The Finest Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaysia

The Finest Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaysia

Explore the complex world of financial law by using our directory of Malaysian bankruptcy lawyers as a reference. Expertise is necessary to navigate financial difficulties, and our carefully selected list highlights the best Bankruptcy Lawyers committed to providing legal answers and strategic advice. These legal experts are available to help you navigate the complexity of Malaysian bankruptcy law, whether you are a person in financial hardship or a corporation dealing with challenging financial matters. Come along as we examine the major companies in this industry that are dedicated to assisting customers in reaching successful outcomes and establishing a course for financial recovery.

Factors Influencing Malaysia’s Bankruptcy Lawyer Rates

Bankruptcy lawyers most likely don’t charge a flat fee for their services, just as with any other legal business service. The amount of time, effort, and resources needed for every case varies, and this needs to be considered at all times.

To help you determine if your case will place you on the more expensive or more inexpensive side, we’ve put together this list of the major variables that influence bankruptcy lawyer rates:

  • Complexity of the Case: There are several reasons why you might require a bankruptcy attorney. It might be that you are the one suffering the problem or that you are trying to keep yourself from going through it. Bankruptcy attorneys are available to help you through the bankruptcy process, offer advice to help you avoid bankruptcy, settle any outstanding debt, etc. Naturally, the charges will increase with the complexity of your case.
  • Special Fees: Court costs and other expenses that the law firm you are dealing with may impose are included in these special fees. These additional costs can include overtime, contingency, and other charges.
  • Expertise of Lawyer: You should be prepared to pay your lawyer more the more knowledgeable they are in their area. This is true for any industry or service since you are paying for a greater level of certainty that things will work out well for you. Since they are an authority in their field, it goes without saying that they are challenging more people than you.
  • Duration of Case: For obvious reasons, the longer you and your attorney labor on your case, the more expensive it will be. Because of this, they will be devoting a lot more time and energy to your case, and they should be paid accordingly.
The Finest Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaysia

Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaysia


Alex Chang & Co

ServicesDebt recovery collection, Bankruptcy discharge Annulment, Companies winding up, Rental recovery, Shareholders’ dispute, Dispute resolution
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Contact Details+60 3-2166 7899
AddressMegan Phileo Promenade Block C, Hampshire Park, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Alex Chang & Co was founded by Alex Chang Huey Wah, who views the profession of law as a fervent pastime. They have continued to operate as a boutique legal office, serving a particular clientele from a range of sectors, by adhering to this principle.

Their international clientele includes people from China, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries. They are therefore perfect for anybody dealing with bankruptcy or any other type of global legal situation.

With the goal of helping customers emerge from bankruptcy, they provide a wide range of services due to their big clientele. These consist of services like receiving a discount and being let go, being let go first and paid for later, being let go automatically, being let go as a social guarantor, and being let go while working abroad.

Other services offered include dispute resolution, shareholders’ disputes, and rental recovery. Please be aware that they do not currently accept walk-in customers and that they prefer online sessions over in-person ones.


  • Services local & international clients
  • Free initial consultation
  • Offers discounts
  • Provides free quote
  • Speaks 3 languages
  • Offers online booking
Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing



ServicesCorporate and Commercial, Merger and Acquisition, IPO and Equity Capital Markets, Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, Dispute Resolutions, Tax Advisory and Dispute, Criminal Defence, Commercial Crime, Employment and Industrial Relations, Real Estate and Conveyancing, Private Clients, Financial Services, Corporate Services
Operating HoursWeekdays: 9 AM–5:30 PM
Contact Details+603-2935 0126
AddressSuite 19A-02, 31st & 32nd Floor, Business Suite, Wisma UOA Centre, No.19 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur’s Haeme Lew is a multi-practice legal company with extensive expertise assisting governments, private and public enterprises, professional service firms, family businesses, and numerous non-profit organizations.

They’ve established a solid name among their clientele as general counsels who often collaborate with executives and owners of companies. We believe that Haeme Lew is among your top options since they guarantee high-quality services and deliver on this promise through shrewd, goal-oriented attorneys who are totally devoted to their work and clients.

We like that they provide a broad range of legal services that address important business-related topics. In addition to employment and industrial relations, they also have corporate and commercial, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and insolvency.

In addition, they offer services for individual clients, real estate, and criminal defense. We believe it’s fantastic that they offer a service for practically every legal issue. They provide a range of bankruptcy-related services, which is probably why you came to this site in the first place.


