The Finest Clinics for Endocrinologists in Singapore

The Finest Clinics for Endocrinologists in Singapore

With our comprehensive reference of Clinics for Endocrinologists in Singapore, you can start your road to holistic endocrine health. Endocrinologists, who specialize in the precise balance of hormones and metabolic activities, play an important role in the treatment of a wide range of health disorders. Our handpicked list features reputed clinics in Singapore with top-tier endocrinologists who are committed to providing superior care.

Whether you have diabetes, thyroid issues, or hormone abnormalities, these clinics provide comprehensive care to support your health. Join us as we traverse the endocrine health environment, connecting you with reputable practitioners and nurturing a path to optimum hormonal balance in Singapore, a dynamic city-state.

The Finest Clinics for Endocrinologists in Singapore

Best Clinics for Endocrinologists in Singapore


Arden Endocrinology Specialist Clinic

ServicesDiabetes Treatment
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6334 2301
AddressMount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre 38 Irrawaddy Road #04-28 Singapore 329563

Arden Endocrinology Specialist Centre is led by Dr. Ben Ng, one of Singapore’s leading diabetic experts. So, if you’re seeking for the greatest endocrinologists in Singapore for diabetes, remember his name!

Dr. Ng also offers thorough diagnostics, screenings, and treatments for diabetes, thyroid disorders, and other endocrine-related illnesses. Furthermore, his clinic is equipped with some of the most current screening technologies, allowing him to do such examinations swiftly.

He believes that no one should have to confront these hardships alone. If you have Dr. Ng by your side, you will never feel like you are fighting these problems on your own. That is why we believe Dr. Ng to be one of Singapore’s greatest endocrinologists and diabetes specialists.


  • Diabetes treatments
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Advanced medical technologies
Customer Reviews

I came to see Dr Ben Ng after someone suggested me to consult him and I’ve been so pleased with his expertise and services ever since. What I really like about Dr Ben is that he takes time to explain things, listens to you attentively and is patient. And he is a knowledgeable and nice doctor. I would highly recommend Dr Ben to anyone. – Siew Li Gan


Mount Elizabeth Hospital

ServicesHealth Screenings
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
24-hour walk-in clinic and emergency
Contact Details+65 6250 0000
Address3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510

Mount Elizabeth Hospital has a staff of skilled specialists who are knowledgeable in all aspects of endocrinology. The team consists of endocrinologists, dieticians, and podiatrists.

As a patient, you may anticipate complete health tests, exams, and other treatments that are necessary for your condition and recovery. It specializes in illnesses such as adrenal problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, osteoporosis, and thyroid cancer.

In terms of treatments, it also does not disappoint. Mount Elizabeth’s doctors are equipped with cutting-edge medical technology that allows them to do diabetic retinal photography, insulin delivery, dietary counseling, and much more.


  • Experienced doctors
  • Professional support medical staff
  • State-of-the-art equipment
Customer Reviews

I was admitted from the clinic to the hospital. Admission was smooth. Nur Alshfika handles my documents and time so calmly and politely. She made my day. I was given a free room upgrade to Executive Suites. The room was so big and nice. Very clean and great. Some nurses are nice while some are just grumpy. The renovated room still needs more touch-ups. TV has no batteries changed have to go so near to press. The calling nurse button working the light and tv buttons are not working. I had to keep calling the nurses and night shift ones are not welcoming at all. There is no difference in food between Mount E Orchard and Novena. All the same. – Veenoth Kumar


Specialist Endocrine Clinic for Diabetes, Thyroid and Hormones

ServicesExcellent Patient Care
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Contact Details(65) 67354066
(65) 64448870
Address1 Orchard Blvd, #04-03 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 2486491 Farrer Park Station Road #13-11 Singapore 217562

Specialist Endocrine Clinic is unrivaled in terms of professionalism and personalized care. It is an endocrine clinic that provides medical therapy for thyroid diseases, diabetes, hormonal issues, osteoporosis, and other conditions.

The Specialist Endocrine Clinic is led by Dr. Foo Joo Pin, a specialist in this discipline. He has studied and practiced medicine both locally and internationally, so you may be confident that you are in capable hands.

Finally, patients have commented on Dr. Foo’s professionalism and friendliness, which helps checks and treatments go much more smoothly and less stressful. Specialist Endocrine Clinic is also regarded as one of the top diabetic clinics in Singapore.


  • Local and international experience
  • Personalized medical treatments
Customer Reviews

Dr. Foo is one of the rare specialists, who are both highly competent and highly empathetic. I’ve been seeing him for nearly 3 years, and on each visit, he spends a significant amount of time walking me through my test results, explaining the various outcomes and the latest research on my condition. Despite his advanced degrees and outstanding depth of knowledge, he treats his patients with the utmost respect. Through his treatment, my condition has dramatically improved – I highly recommend him to anyone in search of an Endocrinologist. – Paige Walker


Abel Soh Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Clinic

ServicesThyroid Treatments
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday: 8.30 am – 1.00 pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Contact Details+65 6262 2008
Address3 Mount Elizabeth, #07-08, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510

Dr. Abel Soh is a top endocrinologist who is well-known for his work on gestational diabetes and many of his journal articles. With his years of research and expertise, he now provides a wide range of treatments, including diabetes, lipid problems, adrenal thyroid illness, and much more.

Rest confident that his clinic will meet your demands by giving competent advice and a unique approach tailored to your circumstances. Quality health treatment is not inexpensive, but Dr. Abeh Soh guarantees that his talents are worth the money.


