The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore

The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore

Instilling good oral hygiene habits in kids is a vital early step. However, finding a children’s dentist in Singapore can be a daunting task for many parents. Recognizing the challenge of selecting the right dentist for your child, we’ve curated a list of the top 6 dental clinics specializing in kids’ oral health in Singapore.

These dentists, known and trusted by their young patients, are committed to providing care and respect to children. Each one stands out for various reasons, making them excellent choices for pediatric dental care. Explore further to discover more about each dentist and the unique qualities that set them apart from other children’s dental clinics in Singapore.

Best Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore


The Kid Dentist

Fun dentistry for kids
The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore
The Kid Dentist – Kids Dental Clinic Singapore
ServicesDental Clinic For Kids offers: Behavior modification and pain management, Restorative Dentistry, Dental trauma, and sports dentistry, Preventive and minimal intervention dentistry
Price Range 
Contact Details6235 7279
AddressOne Orchard Blvd, #13-06 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649

The Kids Dentist is an excellent dental clinic for those kids who are afraid of their first visit to dentists. The well-crafted gaming center alike clinic never lets your kids get a hint that they are going to visit the dentist. Dr. Rashid Tahir, Dr. Tang Kok Siew, and Dr. Sylvia Koh specialize in pediatric dentistry, and they are quite famous among parents in Singapore due to their comfortable dealing with their kids.


  • Comfy and peaceful interior design
  • Customized treatment for each patient
  • Great and caring staff
Customer Reviews

Bad experiences with other dentists when my son was younger. Now our visits are such a breeze for my SN son ever since we switched to The Kids Dentist more than 5yrs ago. He is very calm during his visits and enjoys “catching up” with Dr. Rashid and Ms. Angela. – Haznita Wan


Kids Dental World

The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore
Kids Dental World – Kids Dental Clinic Singapore
ServicesDental Clinic For Kids that offers: Dental Caries, Malocclusion, Delayed eruption, Impacted teeth
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6684 3113
AddressMount Elizabeth Novena Hospital 38 Irrawaddy Road, #08-33 Singapore 329563

Most dentists agree that you must start taking your child to regular checkups since he got his first tooth. At Kids Dental World, you can bring your kid for regular checkups, fluoride application, delayed eruption of teeth, and other treatments. Furthermore, you can get your child at Kids Dental World to acclimatize them to the dental clinic. Do not wait to see the first cavity in your child’s mouth, bring them to Kids Dental World and help them in learning the importance of cleaning their teeth.


  • Careful and collaborative treatment
  • Modern dentistry
  • Dependable and caring staff
Customer Reviews

Doctor Ong has been our kids’ dentist for 4 years. She is very experienced and gives useful and truthful advice, advice that is best for the kids well being. Doctor Ong is gentle and caring to kids. She is very patient with kids and shows concern for kids’ feelings. – T Joey


Petite Smiles

A child with a smile will go the extra mile!
The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore
Petite Smiles – Kids Dental Clinic Singapore
ServiceDental Clinic For Kids that offers: Preventive dental services, Restorative dental services
Extraction, Early orthodontics intervention, Dental Emergencies, Behavioral management, Special needs
Price Range 
Contact Details62508669
Address10 Sinaran Drive #11-18 Singapore 307506

Petite Smiles is one of the parents’ favorites for introducing their kids to dental procedures. Dr. Ng Jing Jing is an expert at performing dental procedures on kids without scaring them away. You can bring your kids for preventive and restorative dentistry. Procedures like tooth extraction, application of braces, and space maintainers are performed professionally in the most amicable environment. You can also arrange counseling sessions for dental health and behavior management of your kids.


  • Expert in calming kids while treatment
  • Goes beyond extra measure to ensure the well-being of your children
  • Team of dedicated professionals
Customer Reviews

I’ve been going to Dr. Tong for my two boys’ routine dental visits since they turned 2. Dr. Tong is beyond amazing. She’s patient, knowledgeable, gentle, and great with kids. My older boy who’s now 4 loves dentist visits so much he gets super excited when we say we are going for our check-up! I fully recommend her. Plus, for a private practice prices are very reasonable. – Yuna Bong

Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore

Tag Dental

It All begins with a smile
The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore
Tag Dental – Kids Dental Clinic Singapore
ServicesDental Clinic For Kids that offers: Infant oral exams, Preventive dental care, Dental Emergencies
Price Range 
Contact Details 6219 9874
Address140 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-07/08 Beauty World Plaza Singapore 588176

Let us face it — our kids fear dentists more than the boogie man. But that does not mean you should skip dental visits. TAG Dental is a Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) accredited pediatric dental clinic with advanced and painless techniques. Friendly doctors and caring clinical staff help kids relax and enjoy their visits to the dentists. It would be best if you start taking your kid to the TAG Dental clinic when he turns 12 months old.