  • Multi-awarded law firm
  • Wide range of services and practice areas
  • Specializes in business-related law
  • Variety of bankruptcy-related services
Customer Reviews

I am very pleased with the services provided by Haeme Lew, in particular Mr Lew Cho Kang. Haeme Lew has provided me with their legal services with utmost professionalism. Mr. Lew exercised efficiency and patience whilst providing an excellent standard of work. Further, his dedication and commitment to work is commendable. He always made sure that safeguarding my interests was his priority. He is very capable and reliable, and I certainly recommend his legal services. As such, thank you, Mr Lew. Thank you, Haeme Lew. – Hui Xin Mah


C W Loh & Assoc Lawyers

ServicesBanking and Finance, Civil Litigation, Conveyancing properties, Corporate and Commercial, Dispute resolution, Employment & industrial relations, Family & matrimonial, Foreign investment, Intellectual properties, Immigration, Land acquisition
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Contact Details+60 3-6252 9459
Address31-3, Jalan Ambong 2, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is home to the general practice law company C W Loh & Associates. Additionally, they provide a wide spectrum of clients with local and international legal services. We may state that the company is rather varied in terms of the range of experiences they have in delivering legal services. They are renowned for offering a wide range of legal services to several clientele while participating in various activities.

The fact that many legal matters tend to demand multidisciplinary methods is one of the finest aspects of this. With the wide range of disciplines and attorneys within our business, it’s far simpler to examine your case from several angles without enlisting outside assistance.

These range from highly specialist aid and advice to general, personal, and commercial counseling. Your bankruptcy legal issues will be methodically assisted by state-of-the-art communication tools and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Previous clients have also praised the firm’s support team for providing the attorneys with the necessary resources to enable them to react to clients’ requests in a timely and accurate manner. They also speak English, Chinese, and Bahasa Malaysia.


  • Speaks 3 languages
  • Online booking available
  • Offers free updates on Malaysian laws
  • Services local & international clients
  • Highly recommended for Chinese-related cases
Customer Reviews

Professional service and good attitude by the lawyers. They provide notary public service, assistance with China deportation, litigation, and probate matters. Staff are also very helpful and responsive in replying to messages. – Liyi Lim

Thank god, my wife’s PRC marriage certificate had been approved by the Malaysia-China embassy, thanks to the professional notary public service provided by this firm. – Bren Froster

The Finest Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaysia

Thomas Philip

ServicesBankruptcy & insolvency, Arbitration, Contractual disputes, Cooperative recover & restructuring, Construction, Defamation, Employment & labor disputes, Estate & probate claims, Family law & mediation, Land disputes, Partnership disputes, Public interest litigation, Shareholder disputes, Trusts
Operating HoursMon-Fri 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Contact Details+60 3-6201 5678
AddressCrysta Ville 2, 5-1, Jalan 22A/70A Wisma CKL, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5, Jalan 22a/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thomas Philip takes pleasure in offering his clients creative and useful solutions at a reasonable price. Mathew Thomas Philip, the founder, two partners, a mediator, seven senior associates, and twelve colleagues make up their team.

They prioritize serving their clients’ interests while achieving their commercial and legal goals. Let’s now discuss their approach to managing issues involving bankruptcy and insolvency. In various domains, this company represents people, creditors, and businesses.

When it comes to bankruptcy, they help their clients shield themselves from the harsh realities of dangers and responsibilities. If you’re a creditor, they help you get your money back from both debtors and directors of the firm.

They provide a free first consultation to help you determine whether they’re the correct business for you and to reassure you of the quality of their service. With this, you may schedule an appointment with a lawyer to discuss all of your questions about bankruptcy-related problems.


  • Provides free quote
  • Offers initial consultation
  • Accepts walk-in clients
  • Accepts online meetings
  • Has free legal clinic on Saturdays
  • Services international clients
Customer Reviews

I had a dispute with an unreliable contractor in Taiping who didn’t complete work on my house. The lawyer, Felix, was quick to respond and to understand the situation I presented to him. By asking all the right questions he gained a solid understanding of the situation and then made it clear what I had to do to bring the case to court. The fee was very good value. – Scott Taylor

Effective and efficient, good customer service, expeditious and high work ethics, professional fees very reasonable, welcome office environment, friendly and warm staff and lawyers. Lastly, legal advice given is of a high standard. Firm have an impressive list of legal successes. Handled my dispute case. – P-DOT_IPOH NOTE FULL X 14


Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill

ServicesCorporate and Commercial, Merger and Acquisition, IPO and Equity Capital Markets, Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, Dispute Resolutions, Tax Advisory and Dispute, Criminal Defence, Commercial Crime, Employment and Industrial Relations, Real Estate and Conveyancing, Private Clients, Financial Services, Corporate Services
Operating HoursWeekdays: 9 AM–5:30 PM
Contact Details+603 8408 1989
AddressSuite 19A-02, 31st & 32nd Floor, Business Suite, Wisma UOA Centre, No.19 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Kuala Lumpur-based legal business called Lee Hishamuddin Allen and Gledhill aims to assist you in identifying your problems, offer comprehensive counsel, and carry out the promised outcomes. All the while maintaining a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Additionally, they operate offices in Penang and Johor. We consider it a big plus since they are significantly more accessible due to their three branches around Malaysia. You will need to remember to inquire about their payment options, though, as they don’t provide them on their website. Furthermore, they don’t provide free quotations or first consultations.

About their bankruptcy services, their main objective is to assist you in handling or resolving insolvency-related problems. They will be able to assist you, regardless of the financial difficulties you may be experiencing.

