The Finest Culinary Schools in Singapore

The Finest Culinary Schools in Singapore

Looking for the best Culinary Schools in Singapore? Check out our top selected companies.


Gra Baking Academy

Key ProgrammesWe offer a wide range of baking classes.
Price Range$80-$400
Contact Details+65 9186 7640
Address780 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-06 Choon Kim House, Singapore 534649 

Gra Baking Academy is a rapidly expanding company. They provide a variety of lessons, including masterclasses, professional certificate classes, private and family classes, skills future credit claimable workshops, and just launched online classes. Their inventive recipes are simple enough for any home baker to master, and they’re meant to give you the delight of making exquisite treats from scratch with genuine, everyday ingredients.

Individual attention due to small class size. Hands-on baking experience that is both enjoyable and memorable. The simplicity with which you may replicate what they prepare in each baking class in your own kitchen is a major feature of their baking classes. Their baking lessons are ideal for anyone who want to learn how to bake but need or desire hands-on experience.


D’ Open Kitchen

Key ProgrammesCooking Team Building Activities, Baking Team Building Activities, Market Tour, Virtual Cooking Class
Price Range$80-120
Contact Details+65 8228 6217
Address10 Anson Road Singapore, Singapore 079903

D’Open Kitchen is about making cooking food fun for everyone. They organise and execute cooking team building events as well as cooking and baking classes around Singapore. More than just a culinary school – they are for everyone to share, bond, collaborate, and come together to create yummy food.

Key ProgrammesHands on culinary and pastry classes, Corporate Team Building, Private parties for kids and adults, Studio Rental with Food Shop License, Private Dining, F&B Consulting Services
Price RangeHands on classes start from $128 nett per person
Contact Details+65 6478 9746
AddressChromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, Singapore 138670

Palate Sensations Culinary School has assisted numerous home gourmands in realizing their aspirations of becoming skilled cooks and professional chefs, as well as helping them enhance their culinary and baking talents. Thousands of aspiring and professional chefs have received training from them, allowing them to please their families, friends, and clients via their greatest passion: cooking and baking.

An Executive Chef, a Cuisine Chef, a Pastry Chef, an Operations Manager, and a team of guest chefs from prominent Singapore restaurants, as well as chefs, specialized in respective cuisines, staff the school’s state-of-the-art 2000 sqft open concept kitchen. We cover a wide range of world cuisines, from French to Italian to the Mediterranean, as well as Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Peranakan, and Vietnamese, with a focus on culinary and baking methods. They hope to gratify a wide range of palates with our culinary and baking programs.

For Western and Asian cuisine, the kitchen is equipped with the most up-to-date commercial and home appliances. The studio can accommodate up to 75 individuals working in 12 teams, thanks to its 12 fully self-contained workstations. Their outside space can accommodate up to 40 people, while their kitchen can accommodate another 30.


The Little Things

Key ProgrammesWeekly Self-Savvy Programme, Parent-Accompanied, Virtual Workshops, Parties & Playdates, Culinary Excursions/Incursions
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6456 3140
Address244N Upper Thomson Road

Since its start, the Little Things has been at the forefront of the children’s culinary revolution. The Little Things now hosts regular special workshops for both parent-and-child and drop-off programs and has a large number of sign-ups for private parties and birthday celebrations.

Their Self-SavvyTM software has been customized to cook and bake in various school, business, and charitable initiatives, and has been adopted by a variety of organizations and educational institutions.


Cookery Magic

Key ProgrammesCooking Classes, Corporate and team building cooking classes, Pulau Ubin Cooking Classes, Private Bohri Thal dining,
Price Range$55 – $160 /pax
Contact Details+65 9665 6831
Address117 Fidelio Street Singapore 458492

Cookery Magic has been providing hands-on cooking workshops for the last 20 years and both residents and visitors like them. Ruqxana’s outdoor home kitchen in a wonderful old house in Siglap is where classes are held. The classes are hands-on, and the meals change on a regular basis. Cuisines such as Singapore, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nonya, Thai, and many others are available.

