Established in year 2011, Lai Renovation has quickly grow into an trusted reinstatement and hacking contractor through highly affordable direct contractor pricing and our excellent records in workmanship and on time delivery.

As the one stop renovation support, our highly trained in house specialist offer a variety of solution to support homeowners and business owners through reinstatement works, hacking works for HDB or offices, as well as haulage services. We are honored that till date, we have completed many countless project with 100% customer satisfaction.

Residential/commercial hacking and demolition specialist

ZQ Renovator

Your Trusted Professional in Reinstatement & Renovation

With 20 years of experience in this industry and a strong pool of qualified workforce, we’ve provided quality and professional services to our client. Our team is always equipped and trained with the latest certification and qualification, working towards meeting our clients’ requirements and timeline. We strive to be your trusted partner when it comes to reinstating or renovating your property, shops, office or homes.

  • Reinstatement Works (Office, Factory, Warehouse)
  • Renovation (Commercial, Residential)
  • Carpentry Works
  • Demolition Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Partition Works
  • Painting Works
  • Plumbing Works
  • Wet Works

Victor Contractor

We specialise in direct reinstatement works to offices and commercial properties.
Our team of experienced workers and site managers are well-versed with the requirements of a wide range of reinstatement works. With more than 15 years of practical experience in this industry, we ensure a smooth and swift handover of properties with as little fuss as possible.

Hacking and Demolition Services
We provide professional hacking, dismantling and demolition works for HDB, BTO, landed and all commеrсiаl properties. As an experienced direct hacking contractor, we are able to perform hacking jobs аt competitive rаtеѕ with no middleman cost involved

We provide professional hacking, dismantling and demolition works for HDB, BTO, landed and all commеrсiаl properties. As an experienced direct hacking contractor, we are able to perform hacking jobs аt competitive rаtеѕ with no middleman cost involved.

Dismantling Works
Do you require dismantling of existing cabinetry, built-in furniture or any fixtures on your property? We provide quick and fuss-free dismantling works to remove any unwanted fixtures easily, including the necessary disposal of debris. Our dismantling services also includes ready removal of wall partitions, ceiling boards and other interior installations that you would like to get rid of. We provide dismantling services for resale HDB units as well as commercial units which require reinstatement to original condition.

Hacking Works
We perform professional hacking of non-load bearing walls, including creating openings in walls in interiors and exterior areas. For BTO units, hacking works are popularly performed to create an open or half-open kitchen design. In addition, we also perform hacking services for all floor and wall tiles or other finishes, including parquet and various types of flooring.

As a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor, we are able to provide application of the HDB renovation permit for hacking works in HDB units.

Demolition Works
We provide demolition services of building structures with a modern fleet of equipments to ensure a high level efficiency and productivity when it comes to structural demolition works.

Safe Disposal
As part of our best practices, our company values and trains our staff in proper execution of waste disposal. As part of our standard procedures, we transport solid waste and debris from any work site to approved dumping grounds for proper waste management.

Singapore Demolition Hackers n Removals

We, at Singapore Demolition Hackers N Removals, specialise in reinstatement projects for residential as well as commercial properties. If you are looking for office reinstatement in Singapore, get in touch with our experienced team to clean out your existing office space. We offer experienced office reinstatement contractor to complete your task within a short period of time.

Hire Best Office Reinstatement Contractor from Singapore Demolition Hackers N Removals
Our highly trained team is capable of undertaking reinstatement projects of all kinds and deliver customised solutions to our clients. We offer a wide range of services. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Hacking Services in Singapore: When you are trying to move out of an existing home or office, you need to hire reinstatement contractors to restore the premises to its original condition. The hacking services can be used for wall hacking, HDB hacking, demolition work, dismantling of wires and power units, refurbishing walls and ceilings, removal of carpets, glasswork, sanitary and plumbing fixtures. You can also hire specialised HDB hacking contractor in Singapore or wall hacking contractor in Singapore to accomplish the task.

Dismantling Services: According to rental contracts in Singapore, you need to do a lot more than cleaning up your stuff when you wish to move out of a property. Our dismantling services help to create a detailed plan for dismantling and demolition work.

Disposal Services: Disposal of furniture and equipment is a big hassle after lease expiry. Hire demolition services and disposal reinstatement contractors to remove all fixtures and furniture installed in your property. They offer services like dismantling of custom furniture fixtures, tearing drywalls and disposing of junk.