  • Individualised approach to treatments
  • A wide range of treatments is available
  • Skillful endocrinologist and professional staff
Customer Reviews

Dr Abel Soh is one of the kindest private specialists that exists! He is patient, understanding and genuinely cares for his patients. I have been seeing him for some time as a sgp private patient (not covered by insurance), and I trust his expert opinions – on anything health-related. Even his medications are affordable. He’s an angel! – Sasha Chang


The Endocrine Clinic

ServicesHolistic Healthcare
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6570 2683
Address38 Irrawaddy Rd, #08-55/56/57, Singapore 329563

The Endocrine Clinic consists of three physicians, each with a sub-specialty. Furthermore, these specialists have both local and international expertise, putting them among the island’s most competent endocrinologists.

We feel that the Endocrine Clinic is one of the greatest places to find the best endocrinologists in Singapore since each doctor gives each patient his or her full attention. Patients also claim to have some of the top diabetic doctors in Singapore.

This is to guarantee that their requirements are effectively met. Every therapy is also designed to meet the individual demands of each patient. The Endocrine Clinic provides a wide range of medical treatments. These include treatments and procedures for the thyroid, pituitary gland, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many more.


  • Offers patient education
  • Committed doctors
  • Personalised treatments
Customer Reviews

Highly recommend Dr Ng- while waiting times may be long, it’s because Dr. Ng never rushes you during an appointment and answers all your questions. The staff also sends out timely reminders before appointments and gets back to you promptly on queries. – Yi Mei


Dr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care

ServicesHolistic management of all hormone disorders
Operating HoursMon – Fri: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m
Sat: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m
Contact Details+65 65135778
Address1 Farrer Park Station Rd, #11-01 Connexion, Singapore 217562

If you’re looking for a medical center that treats most hormonal diseases, Dr Matthew Tan Diabetes and Endocrine Care is a great option. Dr Matthew Tan Zhen-Wei is the current Medical Director and Senior Consultant Endocrinologist. Under his leadership, the center has consistently given high-quality care to all clients in need of assistance with hormonal problems such as thyroid and adrenal disorders.

Dr. Matthew Tan, with his extensive knowledge in the area and access to cutting-edge technology, may be able to assist you with your endocrinological requirements. Contact the center now to learn more about his services.


  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Weight management
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Women’s and men’s health
Customer Reviews

I just want to say how thankful I am for finding Dr. Matthew, the receptionist, and the nurse through a random Google search. Convincing my mom to get a second opinion for her diabetes was a real challenge, but Dr. Matthew was so patient, professional, and a good icebreaker for someone like my mom, I’m amazed! Dr didn’t just give medical advice; he made my mom feel comfortable and gave her more knowledge to better understand her whole situation. thanks to a letter he wrote to the 1st clinic my mom used to go and after seeing the letter from Dr Matthew, Now, she’s off diabetic meds, My mom is super happy and I’m glad I found Dr. Matthew! Sending love and thanks their way! – Sacha

The Finest Clinics for Endocrinologists in Singapore

As we conclude our exploration of Clinics for Endocrinologists in Singapore, we hope you’ve found a valuable resource for optimizing your hormonal health. Our curated guide has illuminated the dedicated clinics and top-tier endocrinologists committed to addressing a spectrum of endocrine disorders, from diabetes to thyroid issues.

May your journey to well-balanced hormones be guided by the expertise and compassionate care offered by these specialists. As you bid farewell to uncertainties and welcome a future of hormonal harmony, trust in the proficiency of Singapore’s leading clinics for a healthier and more balanced life. Here’s to your continued well-being and a harmonious path to optimal endocrine health in the Lion City.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I visit a clinic for an endocrinologist in Singapore?

Visiting a clinic for an endocrinologist in Singapore is essential for managing hormonal health. Endocrinologists specialize in addressing disorders related to hormones, ensuring personalized care for conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and hormonal imbalances.

What conditions do endocrinologists in Singapore typically treat?

Endocrinologists in Singapore are equipped to treat a variety of conditions, including diabetes, thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, hormonal imbalances, and other endocrine-related health issues.

How can I determine if I need to consult with an endocrinologist?

Consider consulting with an endocrinologist if you are experiencing symptoms related to hormonal imbalances, such as unexplained weight changes, fatigue, mood swings, or changes in metabolism. Your primary care physician can provide a referral if necessary.

Are these clinics suitable for managing diabetes?

Absolutely. Many clinics featured in our guide specialize in managing diabetes. They offer comprehensive care, including diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management to support individuals living with diabetes.

Can I book an appointment directly with an endocrinologist in Singapore?

Yes, our guide provides contact information for each clinic, allowing you to schedule appointments directly with experienced endocrinologists in Singapore. Reach out to the clinics of your choice to book a consultation.

Do these clinics offer telemedicine or virtual consultations?

Some clinics may offer telemedicine or virtual consultations. Check with the specific clinic for information on their virtual services, ensuring you have convenient access to expert care.

How can I prepare for an appointment with an endocrinologist?

To prepare for an appointment, gather relevant medical records, list your symptoms and medications, and be ready to discuss your medical history. This information will help the endocrinologist assess your condition more effectively.

Do these clinics accept health insurance for endocrinology services?

Insurance acceptance varies among clinics. Contact the specific clinic directly to inquire about their policies and whether they accept health insurance for endocrinology services.

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