The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore

Step into the rhythm of Singapore’s vibrant dance scene! Our comprehensive guide unveils the top dance studios in the city, where enthusiasts of all levels can hone their skills, express themselves, and discover new passions. From classical ballet to contemporary fusion, explore the diverse offerings of these dance studios and embark on an exhilarating journey of movement and creativity.

Best Dance Studios in Singapore



The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
Barreworks – Dance Studios Singapore
Services– Baby Ballet
– Classical Ballet (RAD Graded – Vocational Levels)
– Adult Ballet
– Ballet Conditioning
– Pointe
– Contemporary, Jazz
– Elite Program and Private Coaching
– Masterclasses and Exposure Programs
Price Range$30-$50 per class
Location897B Old Holland Road, Singapore 278690
Contact+65 9664 6551

BarreWorks Dance Studio offers a wide range of dance classes for all ages! Specializing mainly in Classical Ballet, Barreworks is a registered school with the Royal Academy of Dance. 

To Educate – Because dance is more than just learning steps

To Expose – We want to be alongside you through your dance journey

To Share – Love and Enjoy

that includes professional Harlequin sprung floors, full-length mirrors, portable barres, and dance mats.


  • Royal Academy of Dance registered school
  • Classical Ballet lessons for all ages
  • Competition training & audition preparation
Customer Reviews

Nurturing a dance environment with passionate teachers. – Nezia Marina


Caliente Dance Studio

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
Caliente Dance Studio – Dance Studios Singapore
Services– Solo dance fitness class
– Partner in social dance class
– In house latin cafe and bar
– Mini Gym
Price RangeTrial class from $9.90
Location#05-01 Cecil Building, 137 Cecil Road, Singapore 
Contact+65 91898607

Caliente Dance Studio is a young and energetic dance studio that aims to take you on board the most comprehensive Latin social dance journey. Caliente Dance Studio offers Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and Brazilian Zouk dance classes with the goal of enhancing fitness levels, expressing creativity, boosting self-confidence, and most importantly, offering a welcoming environment for everyone to make friends and have fun while pursuing a new hobby!

The only dance studio to offer progress dance classes for both solo dance fitness, and partner social dance, you can look forward to joining a dynamic community to learn how to dance even with no prior experience. Experienced dancers can also join the Advanced classes, Performance training teams, or simply drop in for social dance nights to enjoy some social dancing.

More than just a dance studio, Caliente is also the only dance studio in Singapore to also have an in-house cafe and bar, as well as a mini gym service to offer to all that wish to experience a fulfilling lifestyle. 


  • Value-for-money
  • The only dance studio that offers progressive Salsa and Bachata
Customer Reviews

Very fun experience, doing both Solo and Partner dance! Salsa and Bachata classes are back to back, so u can sign up both and enjoy a great two hours with the talented trainers. Classes are easy to follow, and the trainers are friendly, encouraging and engaging! Every new steps learned, never fails to wow  – Teresa Chan


Slap Dance Studio

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
Slap Dance Studio – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesPole Dance, Lap Dance, Flexibility & Conditioning Classes
Location144 Robinson Road, #17-02, Singapore 068908
Contact+65 66364622

The longest-running pole and lap dance studio in Singapore is SLAP Dance Studio. Their exercise combines strength, artistry, and elegance with the athleticism of pole dancing. Established by the first pole dancers in Singapore in 2014, SLAP is dedicated to giving the pole dance community a secure and enjoyable atmosphere.


  • Largest most established pole dance studio in Singapore
  • Fosters an inclusive and empowering community
  • Exquisite choreographies and workouts
Customer Reviews

I really like this studio! The Instructors are fantastic. For a noob like me, they take time to answer our questions and guide me without making me feel like a burden. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to give pole a try. – Charlyn Lim


En Motion

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
En Motion – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesStreet Latin Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, Afro, Reggaeton. Providing Company recreation dance classes, private classes for groups, and personal
Latin Performances
Location#03-05/05A Cineleisure Orchard 8 Grange Road Singapore 239695
Contact+65 91597811

The largest and most prestigious Street Latin Dance school in Singapore was founded in 2004 under the name EN MOTION DANCE SCHOOL. En Motion is certain that dancing and teaching should be done with love for the dance form. All of En Motion’s programs are conducted in professional dancing studios by well-trained and experienced instructors that can help any new students to address their fundamental problems from start, emphasizing the significance of basics and fundamentals.

