The Finest Door Repair Services in Singapore

The Finest Door Repair Services in Singapore

From time to time, all doors may require repair. When something like this happens, you’d best have someone you can trust to fix it. It’s difficult to find such contractors in Singapore since you never know who to trust. That’s why we listed down some of the finest door repair companies that can fix your problem with your door.


Singapore Door Repair Service

ServicesFolding and Sliding Door Repair Services, Door Lock Repair and Replacement, Glass Door Repair Services
Price Range
Contact Details+656280 4615
Address126 Joo Seng Road Gold Pine Industrial.

We provide various house hold repair services beside door repair. Other repair work we undertake includes: handyman work, electrical work as well as plumbing work. As an ACRA registered company, you can be assured that we are not doing our work as a freelancer as such, we are dedicated to each and every of our customer.

We provide a official receipt for the repair work we do. Also each repair team is headed by an experienced technician whom have more than 20 years of experience in the construction or repair industry.


Superstar Handyman Singapore

ServicesFolding and Sliding Door Repair Services, Door Lock Repair and Replacement, Glass Door Repair Services, Floor Springs, Door Knobs Door installation, Door repair, Door replacement
Price Range
Contact Details+65 93691373
Address1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #06-1457 Singapore 319074

We specialise in installing, replacing automatic door controls for landed, HDB, BTO, Offices and Condominiums. Automatic door controls can be adjusted to close after you at various speed and also lock in position when needed.
If you have just moved in or renovating you premise. Ask us for new home discount packages.
Offices frequently need their floor springs replaced, including the stainless steel door handles for glass fittings. Look no further we can fix this as well.​


A5 Door

We Fix Various Sliding Door Parts Including Roller, Screen, Track, Wheel & Latch.
ServicesSliding door repair, Glass door repair
Price Range
Contact Details+65 3163 9388
Address5 Jalan Wangi, Singapore 349352

Welcome! We are leading door installation and repair contracting company in Singapore, with a penchant for glass doors. We specialise in glass door project, our size, design requirements, and placement notwithstanding. Additionally, having worked on numerous projects on the residential and commercial front, we accrued valuable experience in all matters glass doors such as shower screen, sliding door, frameless, wrought iron gate, kitchen door and tempered glass door. We also specialise in HDB Gates, bedroom & wooden door, folding door and various type of toilet door. You will be hard-pressed to find any other contractor with the understanding, hands-on experience, and even passion for our work than us.


Handyman King

ServicesRepair an interior door, Repair an exterior door, Repair of bifold door, Repair of french doors, Fix Door Knobs/Locks, Repair and install any kinds of door frame, Door handle & panel replacement, Automatic door maintenance, Supply and install of door closers, Supply and install of glass door, Fix sliding glass door track, Replacement glass, Sliding door latch repair
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8730 6882
Address12 Joo Avenue, Singapore 219307

Searching For a Door Specialist in Singapore? We’re Professional Door Frame Services provide all kind of installation and repairs, our team we will work closely with you as to achieve the standard.
Handyman King provides a directory of door repair companies in Singapore. You can compare and consider a list of door repair companies which will suit to your home needs. Check out our cost guide for more information about door installation, repairs and painting costs in Singapore.

We are providing reliable and fast service, with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. The highly skilled and experienced workers are available at your convenience to supply the utmost quality and efficient service.

