Video/Photo Equipment and Studio Rental
Price Range$15-$200 per day
Contact Details+65 98342704
Address6 Ubi Road 1 #02-03 Wintech Centre, Singapore 408726

Renticulous offers its customers a wide selection of products at competitive market rates from some of the best brands available. Whether you’re looking for a particular item, or need guidance on which rental will best suit your needs, their professionals are here to guide you every step of the way.


  • Wide selection of gizmos
  • Competitive market rates
  • Offers promotions and discounts
Customer Review

Rented four sets of equipment for five days from Wilson. He was very patient n helpful to walk through the gears with a newbie who needs them for a course. Even offered to lend the trolley to carry all the stuff which I took up thankfully. Return was hassle-free too. Will definitely recommend Renticulous for their professionalism and wide range of products. – Valerie Tan

The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore
Rent-A-Drone – Drone Rental Singapore
ServicesDrone Rental: After-sale services
Price Range 
Contact Details+60 16-770 9046

Are you planning a vacation from Johor Bahru to Singapore and want to lease a drone? Rent-A-Drone is a company that rents out drones and cameras. Drones from Rent-A-Drone can shoot high-quality footage, making it simple to capture the best moments from your travels and save them for posterity. DJI Phantoms 4, Osmos, and GoPros are all available.


  • Great after-sale services
  • Best price guarantee
  • Excellent-performing drones
Customer Review

Excellent service provided, definitely will recommend more friends to patronize. Confirm my first choice when come to drones. – Ivy Chen



The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore
Avetics – Drone Rental Singapore
ServicesDrone Rental: End-to-end drone service
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 9632 4034
Address47 Ayer Rajah Crescent #07-08 (S)139947

Avetics is a leading drone rental company in Singapore, having performed over 200 commercial drone shoots. It’s also partnered with major news organizations including Channel NewsAsia, the Straits Times, and others. To satisfy your industrial needs, they offer complete drone rental services. If you wish to employ drones in tandem, Avetics may be the best option.


  • End-to-end drone services
  • Comprehensive production equipment
  • Offers drone flying training
Customer Review

The Team at Avetics Global is always able to provide me with quality feedback and service required for my needs! – Charles


MyRent Drone Rentals

The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore
MyRent Drone Rentals – Drone Rental Singapore
ServicesDrone Rental: Online p2p rental platform
Price Range 
Address1 Bukit Batok Cres, #03-48, Singapore 658064

There are a number of peer-to-peer renting services available, but MyRent stands out as one of the best. MyRent is a website where you can rent nearly everything you can think of! They believe it is ideal to look at drones here because the prices are so low. Go to MyRent’s website and search for “drone” to learn more about drone rental. You may create an account by scanning the QR codes supplied to begin renting.


  • Provides online p2p rental platform
  • Easy to access
  • Affordable
Customer Review

This is an amazing concept for a space-starved community like us, where we get to rent things instead of owning them. – Lee Eu Jiun


MIRS Innovate

The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore
MIRS Innovate – Drone Rental Singapore
ServicesDrone Rental: Advanced technology
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6718 2231
Address5 Little Road #03-01 Cemtex Industrial Building Singapore 536983

MIRS Innovate specializes in flight-ready unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. They specialize in aerial photography and videography using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). MIRS has worked with a number of organizations, including the Singapore Land Transport Authority, Sentosa, and others. It has also formed partnerships with schools such as Hong Wen School and Dulwich College.


  • Professional services
  • Advanced technology
  • Offers drone courses
Customer Review

Nice packaging and delivery for my M210 V2. Appreciate the industrial training for us to do the work. It is such a nice drone company in Singapore! Thanks a lot! – Nelson Gan

The Finest Drone Rental in Singapore

Lumiere Photography

ServicesDrone Rental: Trending equipment and innovative photography
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 9023 8794
Address11 Woodlands Close, Woodlands 11, #09-12 (S) 737853

Lumiere Photography has served Singaporeans for over ten years and provides a wide range of services. Lumiere focuses on the most current trends from family photographs to business events. Lumiere Photography aspires to provide beautiful, high-quality drone services at a fair price. They also make an effort to provide cutting-edge technologies and expert advice on a timely basis.


  • Top-notch professional services
  • Trending equipment and innovative photography
  • Offers corporate photoshoot
Customer Review

If you’re looking for a reliable & professional photography team for your corporate events, I urge you to give Lumiere a call. – Diet Cooking at Home



ServicesDrone Rental: High-quality cameras
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 9784 3765
AddressGoPro Rental Singapore 498A Tampines Street 45 Singapore 520498

Rentagopro has a long history of offering professional services and high-quality cameras. The center recognizes the significance of timing. As a result, they make it a top priority to get all the equipment they need to be delivered as soon as possible. Rentagapro claims to provide the best solutions to fulfill the needs of its customers.