Their team of qualified teachers has placed in the top five in the World Championship and has received the prestigious 9 x Asia Latin Champions honor. At their expert setup, your dance learning experience will be completely taken care of.


  • 9 x Asia Latin Champions
  • Professionally Certified Instructors
  • Largest Street Latin Dance School
Customer Reviews

Excellent Dance School with excellent Dance instructors. It is a blessing to learn dance at En Motion Dance School. Thank God for showing me En Motion Dance School. – Victor Viroovallen


Cindini Dance International

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
Cindini Dance International – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesDance training for all levels, all age groups, and for leisure or competitive/examinations
LocationBlk 531 Upper Cross Street #03-47 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 050531
Contact+65 6533 1013
+65 8820 1780

Singaporean company Cindini was established in 2005. Cindini effectively attained recognition and approval by the well-known quality-demanding market of the European dance industry after establishing themselves in the continent during their early years. Because of their devoted clients all over the world and the benefits of their persistence in believing in and sustaining the quality of their products, Cindini is eventually brought back to Singapore after a period of time.


  • Good & affordable products and services
  • Right support
  • Innovation
The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore

Breathe Dance Company

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
Breathe Dance Company – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesMulti-level pole dance classes
Location15 Phillip Street 09-00 and #10-00 Tan Ean Kiam Building Singapore 048694
Contact+65 9701922

The welcoming professional instructors, some of the best in Singapore, bring over a decade of experience in various dance genres, as well as other movement skills and choreography, to every class. Breathe Dance Company offers a wide variety of pole dance, adult ballet, floorwork, and flexibility classes 7 days a week in their accessible studios located at the heart of Singapore’s CBD.


  • The first studio to offer Air-O-Pole dance classes in Singapore
  • The first studio to offer pole dance classes in Singapore for children aged 6 and up
  • Inclusive, gender-neutral studio
Customer Reviews

Great instructors, fun, supportive, competent, and clear instructions, take their time to ensure that every student does their best. – Elena Prodezo


Shall We Dance

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
Shall We Dance – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesWedding Dance / Bridal Dance / First Dance, Corporate Dance Classes, Group & Private Dance Classes, Children & Adult Dance Classes, Standard, Latin, and Social Ballroom: Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive & Paso Doble, Salsa, Bachata, and Disco Rock
Location23 Kampong Bahru Rd #04-04, Singapore 169349
Contact+65 8779 5567

Shall We Dancing is a lifestyle boutique dance studio that offers dance lessons to both children and adults. It is located in Singapore’s Central Business District. Shall We Dance is a group of dance instructors who focus on assisting people in discovering their inner dancers. Their primary tenets center on encouraging healthy human Connections, a healthy body through movement, and self-expression through the arts.


  • Versatile in both corporate and social dance
  • Comprising Competitive and Award-winning Dancers and Instructors
  • Boutique classes towards a quality learning experience
Customer Reviews

I am very fortunate to have engaged Skye, our choreographer who is very professional and patient in teaching and guiding our Team through a short 1-month crash course to get us ready for a talent competition Aladdin during our annual dinner and dance “Broadway Fantasia”. Most of us have no dancing experience but we managed to emerge as the Champion Team! Thank you, Skye! I sincerely wish you well in your dancing career! – Helen Neo


Urban Steps Academy

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
Urban Steps Academy – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesDance classes and workshops
Location11 Woodlands Close, #08-48 Singapore 737853
Contact+65 88227890

The company called Urban Steps Urban Steps’ mission statement is “Building Families through Dance.” Urban Steps is a Lifeskills Edu-dance company that collaborates with several classroom partners to provide an array of tests and assessments that are accepted all around the world. Urban Steps offers a progressive framework for axiology and character value learning and development through dancing. All pupils, regardless of their age or ability, are encouraged, motivated, and rewarded through this.