Finest Door Repair Services in Singapore

Flexi Home Services

ServicesTYPES OF DOORS’ PROBLEMS WE FIX: Office Glass Entrance Doors Floor Spring, Home/Office Door Closer , Glass Door Sensor, Change Home Doors Locks, Hinges, Handles,Latch, Door Fixtures Problems, Doors Alignments ,Door Stuck, Cannot Open Door,Fix Closing & Door Sliding Problems, Change Sliding Tracks and Rollers, Align HDB door gate, repair Aluminium door locks and latch,Terrace House Auto Gate, Repair Rubbish chute Hinge or Change Rubbish Chute, Doors Expansion due to Moisture ;Causes Door Opening/Closing Difficulties.
Price RangeRepair for Labor To Change Door Lock,Hinge,Handles , Knobs etc .
From $50 onwards.
Supply Such Door Fittings .From additional $20 onwards depending on your budget and brand.
Repair Door Opening, Closing, Sliding Problems, Alignment Problem.
From $60 onwards.
Wardrobe / Cabinets Doors /Drawers Problem. Labor from $50,
Supply replacement fittings such as hinges etc from additional $10 onwards .
Office Frameless Swing Glass Door Floor Spring, Door Closer , Hinges Problem .
Floor Spring Replacement From $280 onwards including replace fittings.
Labour $120 onwards not including replacement of fittings , for other Closing Problems.
Contact Details+65 6542 3605
AddressSuntec Tower Three #42-01 . 8 , Temasek Boulevard. Singapore 038988

About Our Repair Technician & Handyman . A Jack of more than a few trades ,Will help solve your Big headache in less time.
The same Handyman comes – be it Change the tap, OR, Hang a picture  Or Change a Blown fuse , Or Change your Door Lock!
Join many of our clients who not only find our handymen fantastic in skills & prices, has also found our services so Handy , they have kept coming back like old friends.
Keep us Handy with your Cards!



ServicesDoor repair services
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8371 5952

Looking to change or repair door knob, lock, sliding door roller, or door frame? We can help to fix them. Figure out on getting repair your door, aircond, flooring and painting, we can advise you on the works.Repairing and maintenance are our core businesses. We will make sure everything done according to customer standards.



ServicesDoor repair services, Door Hinges Repair & Installation, Door Lock Repair & Replacement, Door Knobs and Handles Repair and Replacement
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8797 9735

FixinGuru provides a reliable door repair service to all Singapore customers at a transparent and flexible fee.

At some point in time, our doors will give way as we use them so often. As Murphy’s law states, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

When your door knobs, hinges, handles or locks start to shown signs of trouble, you will need to quickly get them fixed before you find yourself in an unwanted situation


Affordable Door & Door Frame Repair Singapore

ServicesDoor repair services, Door Hinges Repair & Installation, Door Lock Repair & Replacement, Door Knobs and Handles Repair and Replacement
Price Range
Contact Details+65 64328487
AddressBlk, 203C Compassvale Rd, #09-27, Singapore 543203

Door Repair Singapore can get you cover. Their team of experienced and qualified locksmiths can come to your place in less than 30 minutes and will always advise you on your options. They are pleased to offer you a very high-quality door repair service, including door replacement and emergency door repair service in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of repair?

mend: to repair a motor. to restore to a good or sound state after deterioration or damage. to restore or refresh by any method of making good, strengthening, or the like: to relax and repair one’s health. to repair; to make good; to compensate for: to repair harm; to compensate for a shortfall.

What do you call someone who fixes everything?

A handyman is someone who is skilled in a variety of tasks, particularly fixing items around the house. Nowadays, the term “handyperson” is commonly used to refer to both men and women who are skilled in repairing and building things.

Door Repair – Causes Of Damage.

There are a few reasons why doors need to be repaired, and each one offers a few alternatives on how to do it.
Brown rot is another name for wet rot. The wood becomes soft and spongy, with the earliest indications being a hollowing appearance on the surface beneath the paint. The afflicted area darkens. A screwdriver may simply be inserted into the soft places. It’s mainly due to inadequate upkeep or an exposed position, as wood decays naturally when there’s a lot of moisture around. Frequently clogged and painted over, however this seldom solves the problem.
Dry rot is a bit of a misnomer because it thrives in wet, airless environments, thus it doesn’t show up very often in doors. The difference is that it is created and propagated by a fungus, which appears as a soft white coating in extreme cases and spreads tentacles into excellent wood.
Insects are a nuisance. Borers such as the Death Watch Beetle and others. It’s almost unheard of in doors (because to their purpose), although it does happen occasionally in jambs or doors that have been stored.
Damage to property is a crime. Unfortunately, this is rather typical.

Apart from replacing the door or jamb with a new one in the instances mentioned above, when the damage is less serious, there are a few choices for repair.

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