The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore

The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore

In the dynamic landscape of Singapore’s real estate, the emerging trend of coliving spaces is reshaping living experiences. Coliving, a concept that entails shared housing where individuals reside in a community and pool resources such as kitchens, living areas, and sometimes even sleeping quarters, is gaining traction.

Opting for coliving spaces in Singapore comes with numerous advantages. Residents enjoy a sense of community, affordable housing options, and a central location within the city. This trend is particularly appealing to young professionals, expatriates, and digital nomads, as many coliving places in Singapore offer additional amenities like 24-hour security, cleaning services, fitness centers, and co-working spaces.

In essence, coliving spaces in Singapore present a unique and innovative housing alternative, catering to individuals seeking a fresh and communal living experience in this vibrant metropolis.

Best Coliving Spaces in Singapore



The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore
Cove – Coliving Spaces Singapore
Best forFlexible rental terms
Rental Terms3 months minimum, month-to-month lease after
PricingStandard Bedroom with Shared Bathroom: starts from S$1,000/month

Junior Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom: starts from S$1,450/month

Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom: starts from S$1,550/month

Studio with Private Bathroom & Kitchen: starts from S$2,100/month

Note: Rates vary depending on the location
Contact Details+65 3163 1597
Address195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #02-16, Singapore 168976

The young and the young-at-heart in Singapore frequently choose Cove as their coliving option. Many people think of them as one of Singapore’s top coliving places because of their flexible monthly leases and simple moving-in procedure.

You have the benefit of having a wide range of selections because to the hundreds of venues, they have spread out around the island. Depending on your tastes, demands, and spending limit, you may select from a wide range of landed homes, condo apartments, and apartment buildings.

Cove’s rooms are all nicely furnished and available for immediate occupancy. The fact that everything at Cove can be done online, from check-in to moving out, contributes to its appeal to younger people.

Through their flatmate matching service, Cove also assists in finding appropriate flatmates for you. Cove also encourages community engagement by hosting numerous activities that are open to anyone.


  • Private bathrooms & kitchens are available
  • Flexible terms
  • Flatmate matching service
  • Quick online processing
Customer Reviews

Many Thanks to the tenant experience manager, Alam, which always helpful, quick to resolve, and very supportive! – Feri Guretno



The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore
Figment – Coliving Spaces Singapore
Best forLuxury Living Spaces
Rental Terms3 months minimum, month-to-month lease after
PricingFigment Suite with Shared Bathroom: starts at S$1,500/month

Figment Suite with Private Bathroom: starts at S$1,900/month
Contact Details+65 8726 2162
Address36 Petain Rd, Singapore 208102

Take a peek at the exquisitely crafted coliving spaces that Figment has to offer if you want to soak in Singapore’s history and culture. For creative types and ex-pats looking to live elegantly, Figment is the greatest coliving option in Singapore.

Old Singapore shophouses are transformed into stunning, Instagram-worthy homes by Figment. These shophouses are also found throughout Singapore’s hippest areas, allowing you to experience the entire island’s sights and sounds.

The suites at Figment emphasize hassle-free living as well because they are fully equipped with all of your necessities and more. Additionally, their helpful team will handle the weekly upkeep and cleaning so you may concentrate on your everyday activities. You may pick from a variety of shophouses, each with a distinctive appearance. Four to six individual studios or suites may be found in each shophouse, with the first floor serving as the communal space.


  • Weekly housekeeping and maintenance provided
  • Private bathrooms available
  • Flexible contracts
Customer Reviews

Had a great time! The apartment is equipped with everything you need. The communication was super easy and quick and the place looks exactly like it does in the pictures. The neighborhood is very conveniently located and although it’s a lively neighborhood the apartment is very quiet! Would absolutely recommend staying there! – Yash Malani



The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore
Adobha – Coliving Spaces Singapore
Best forColiving spaces of various types
Rental Terms3 months minimum
PricingPrivate + Shared Bath – starts at $800/month

Private Room + Ensuite – starts at $1,100/month
Contact Details+65 9767 3399

Adobha offers co-living spaces for people with a range of financial situations and housing requirements. They mostly serve ex-pats from a variety of age groups and ethnic origins. Although they primarily provide co-living places, their portal also lists private rooms, subject to availability. Visit their website to view the accommodations they have available around Singapore.

