The Finest Companies that Embrace CSR in Singapore

The Finest Companies that Embrace CSR in Singapore

Singapore states that CSR is becoming more important in Singapore for several reasons. The public is increasingly aware of a company’s environmental and social responsibilities, and more and more consumers expect the company to act ethically. Organizations also make it business-reasonable because it helps build credibility, increase employee retention, attract people around the world, and improve their commitment to environmental issues.

Here is the list of companies that embraces CSR in Singapore.



ServicesCarousell is a Singaporean smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer and business to consumer marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods.
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Crafting their CSR strategy as part of their main business, Carousell promotes the spirit of inclusiveness by making the marketplace accessible for the elderly. Other than introducing the world of online shopping to our seniors, the team also shares tips on how to be safe online. Carousell will also continue to develop comprehensive follow-up lessons for seniors after they have mastered the basic functions of the mobile app.



ServicesGrab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp, offering a suite of services from deliveries, mobility, financial services, and more.
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Address3 Media Close, Singapore 138498

It’s hard to think it’s just been a year since Grab joined the Singapore food delivery market. Despite this, photographs of a wheelchair-assisted delivery partner dressed in the recognizable green GrabFood outfit went viral on Facebook, earning the firm significant brownie points.

Grab’s dedication to diversity allows people with disabilities to be self-sufficient and contribute to the gig economy.

ServicesAirbnb, which stands for “Air Bed and Breakfast,” is a website that allows property owners to rent out their premises to tourists. Travelers can rent a communal area with individual rooms, a shared space with numerous people sharing it, or the full house for themselves.
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Airbnb has discovered a method to instill philanthropy and employee volunteerism through its worldwide Week for Good initiative, which gives workers four hours of paid time off each month to volunteer with NGOs and issues they care about, in accordance with its “Belong anywhere” philosophy.

ServicesA Contactless Payment Pioneer
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The Land Transport Authority established EZ-Link on January 8, 2002, as the first large-scale contactless payment system for Singapore’s public transportation system. Its major activity is in the sale, distribution and administration of EZ-Link cards, as well as the clearing and settlement of all EZ-Link transactions made in transport and non-transit sectors.

ServicesYakult Singapore perseveres to continue its healthy journey to spread to all Singaporeans alike the awareness on the benefits of its unique probiotics, L. casei strain Shirota along the principles of Shirota-ism.
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Address7 Senoko Avenue, Singapore 758300

Yakult is the latest company in Singapore to cease using plastic straws, joining Burger King, KFC, and Resorts World Sentosa in the effort to be more ecologically conscious. Yakult Singapore announced on its Facebook page that their probiotic milk drinks would no longer come with straws by the end of 2018.

Apart from their no-straw policy, Yakult has long been a sponsor of public projects and health-related events in Singapore, collaborating with organizations such as the National Foundation for Digestive Disease (NFDD) and the Singapore Cancer Society. Major international and national swimming competitions have also been sponsored by Yakult.



ServicesPatagonia, Inc. is an American retailer of outdoor clothing.
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The outdoor apparel and gear brand is no new to us especially after they made headlines in 2017 for suing the United States government and President Donald Trump after they have planned to decrease two national monuments by 85 percent . Patagonia has always been loud and honest about their ideas as an environmental fighter.

In addition to incorporating sustainability into their apparel, they have made significant contributions to environmental concerns through corporate philanthropy. For more than 30 years, the socially conscious corporation has been contributing 1 percent of its yearly sales to charities and grassroot groups. Patagonia regards these donations as “one of their usual costs of doing business and something that is as much a fundamental aspect of Patagonia as it is a key feature of Patagonia,” according to CSR central.



ServicesLevi’s® jeans – Clothing Brand
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This firm made denim jeans a ubiquitous article of apparel and they are on their way to make water conservation a ubiquitous technique in the manufacturing industry as well. Many firms work towards resolving the problem produced by their goods as part of their CSR programs, whereas Levi’s believes in prevention.

In 2007, they started investigating and analysing their products’ influence on the environment so that they were able to build a more sustainable way in their production process. They started their investigation with their most iconic pair of Levi’s 501 jeans. Working with third-party organisations, Levi’s found out that more than 3000 liters of water were consumed over the whole product cycle of one pair of jeans — from cotton in the ground, washing of jeans, to the eventual disposal of the product. 


Fuji Xerox Singapore

ServicesPrinters, Multifunction Printers, Production Printers, Software, Wide Format Printers, Interactive Display
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Address20E Pasir Panjang Road #02-21A, Mapletree Business City, Singapore, Singapore

Fuji Xerox Singapore, a worldwide document solutions firm, puts in place a comprehensive environmental policy in 2003 that focuses its aims on conserving the environment in its supply chain through eco-initiatives, including a “You Print, We Plant” campaign. The initiative commits to plant trees in lieu of its paper goods, while urging businesses to invest in FSC-certified paper. The program has resulted in a reduction of 41 percent in C02 emissions, even though there was a 38 percent rise in overall income in 2013.

The recipient of the Gold Award for “Excellence in CSR Practices” at the Human Resources Excellence Awards 2013 makes community work widely available to its workers, who volunteered to build homes for the people of Batam in programs like the Batam Build initiative. Additionally, the firm pays S$2 to the Singapore Children’s Society for each customer praise received.


Samsui Supplies and Services

ServicesCatering Services, Food Delivery
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Address150 Kampong Ampat KA Centre #04-01 Singapore 368324

Samsui Supplies and Services, a subsidiary of the Soup Restaurant Group, gives 2,000 non-profit meals a day or 500,000 meals yearly to the disadvantaged in Singapore. Besides delivering free lunches, the sauce manufacturer and distributor of food items also employs 12 to 20 trainees from the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), who pack dry goods in its central warehouse.


Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd

ServicesCivil & Infrastructure Construction, Asphalt, Aggregates, Recycling, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Airfield & Road Maintenance, Precast Concrete Products
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AddressSamwoh Smart Hub, 12 Kranji way Singapore, Singapore 739454

Samwoh Corporation was crowned the Green Champion at the Singapore Compact CSR Awards 2011 owing to its green practices and its abilities to win over the support of other stakeholders for its green sustainability construction.

One of its green breakthroughs focused on adding recycled rubbers from discarded tyres to asphalt premix, which has been found by its research team to boost the flexibility of the road by limiting cracking; additionally, it also mitigates road noise.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is CSR Singapore?

Corporate Social Responsibility For Companies in Singapore
That is where corporate social responsibility comes in – it pushes firms to create a good influence on social, environmental and economic concerns through their business strategies.

Is CSR mandatory in Singapore?

Compliance with the Code is not mandatory but listed businesses are obliged under the Singapore Exchange Listing Rules to declare their corporate governance procedures and offer reasons for departures from the Code in their annual reports for Annual General Meetings.

What is CSR and how does it work?

Corporate social responsibility is a business model under which firms make a concentrated effort to operate in ways that enrich rather than destroy society and the environment. CSR improves both society and the brand image of corporations.

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