Cookery Magic uses a traditional way of cooking in which ingredients are mashed in a mortar and pestle. Following the culinary lesson, a sit-down supper is served on the front porch, which overlooks the garden.

Finest Culinary Schools in Singapore


Key ProgrammesCustomised Programmes, Full-Time and Part-Time, Diploma and Higher Certificate Programmes, Industry Mentorship Programme @ SHATEC (IMPS), Short Courses, WSET® Programmes, WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts), WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Pastry and Baking), WSQ Diploma in Hotel and Accommodation Services
Price RangeFor all full-time and part-time programme course fee, please visit:
Phone: (65) 6415 3510 / 528 / 548 / 554
For Customised ProgrammesShort Courses and WSET Programmes course fees, please visit
Phone: (65) 6415 3513 / 514 / 590 / 508 / 547 / 531
Contact Details+65 6415 3513 
Address21 Bukit Batok Street 22 Singapore 659589

The Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) established SHATEC in 1983 to maintain a steady supply of talent for Singapore’s hospitality sector. SHATEC has established itself as the industry’s premier hospitality school, creating generations of outstanding hospitality professionals, entrepreneurs, and world-renowned chefs.

School leavers, adult learners, and industry practitioners interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality and tourism business can enroll in SHATEC’s full-time and part-time programs. The following fields are covered by SHATEC’s programs: higher education, continuing education and training, corporate training, and personal development:

• Hospitality & Tourism
• Culinary & Pastry
• Food & Beverage Services


Commune Kitchen

Key ProgrammesHands-on cooking classes: Traditional Chinese Dumplings, Xiao Long Bao, Gluten-free Dumplings, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Thai, Vegetarian and Asian cuisines
Highlights: Affordable, hands-on cooking class for all ages, State-of-the-art kitchen, Conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT
Price Range120SGD/person
Contact Details+6588214805
AddressLevel 3, Downtown Gallery 6A Shenton Way, Singapore

Commune Kitchen is a cooking school in Singapore that offers cheap, hands-on cooking workshops in a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, Gluten-free, and Vegetarian food. Traditional Chinese dumplings, Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), gluten-free dumplings, and Middle Eastern culinary lessons are popular among residents and visitors alike.

All classes are taught by expert chefs in the Downtown Gallery’s state-of-the-art kitchen. Small groups of participants are divided into distinct stations with plenty of space for hands-on cooking and practice. Aside from weekly cooking lessons, Commune Kitchen also hosts children’s parties, corporate team-building activities, and private cooking sessions for groups of up to 24 individuals.


All Spice

Key ProgrammesWSQ Programs – Cooking, WSQ Programs – Baking, Certificate Programs, Short Courses, Teambuilding, Shipyard Safety
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6276 0760
AddressBlock 162 #07-3545, Bukit Merah Central Singapore 150162

At Allspice Institute, we strive to provide a comprehensive learning experience as well as an atmosphere conducive to development and research in the field of hospitality and culinary arts.

Hospitality encompasses its history, cultural differences that serve as a foundation for greeting variations, and human relations approach. Their strategy is to provide a solid basis on which to develop, build, and adapt, particularly in today’s dynamic, multinational hotels and resorts. Culinary art is a discipline that needs commitment, a strong sense of enthusiasm, and a drive to excel in this vast and fascinating subject. In our cooking school, our native and foreign professors and guest lecturers will share their knowledge and enthusiasm for this profession.

With its new location in the heart of Singapore’s city, Allspice offers a holistic, all-encompassing curriculum that will deepen your understanding of historical cuisine and worldwide culinary philosophies, skills, and traditions while also introducing you to current trends.