The cost of the places may vary, but they will make every effort to keep it at a fair price. Whatever you decide, you can count on it to be routinely maintained, clean, and safe. Consider the locations Adobha has to offer if you want to remain in Singapore for a considerable amount of time. They are a business that will provide you access to the location most suited to your needs thanks to their reasonable costs, a wide range of alternatives, and attentive personnel.


  • Around-the-clock property maintenance
  • Varied facilities available
  • Wide range of spaces
  • No agency fee
Customer Reviews

I was first skeptical about sharing a house with a bunch of strangers. I moved in thinking, I will try this experience for a few months, however after living here for some time, I continued staying. Now it is almost 5+ years and I’m super comfortable here! Besides having a clean and safe room and round-to-clock property maintenance, the opportunity of meeting up with new people and making new friends regularly makes me happy! – Sirish

The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore


The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore
Hmlet – Coliving Spaces Singapore
Best forMultiple Choice Locations
Rental Terms6 nights minimum (Cantonment only)
3 months minimum (for other locations), month-to-month lease after
PricingPocket Room (shared bathroom): starts from S$950/month

Regular Room (shared bathroom): starts from S$1,300/month

Master Room (private bathroom): starts from S$1,600/month

Studio: starts from S$2,090/month

Full 1-bedroom Apartment: starts from S$3,300/month

Full 2-bedroom Apartment: starts from S$3,500/month

Note: Rates may vary depending on location and duration of stay
Contact Details+65 3138 5596
Address25A Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088333

The term “Hmlet” is well-known in the coliving community. They actually have several coliving facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and of course, Australia. The finest coliving area in Singapore for you is Hmlet if you want a wide range of possibilities.

All around the island, they have coliving places that were specially designed for them, and they are all equally fashionable. In addition, each space has a variety of shared areas, including work areas, utility rooms, leisure spaces, and more.

Additionally, Hmlet offers a variety of bedroom sizes, from tiny Pocket Rooms to enormous Master Bedrooms. You may employ their cleaning and maintenance services, so you don’t have to bother about housekeeping.

A Hmlet move-in membership, which grants you access to WiFi, exclusive membership discounts, passes to neighborhood activities, and more, is also included with the rental of a coliving room. Additionally, you may utilize the official Hmlet app for all of your stay’s needs, like requesting cleaning, receiving notifications for communal activities, communicating with roommates, and more.


  • Private bathrooms available
  • Hmlet app available
  • Weekly housekeeping and maintenance provided
  • Flexible contracts
  • Pet-friendly
Customer Reviews

Hmlet has been the coliving experience I’ve had. I live in the Hmlet Duet and both the service and the space were great. Anytime I needed something the member experience team was super responsive. The apartment was so nicely and conveniently decorated! – Olivia Ozino Caligaris


CP Residences

The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore
CP Residences – Coliving Spaces Singapore
Best forCBD-located coliving spaces
Rental Terms3 months minimum
Pricing1-Bedroom: starts from S$2,400/month

2-Bedroom: starts from S$1,800/month

3-Bedroom: starts from S$5,000/month

Executive Room: starts from S$1,800/month

Lite Room: starts from S$1,400/month

Master Room: starts from S$2,500/month

Studio: starts from S$2,500/month

Note: Rates vary depending on the location
Contact Details+65 6219 0111
Address176A Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238844

Check out the apartments provided by CP Residences if you’re seeking for an urban coliving place that’s conveniently located in the CBD. They provide working professionals and business travelers with the greatest coliving options in Singapore.

They mostly provide private homes, but they also have a huge selection of coliving places that may accommodate various demands and price ranges. Their rooms are all uniquely created and provided with everything you could possibly need.

Hovoh, a more sustainable coliving alternative for people wishing to move into cleaner and greener homes, was recently introduced by CP Residences. On one of Singapore’s busiest and most well-liked retail streets, Bugis Street is where Hovoh is situated. When you pick coliving apartments from CP Residences, accessibility will never be a problem. Everything, from the nightlife to the tall corporate complexes, is accessible.


