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Condos Within Walking Distance of MRT in Singapore

In the private market setting, the "location" is generally characterized as the distance of the property to key business places, relaxation conveniences and ...

New Launch Executive Condominiums (EC) in Singapore

Here's the list of the new launch EC in Singapore: Project NameLocationLaunch DateExpected TOPDeveloperPiermont GrandPunggol20192023CDLParc ...

The Finest Sea View Condos in Singapore

Well, if you ask us, there is always something therapeutic about spending sometime at the beach. Studies even suggest that the sea has a calming influence on ...

Condos Near The Best Primary Schools in Singapore

One of the many factors in buying or renting a property for family is it's location and convenience to the amenities. When you have children, you will look ...

Condos Near MRT in Singapore | Just 1 Minute Away!

While picking the right condo for your family, you consider all the facilities and amenities offered by the apartment along with its accessibility to the ...

The Finest Freehold Condos in Singapore

When it comes to buying private condominiums, one of the key consideration is knowing whether the property is freehold or leasehold condo. With a freehold ...

Private Properties With En Bloc Potential You Probably Don’t Know About

In Singapore, people are seeking properties holding a decent en bloc potential because either they desire to settle or ought to generate rental income. Here I ...

New Condo Launch for 2021

Singapore's home market seems unexcited because of the pandemic, economic recession which is certainly a global economic recession, and whatever else is ...

The Finest Condos in CBD of Singapore

A condominium, referred to as a "condo" for short, is a privately owned individual unit within the same building containing other units. One feature shared by ...

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