SSA Culinary

Key ProgrammesWSQ Baking and Culinary Courses
1. WSQ Delicious Dim Sum
2. WSQ Classic Cookies
3. WSQ Refreshing Desserts
4. WSQ Marvellous Muffins and Scones
5. WSQ Yummy Cakes
6. WSQ Authentic Peranakan Dishes
7. WSQ Elegant Choux Pastries
8. WSQ Exquisite Seafood Dishes
9. WSQ Flavourful Italian Pasta
10. WSQ Delectable Dim Sum (Adv Dim Sum)
11. WSQ Traditional Malay Desserts
12. WSQ Mouthwatering Breads and Buns
13. WSQ Aromatic Coffee Crafts
14. WSQ Healthy Steamed Dishes
15. WSQ Fragrant Rice Dishes
16. WSQ Innovative Café Desserts
17. WSQ Savoury Chinese Noodles
SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Courses ($208.60)
1. Baking for a Living – Savoury Buns
2. Baking for a Living – Cookies
3. Baking for a Living – Cakes
Price RangeCompiled SSACI Brochures – WSQ – v111020
Contact Details+65 6632 9433
Address3 Irving Road, #01-22, #02-04, #02-05, #02-07, Tai Seng Centre, Singapore 369522

SSA Culinary Institute, founded in 2016, is Singapore’s largest halal baking school, featuring Celebrity Chef Siti Mastura Alwi as its Principal Chef. SSACI is equipped with high-quality facilities, including 7 state-of-the-art halal kitchens and 6 classrooms, and offers a wide and tantalizing range of courses. As a culinary institution, its principal goal is to give baking instruction and enable students to become skilled employees and micro-entrepreneurs.

The SSA Culinary Institute can hold up to 159 pupils every session, with the largest kitchen holding 66 people. They give creative and interesting team building activities aimed at team cohesion in addition to the best of amenities. SSA Culinary Institute is a subsidiary of SSAGroup, a conglomerate that offers a range of professional services, including 21st-century skills training, culinary skills and micro-entrepreneurship, management consulting, Islamic finance, and estate planning.


Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School

Key ProgrammesCooking classes, Baking classes
Price Range$190 to $540
Contact Details+65 6463 5508
Address1 Greendale Avenue Singapore 289495

Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School is located in the beautiful Hillcrest neighbourhood of Bukit Timah, Singapore. The school, which opened in April 2016, offers a contemporary, friendly, state-of-the-art, purpose-built kitchen that caters to all levels of home chefs and those looking to advance their baking and culinary skills.

Brettschneider’s Baking & Culinary School, built on the strong foundations of Dean Brettschneider’s thriving Baker & Cook artisan bakery & food store business, offers professional, instructional, and hands-on baking & cooking programs in a pleasant and relaxed setting.

Dean Brettschneider leads a team of passionate chefs, cooks, and baristas who teach an exciting variety of cuisines and techniques for all abilities from beginner to accomplished cooks. With an internationally acclaimed baking career spanning nearly three decades and an uncompromising passion for new world artisan baking, Dean Brettschneider leads a team of passionate chefs, cooks, and baristas who teach an exciting variety of cuisines and techniques for all abilities from beginner to accomplished cooks.

Choose from day workshops, evening classes, weekend sessions, and two-day masterclasses, and be in the company of like-minded and creative individuals who are preserving the art of baking and cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Culinary School?

Culinary arts, to put it simply, are the art of preparing, cooking, presenting, and serving food. Culinary arts can refer to any career that involves preparing, cooking, and presenting food, although it is most commonly associated with restaurant meals.

What is the difference between college and culinary school?

The main distinction between a culinary college or institute and a cooking school is not only the degree you’ll obtain after graduation; it’s also the education you’ll receive while you’re there.
Cooking schools only give certificates of completion or cuisine/skill-specific programs, whereas culinary colleges offer Associate’s degrees (2 years) or Bachelor’s degrees (4 years). Which choice is ideal for you will be determined by your professional ambitions.

What happens in culinary school?

Culinary school will teach you not just basic cooking techniques, but also life principles such as organization, problem-solving, and time management. More information on the new Online Culinary Arts & Food Operations Program may be found here.

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