  • Private bathrooms available
  • Sustainable coliving spaces available
  • Pet-friendly (depends on location)
  • Located in CBD
Customer Reviews

Had an awesome stay at one of their managed units during my house renovation period of 3 months. From start to end, the entire team had catered and rendered to all my requirements and needs. Would definitely recommend their Managed Apartments and coliving services to others. Thanks Once again! – Prabu Raja Gopal


Lyf by Ascott Properties

The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore
Lyf by Ascott Properties – Coliving Spaces Singapore
Best for1-night minimum
Rental Terms1 night minimum
PricingStudio: starts from S$150/night

Bunk Studio: starts from S$170/night

2-Bedroom: starts from S$230/night

4-Bedroom: starts from S$350/night

6-Bedroom Duplex: starts from S$410/night
Contact Details+65 6970 2288
Address67 Hill St, Level 4 Funan Mall, Singapore 179370

For tourists or locals searching for a fun location to stay, Lyf by Ascott Properties is ideal. For people who only want to remain for a short period of time (less than a month), their rates, unlike those of other coliving spaces, are per night. You’re sure to discover the ideal spot from Lyf’s large range of accommodations, whether you’re traveling alone, with your lover, or with a group of friends. Even interactive touchscreen whiteboards are available in some areas for you and your guests to utilize.

Additionally, Lyf by Ascott Properties’ mobile key access and round-the-clock security surveillance system will keep you and your possessions secure, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, complimentary safes are provided in each room to protect your belongings. Additionally, Lyf is close to transit, eateries, retail centers, famous sites, and more. Many think Lyf is one of the greatest coliving places in Singapore because of its great location and facilities.


  • Private bathrooms & kitchens are available
  • Mobile key access and 24/7 security
  • Short term accommodations
Customer Reviews

Lyf is a great place to stay and meet other travelers. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The location is great. There’s a Mall within 10 minutes of walking. Location, Amenities- laundry area, gym, small cafe area, comfortable common area with working space, kitchen- just add food. Very good Vibes during our stay. – Climon Mock

The surge in popularity and growth of coliving spaces is reshaping Singapore’s real estate landscape, offering an array of benefits for those seeking cost-effective and communal living solutions. Coliving spaces have become an attractive choice for young professionals, expatriates, and digital nomads, drawn in by their convenient locations and diverse facilities. As Singapore solidifies its position as a major global business hub, the demand for coliving spaces is expected to escalate, solidifying its role as a significant component of the city’s housing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is coliving legal in Singapore?

On websites like Hmlet, Figment, and Commontown, you can simply browse through a variety of co-living spaces and pick your chosen room size, from pocket rooms to entire flats. Contrary to common assumption, co-living is legitimate and a preferred choice for individuals on a budget in Singapore.

How does coliving work in Singapore?

Renting a bedroom (with or without a private bathroom) or a small suite in a community living space with shared living rooms, a kitchen, and recreational amenities is the norm for co-living accommodations in Singapore.

Can friends live together in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are co-living alternatives that let you rent both individual rooms and complete flats so you may live alone or with someone you love. You may choose what matches your budget the best and live in a space that meets your needs, from shared apartments to penthouses.

What is coliving, and how does it differ from traditional housing?

Coliving is a modern housing concept where individuals reside in shared spaces, fostering a sense of community. It differs from traditional housing by emphasizing shared amenities, collaboration, and a more social living environment.

Who benefits most from choosing coliving spaces in Singapore?

Coliving spaces in Singapore appeal to a diverse demographic, including young professionals, expatriates, and digital nomads. The communal living style, convenient locations, and additional facilities make it an attractive option for these groups.

What amenities are typically available in coliving spaces?

Coliving spaces in Singapore offer a range of amenities, including shared kitchens, communal living areas, 24-hour security, cleaning services, fitness centers, and co-working spaces. The specific amenities can vary, so it’s advisable to check with individual providers.

How does coliving contribute to a sense of community?

Coliving fosters a sense of community through shared spaces and collaborative living arrangements. Residents often engage in communal activities, creating a social atmosphere that encourages interaction and a sense of belonging.

Are coliving spaces more cost-effective than traditional housing options in Singapore?

Coliving spaces are often considered more cost-effective than traditional housing, as residents share costs for amenities and utilities. This can make coliving an appealing and affordable choice, especially for those seeking a budget-friendly living arrangement.

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The Finest Coliving Spaces in Singapore

In Singapore's real estate industry, coliving spaces are a developing trend. Coliving is a term used to describe a sort of shared housing where individuals live in a neighborhood and share standard amenities like kitchens, living rooms, and occasionally even beds.

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