Insworld Institute – A Distinctive Private School located in Singapore with International Students

Insworld Institute is a private school based in Singapore. Since September 2000 it has aimed to provide the highest standards of education, whilst caring for the needs of each individual student. Insworld encourages students to be active participants in their classes, engaging with their learning while maintaining a clear focus on academic achievement.

Why Choose Insworld Institute

Insworld encourages its students to be engaged, active and individual. Like all good schools, its primary focus is on the achievement of its students. Insworld’s experience of understanding the needs of individual learners has led to the development of a distinct approach to teaching, which is focused on giving students the best opportunity to realise their academic potential. Insworld works only with small classes (not more than 12 students). Small classes make it possible to maintain discipline and structure in the classroom, while allowing teachers the flexibility to be receptive and responsive to the needs of each individual student. This is backed up by extensive personal and academic support, and close cooperation with parents and guardians. This approach works. Insworld students have a proven track record of gaining places at leading universities and medical schools.

Insworld is not just about academic achievement. Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the school’s work. These can help students develop their social and inter-personal skills as well as enjoy activities and have fun. Every year, students attend a specialist Leadership Camp to focus on developing the key skills of leading and working together in groups. There is also an annual Team Building and Barbecue Party to strengthen the good relationship between students and staff. Extra –curricular activities include multiple sports events ranging from basketball to futsal, as well as dance, drama, photography, and the opportunity to visit museums and cultural events.

Mission and Vision

The school promotes the core values of Integrity, Diversity, Social Responsibility and Leadership. These will help our students to become rounded and resourceful young people, equipped to make an important contribution to society.

Insworld teaches a British-based curriculum leading to IGCSE (O-Level) and International A-Level qualifications. A-Levels are recognised by universities in the UK, Singapore and worldwide as valid indicators of academic achievement and potential. Universities trust A-Level results, which means that good A-Level grades can qualify a student for a place at a leading university. An Insworld 2019 graduate has been awarded one of only four places available to overseas students to study Dentistry at Queen Mary University, London. An Insworld 2017 graduate is now studying Engineering at Oxford University, ranked by Times Higher Education 2019 as the best university in the world. Other Insworld graduates have gone on to study at Imperial College (London) National University of Singapore, University College London, the University of Edinburgh, Sydney University and many other prestigious international institutions.

Our January 2021 intake is now open for new admissions. Schedule an appointment for a personal consultation with our Admissions Team to learn how Insworld can help your child with the next stage of their education.