  • Provides high-quality family dental care
  • Offers cosmetic dentistry
  • Team of professional and skilled staff
Customer Reviews

Highly recommended kids’ dentist! My 5-year-old was initially very scared. Dr. Daryl’s friendly and gentle approach eased her tension. She was very happy throughout the whole session. My 9-year-old visited Dr. Daryl previously and looked forward to today’s session too. Because he said that it doesn’t hurt at all and so relax. Thank you for the wonderful experience! My kids have booked their next appointment and looking forward to seeing the team again. – TC XY


Smile Works

We give you a reason to smile
The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore
Smile Works – Kids Dental Clinic Singapore
ServicesDental Clinic For Kids that offers: Dental examinations and Xrays, Scaling, and polishing
Fillings, Root Canal treatment, Preventive Services, Management of traumatic injuries, Orthodontics in early mixed dentition, Mouthguards
Price Range 
Contact Details81380608
AddressMultiple outlets island wide

Smile Works provides a wide range of dental treatments for every patient. From therapeutic to preventive dentistry — Smileworks is your one-stop dental care clinic. Experts at Smile Works believe that every smile is special. That is why they provide the utmost care to every patient. You can bring your kids to Smile Works for braces, regular checkups, cleaning, and advice from dental experts. It is a relief that you and your kids could go to the same clinic for dental appointments.


  • Great customer service
  • Equipped with modern dental facilities and equipment
  • Provide a gentle, playful, friendly, and stress-free environment
Customer Reviews

I have been coming to this clinic since 15 years ago. It is always excellent in many ways. Ann is amazing 🤩 to be in the front at the reception; Dr. Geraldine Oh and Dr. Lam YK, and Dr. Simon Ng are all excellent in different ways. I have all my family members coming to this dental clinic. They are just simply great. – Ling Claytor


Atria – City Dental Group

The Finest Dental Clinics for Kids in Singapore
Atria City Dental Group – Kids Dental Clinic Singapore
ServicesChild’s first dental visit, Restorative dental care for children, Preventing bad bites, Preventive dental care
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6737 2777
Address391B Orchard Road #08-08 Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238874

Atria-City Dental Group is a multi-disciplinary dental group practice established in 1994. We have been providing both general and specialist dental care to many families in Singapore. The base of our patients has grown over the years mainly through the recommendation of our satisfied patients both locally and from overseas. We are conveniently located on the medical floor (Level 8) of Ngee Ann City Tower B, Orchard Road.


  • Great staff
  • Accommodating environment
  • Provide both general and specialist dental care for children of all ages
Customer Reviews

The service from the counter staff was great. Stephanie was very reassuring and nice. She went the extra mile to provide us with complimentary sensitive teeth toothpaste and cleaning tools. It was a very lovely experience at Atria. – Wengsheng Hu

In summary, the significance of dental clinics for children in Singapore lies in safeguarding the well-being and oral health of its young clientele. These specialized clinics offer a child-friendly environment, experienced pediatric dentists, and tailor-made treatments specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of kids. By promoting early dental care and fostering positive experiences, these clinics play a crucial role in instilling lifelong healthy oral hygiene habits in children.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can dentists treat kids?

Pediatric dentists work with adolescents, teens, and newborns up to the age of 18. While your kid is still developing, we recommend that they visit a pediatric dentist for specialized treatment.

When should a baby see the dentist in Singapore?

When Should My Child See a Dentist for the First Time? It is ideal to take your child to the dentist when he or she is between the ages of six and twelve months. Instead of treating issues, the dentist may prevent and predict them.

How do I prepare my child for dental work?

Preparing Your Child for a Pediatric Dentist Appointment
Staying positive. Parents’ dental phobia can occasionally be passed down to their children.
Dental visits can be learned by reading books or viewing movies.
Bring their favorite video games.
Using positive reinforcement.
Bring their favorite toys with them.

Why are dental clinics for kids essential in Singapore?

Dental clinics for kids in Singapore are crucial for preserving the well-being and oral health of young clients, providing specialized care in a child-friendly environment.

What sets these specialized clinics apart?

Specialized dental clinics for kids stand out for their kid-friendly setting, knowledgeable pediatric dentists, and customized treatments tailored to address the specific needs of children.

How do pediatric dentists contribute to children’s oral health?

Pediatric dentists play a vital role in promoting healthy oral hygiene habits by offering early dental care and creating positive dental experiences for children.

What benefits do these clinics provide for children’s oral health?

Dental clinics for kids offer benefits such as a child-friendly environment, expert pediatric dentists, and personalized treatments that contribute to building and maintaining healthy oral habits from an early age.

How early should children begin visiting a pediatric dentist?

It is recommended that children begin visiting a pediatric dentist as soon as their first teeth emerge, typically around the age of one, to ensure early preventive care and promote optimal oral health.

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