Along with many other industries, they serve the automobile, oil, banking, construction, insurance, takaful, and much more. That being said, they will undoubtedly be able to provide you with the services you want if you require them for purposes other than bankruptcy matters.


  • Has 3 branches
  • Offers virtual meetings
  • Offers online booking
  • Speaks 7 languages
  • Services international clients
  • Best for Islamic finances
Customer Reviews

Amazing office. Great environment and very exclusive. And if you want to spend more time here, you should park using valet. – Syakila Aziz

Very professional conducting meetings and entertaining customers. – Abdul Razak Ali


Kevin Wu & Associates

ServicesAsset management, Employment disputes, Defamation, Debt recovery, Consumer & retail, Construction, Baking & finance, government, Direct & shareholders dispute, etc.
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Contact Details+603 6413 3425
AddressD1-1-13 Solaris Dutamas (Publika), No. 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lot 25125, 1st Floor, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur-based Kevin Wu & Associates is a full-service legal practice with an office located in Petaling Jaya. Criminal law, corporate advising, and conflict resolution are their three main business areas. Under their corporate advice services is bankruptcy. Although their website doesn’t have a lot of information about their bankruptcy legal services, you may always get in touch with them there.

Alternatively, you may reach out to Kevin Wu & Associates by completing this form. To ensure that they respond to you as quickly as possible, make sure to fully describe your problem. On their website, you may also ask for a free quote from them. This is good since it greatly simplifies the process of determining whether or not you can afford them.

In any case, they take great satisfaction in offering individualized services and useful solutions. Their legal operations demonstrate this, encompassing a range of areas such as general civil litigation, banking disputes, conveyancing matters, corporate matters, probate & administration, and employment & industrial matters.

In addition to all cases dealing with contract and commercial disputes, tort law, real estate disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, probate and succession matters, non-banking debt collection proceedings, and more, their general litigation service covers a wide range of civil litigation sectors.


  • Provides free quote
  • Speaks 5 languages
  • Has 2 branches
  • Online booking available
  • Online consultation available
  • Do both online and walk-in appointments
Customer Reviews

A law firm with efficient contract drafting and excellent litigation services. Kevin and his team were extremely communicative and we felt reassured through every step of the process. – Jason Wu

Author’s Note: “The Finest Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaysia” is a subjective opinion. Individual experiences and preferences may vary. This claim does not guarantee superiority. Readers are advised to conduct their research, consider personal preferences, and exercise discretion when choosing a driving instructor. The term “finest” does not imply an endorsement. The entity making this claim disclaims any responsibility for decisions based on this assertion.

As we conclude our exploration of Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaysia, may this guide serve as a valuable resource in your pursuit of expert counsel in financial matters. These dedicated professionals stand at the forefront of bankruptcy law, offering strategic solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Navigating through financial challenges requires resilience and legal acumen, and the top Bankruptcy Lawyers highlighted here are committed to guiding you toward effective resolutions. Wishing you financial recovery and a stable future, armed with the support and expertise of these distinguished legal practitioners in Malaysia.

Do check out our list of Employment Lawyers and have time to check their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


When should I consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in Malaysia?

It’s advisable to consult a bankruptcy lawyer when facing significant financial challenges, mounting debts, or legal actions from creditors. Seeking early legal advice can help assess options and determine the best course of action.

What types of bankruptcy do Malaysian laws cover, and how do they differ?

Malaysian laws primarily cover bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Act 1967. Understanding the differences between voluntary and involuntary bankruptcy is crucial, and a bankruptcy lawyer can provide insights into these distinctions.

How can a bankruptcy lawyer assist individuals facing financial distress in Malaysia?

Bankruptcy lawyers assist individuals by evaluating financial situations, exploring debt restructuring options, representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings, and providing legal guidance throughout the process.

Do bankruptcy lawyers in Malaysia also cater to businesses facing financial difficulties?

Yes, many bankruptcy lawyers in Malaysia provide legal services to businesses facing financial challenges. This includes advising on debt restructuring, negotiations with creditors, and representing businesses in bankruptcy proceedings.

Can bankruptcy lawyers help negotiate with creditors to avoid bankruptcy proceedings?

Yes, bankruptcy lawyers can negotiate with creditors on behalf of clients to explore alternatives to bankruptcy, such as debt restructuring or settlement agreements, aiming to avoid formal bankruptcy proceedings.

What are the consequences of declaring bankruptcy in Malaysia for individuals and businesses?

Consequences may include asset liquidation, restrictions on financial activities, and an impact on credit ratings. Bankruptcy lawyers can explain these consequences and guide clients on minimizing the impact.

How do I choose the right bankruptcy lawyer for my specific financial situation?

Choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer involves considering their expertise, experience in handling similar cases, client reviews, and communication style. Initial consultations can help assess compatibility.

What is the typical process when engaging a bankruptcy lawyer in Malaysia?

The process involves an initial consultation to assess the client’s financial situation, legal options, and potential courses of action. If agreed upon, a formal legal representation agreement is established.

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