  • Affordable rates
  • A wide variety of rental accessories
  • Convenient
Customer Review

Didn’t regret renting a GoPro hero 7 from Delvin for my canyoneering and snorkeling activities. Delvin was kind enough to show me how to use it as well. Everything was smooth and fuss-free. Will definitely rent from him again. Thanks, Delvin! – Juanne Lee Pui Xin


Rent Tycoons

ServicesDrone Rental: Short-term rentals
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 8288 7720
Address20 Collyer Quay, #09-01, Singapore 049319

Rent Tycoons is a website where you may rent your goods or services. They believe this is an excellent solution for drone rentals in Singapore because it can cover almost everything. They enable people to earn money while also saving money by letting them rent out their own belongings to other users.


  • Hassle-free drone rental 
  • Peer-to-peer renting services
  • Best for short-term rentals
Customer Review

I am impressed by the efficiency in the rental process, clear contractual obligations, and prompt transfer of money from Rent Tycoons upon renting out the Air Cons. Thanks!! – Mr & Mrs Chua



ServicesDrone Rental: DSLR cinematography
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 64744787
Address115A Commonwealth Drive #05-07/08/09 Singapore 149596

In Singapore, Camwerkz Pte Ltd is a well-known video and still camera rental company. Video camera rental, DSLR cinematography, and professional photography equipment rental are among their offerings. They’ve become members of the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP). Their professionalism can be relied upon.


  • Discounted packages and reasonable rates
  • Offers DSLR cinematography and professional photography equipment
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Customer Review

I went there today to check some video lights for rent. The staff went above and beyond to show all possible options that fit my needs before helping with the booking for Saturday. – Mahesh Madivanan


Cinegear Pte Ltd

ServicesDrone Rental: DJI Phantom and GoPro
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6702 3023
AddressNo. 18 Howard Rd #01-02/03 Novelty BizCentre (S) 369585

Cinegear PTE Ltd. intends to give Singaporeans a one-of-a-kind photography experience while documenting their vacation. The company sells a variety of drones and cameras that are great for filming and shooting photos. As a result, you may be confident in the quality. DJI Phantom and GoPro are two of the best drones they use.


  • Wide variety of drones and cameras
  • Uses DJI Phantom and GoPro
  • Excellent after-sale services
Customer Review

Cinegear is a ONE-STOP SHOP for any scale production. Whether you doing local corporate videos or international-scale movies, they have the experience and equipment to meet your production need. Service is excellent and everyone there is super friendly and helpful even if you are on a micro-production with even a micro-budget. – Malik Basar

As we land our exploration into the dynamic realm of Drone Rental in Singapore, envision the heights of creativity and innovation that unfold with each aerial adventure. From capturing cinematic landscapes to documenting unforgettable events, these rented drones have transcended boundaries, offering a unique perspective on the world below. May the memories captured soar in perpetuity, and the possibilities witnessed from above inspire future endeavors. Here’s to the captivating horizons and boundless skies explored through the lens of Drone Rental, where every flight becomes a story etched in the vivid tapestry of Singapore’s aerial wonders.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is a drone?

A drone is essentially a flying robot that may be commanded remotely or fly autonomously utilizing software-controlled flight plans in its embedded systems, which operate in concert with onboard sensors and a global positioning system (GPS). Most people identify unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with the military.

What is the main purpose of a drone?

Drones may now perform a wide range of tasks, including monitoring climate change, conducting search and rescue operations in the aftermath of natural catastrophes, and taking photographs, filming, and delivering commodities. However, the military uses them for reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeted assaults, which is the most well-known and contentious application.

How far can a drone fly?

However, the legal necessity to keep your drone in sight at all times during flight must take precedence over the actual restrictions of your drone’s range. A toy drone’s range may be 20 to 100 yards, whereas a high-end consumer drone’s range can be 2.5 to 4.5 miles (4 – 8 kilometres).

Why would I consider renting a drone in Singapore?

Renting a drone in Singapore offers a cost-effective way to access cutting-edge aerial technology for various purposes, including photography, videography, event coverage, and personal adventures, without the need for a long-term investment.

What types of drones are available for rent in Singapore?

Drone rental services in Singapore offer a variety of drones, ranging from consumer-grade models suitable for hobbyists to professional-grade drones equipped with advanced features for filmmaking and aerial photography.

Can I rent a drone for personal use, or is it primarily for professional projects in Singapore?

Drone rental services in Singapore cater to both personal and professional use. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to explore aerial photography or a professional seeking advanced drones for specific projects, rental services are adaptable to various needs.

Are there restrictions on where I can fly a rented drone in Singapore?

Yes, there are regulations and no-fly zones set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) that apply to drone flights. It’s essential to be aware of and adhere to these regulations when operating a rented drone to ensure safety and compliance.

Do drone rental services in Singapore provide training or guidance for beginners?

Some drone rental services in Singapore offer training or guidance sessions for beginners. It’s advisable to inquire about any available training programs or resources to enhance your understanding of drone operation and safety.

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