TouchUp & CleanUp: Finally, after completing procedures like wall hacking, HDB hacking and dismantling of fixtures, you need to clean up the place. If required, touch up services may be needed to rectify any damages done to the painting, walls or other areas.

Baywoods Constructions

We, Baywoods Construction Pte Ltd has a goal of commitment to provide construction services to our client’s needs. We are trained to work according to client’s requirements and specification in every individual projects assigned to us. Our motto is to effectively assist our clients in their scope of works and communicating positively to obtain better solutions for each individual project.

We have our aim in providing services with high quality end products according to our clients requirements and specifications. Our projects are managed with effectiveness and efficiency to match timeline schedules and budgeting provided to us. We seek for the opportunity to take part in any of your projects that require of our services. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to send in your enquiries today.

  • Reinstatement Services
  • HDB Hacking
  • Commercial Renovation
  • Industrial Renovation
  • Shop Renovation
  • Office Renovation

Floor Fitters

Hасking Services for HDB, BTO, Landed And Соmmеrсiаl Buildings

Are you in need of comprehensive hacking services for your home or office? Are you searching for a team of hacking contractors who know how to safely and effectively do the hacking works for buildings of all shapes and sizes?

With over 10 years of experience, our team is committed to conducting the hacking works for residential and commercial property. You can trust our operated team to ensure the satisfactory and complete hack of your property.

We offer hacking services for:

  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Wardrobe
  • Door and frame
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Store room
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Sink and stove
  • Any other fixtures

Omni Contractors

Looking for hacking contractor? Whether you have a plan in mind of what to hack or are uncertain about the scope of work needed, our team of specialists are always happy to guide you through.

We start with an inspection to get a better understanding of the scope of work needed. After an in-depth analysis, we provide you with details on the extent of hacking works, costs and the duration it requires.

  • Demolition works
  • Drywall partition
  • Office Reinstatement
  • Reinstatement Contractor
  • Shop reinstatement

Basic Contractor

Thinking of reconfiguring your home to allow more light and space to pass through or hacking down old toilets, kitchen and carpentry of a resale flat for a complete renovation? While flat sizes may be fixed, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your home a comfortable space for living and leisure.

With over 6 years of hacking experience, we know which walls and be hacked, reinstated to its original condition for sale and most importantly, what will make the hacking process a smooth one.

Best of all, you can expect a quote of at least 10% lower from us than if you were to go through an interior designer!

  • Hacking
  • Dismantling
  • Reinstatement
  • Disposal and Haulage

2EZ Builders

Hacking Services

We are a recognised hacking contractor that has grown with our customers by delivering value and good quality to our projects. The foundation of our work is solid relationships with customers who have the confidence to rely on our experience and proven expertise to make their vision a reality.

We have a core workforce of 5 competent and appropriately qualified demolition operatives, and can also call upon a further 5 external operatives who can be engaged, as required, to work to our own internal stringent working guidelines. Our responsiveness and specialised personnel allow us to successfully complete a diverse list of projects, for a growing list of private and public owners on time and on budget.

Hacking Contractor Singapore

We offer a range of wall and floor hacking services to both residential and commercial buildings in Singapore. We are committed to delivering the best possible set of services to all our customers. Our friendly team will always find the solution you need for your space, creating bespoke looks that fulfil your expectations, and giving the same great attention to detail over to every job.

Renovation Contractor

Direct Contractor Singapore – Tiling, Plumbing & More!
We are a renovation contractor company based in Singapore, specializing in residential flats, apartments and landed properties. We have been in business for more than 20 years and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Wall & Floor
Hacking of 2 Toilet Wall & Floor Tiles – $1800
Hacking of Kitchen Wall & Floor Tiles – $1600

Floor Only
Hacking of Kitchen Floor Tiles – $1100
Hacking of Kitchen & 2 Toilet Floor Tiles – $1400
*Haulage and disposal will quote based on house type
*With lift landing

Carpentry Disposal

Dismantle and disposal of kitchen cabinets – $400-$450

Wall & Floor
Hacking of 2 Toilet Wall & Floor Tiles – $1800
Hacking of Kitchen Wall & Floor Tiles – $1600

Floor Only
Hacking of Kitchen Floor Tiles – $1100
Hacking of Kitchen & 2 Toilet Floor Tiles – $1400
*Haulage and disposal will quote based on house type
*With lift landing

Carpentry Disposal

Dismantle and disposal of kitchen cabinets – $400-$450