5 Incredible Corporate Video Ideas For Your Company

It’s not easy to create corporate content that doesn’t get lost in a sea of videos. Your audience is already distracted by a multitude of other content and a plethora of other distractions. On top of that, corporate video production is often filled with platitudes and devoid of information that deters your viewers from watching the entire video. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case at all. 

There are a dozen ways to make your corporate videos stand out. If you are looking for alternative solutions to create content that engages and entertains your audience, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, let’s look at five great tips for being creative with your corporate films to make them more enticing and stimulate your audience’s attention.

1. Design a company overview video

A company overview video is a type of marketing that businesses use to promote their brand, company, or products. If you are still trying to figure out where to begin, these videos can be a great place to start. They showcase your identity and your professional activities. These short videos can quickly give your viewers a snapshot of your brand.

A compelling corporate profile video can make a difference in a successful business or product launch. Therefore, use such videos to spread a positive image of your firm and raise your brand’s visibility.

2. Present your team

Introducing your team is another effective way to draw more clients to your business. Producing a “Meet the team” film and asking your employees to share what they do daily will make your audience more familiar with your brand. Customers can finally see the passionate people behind the products they admire and want to purchase, which can strengthen their bond with your business.

“Meet the team” videos are great windows into your organisation that let your clients know you better. So, place your members in the spotlight and further humanise your brand.

3. Produce promotional product videos

Do you know that 72% of customers expect to watch a video to learn about a product? (source). That means your product promo videos may play a big hand in building buzz and can drive better conversions for your business. Hence, try to present all the necessary details about your products in your corporate videos. You can demonstrate the features, benefits, and ways your products can serve your customers.

One key point to remember while producing promotional product videos is to include a call to action. Because your promotional product videos and CTA may work in tandem, when your customers watch the video, they may look for the next step to purchase your products. 

However, you may risk losing potential clients if you skip adding them. Thus, add all the essential elements to your promo product films and make your corporate videos more engaging to the audience.

4. Share behind-the-scenes content 

Behind-the-scenes videos reveal what goes on away from the public eye. These videos are the most powerful way to share your creative process. Showcasing your audience with behind-the-scenes content and educating them on the depth and complexity of work will help them understand your brand more deeply. Therefore, share your real-life view of your company and drive authenticity and trust among your audience.

5. Create FAQ videos

No matter what business you run, you always get customer questions. Their concerns can be anything from basic requirements to valid inquiries about your product’s operation. Here’s where a FAQ video comes in handy. With the help of these videos, you can answer all of your customers’ queries and advise them on what to look for in a product or service.

A great corporate video requires advanced planning and creativity. Your video doesn’t have to be dull and dry just because it aims to achieve something beyond mere entertainment. However, you can use the above tips to add more vibrant colours to your video content and make your corporate videos shine even brighter.

Plus, there are a lot of creative corporate videos out there. Therefore, try out different ideas and see what your audience enjoys the most. After reading this far, we hope you are ready to produce a professional corporate video that can take your organization to the next level.

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