  • Building Families through Dance
  • Axiology (Character Building) & Dance
  • Story-based Curriculum with Activity Book for Kids & Parents
Customer Reviews

Urban Steps is more than just dancing to me but also learning social skills and overall making dance an enjoyable experience. – Jaydon Lee



The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
ZiggyFeet – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesPartner Dance Classes
Location6 Raffles Boulevard #B1-01/02/03 Marina Square Singapore 039594

Some individuals find it intimidating to learn social dancing, but with ZiggyFeet, you never have to worry about that. ZiggyFeet makes sure that you can actually enjoy social dancing in addition to providing dance instruction. The only lifestyle dance studio in Singapore, ZiggyFeet brings together social dancing excitement and classroom learning all under one roof.

You can rely on their well-paced curriculum, which is created to give you the self-assurance you need to go out and dance with anyone and everyone. Your lessons will be provided by enthusiastic teachers who are eager to spread the beauty of partner dance. You’ll be welcomed by a wonderful group of kind and encouraging dancers. Just take the initial step, that’s all.


  • Specializing in Freestyle Partner Dancing classes
  • Emphasis on Community Building
  • Student Progress
Customer Reviews

Always have fun learning the bachata and choreography with Ziggyfeet. Great instructors and a lovely dance community. Just Dance Lah don’t worry even if you have two left feet. – Joseph Ong


STEP Studio

The Finest Dance Studios in Singapore
STEP Studio – Dance Studios Singapore
ServicesDance classes, Dance enrichment
LocationPeace Centre #04-13 1 Sophia Road Singapore 228149
Contact+65 63974989

A modest, locally owned dance studio in Singapore, STEP Studio seeks to develop dancers of all skill levels. Directors Stephanie Loh and Deo Amarawi founded STEP Studio with the goal of helping each dancer reach their full potential through empowerment, support, and specialized instruction.


  • Nurturing
  • Homegrown
  • Welcoming
Customer Reviews

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The class was really fun. Deo is a fab and attentive teacher, he gives clear instructions and makes sure everyone can follow the routine. Would highly recommend Step Studio! – Fity L Fity

Embrace the joy of movement and the artistry of dance in Singapore’s dynamic dance studios. With a range of styles, experienced instructors, and welcoming communities, these studios offer a platform for self-expression, skill development, and endless inspiration. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, let the rhythm guide your steps and continue to explore the boundless world of dance in Singapore’s vibrant culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of dance styles are offered at dance studios in Singapore?

Dance studios in Singapore offer a wide range of styles, including ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, Latin, ballroom, and more.

Are dance classes suitable for beginners?

Yes, most dance studios in Singapore offer classes suitable for beginners. These classes provide a supportive environment for learning and improving dance skills.

How can I find the best dance studio in Singapore for my needs?

You can start by researching different dance studios online, reading reviews, and considering factors such as the types of classes offered, instructors’ qualifications, studio facilities, and location convenience.

Do dance studios in Singapore offer trial classes?

Many dance studios offer trial classes or introductory packages for new students. This allows you to experience the studio’s teaching style and atmosphere before committing to regular classes.

Are there dance studios in Singapore that cater to specific age groups?

Yes, some dance studios specialize in classes for specific age groups, such as children, teens, adults, or seniors. These classes are tailored to the unique needs and abilities of each age group.

Can I participate in dance competitions or performances through dance studios in Singapore?

Some dance studios in Singapore offer opportunities for students to participate in competitions, showcases, or performances. Check with the studio about their performance opportunities and requirements.

What are the benefits of joining a dance studio in Singapore?

Joining a dance studio can offer numerous benefits, including improving physical fitness, enhancing coordination and flexibility, boosting self-confidence, meeting new people, and exploring your creativity through dance.

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